Why is my aircon leaking?

My aircon is leaking, what now?? It is a common situation among aircon owners on leakage from Air-conditioners. That is why your aircon contractors usually advise not to put electronics item under the Air-conditioner. To know how to solve this issue, you have to first identify why is you aircon leaking. Following which, you can come out with a solution on how to solve this problem. In this article, we are going to talk about why your Aircon is leaking and what are some of the ways to solve them. Do note that we are only covering normal residential wall mount units in this Article. For commercial units, you might not be able to solve them using the methods outlined below.


Why is your Aircon leaking? 

Generally, it can be attributed to these few reasons:

Drainage pipe choke

Choke back tray

Condensation of your copper pipes

Loose connection of water hose

Drainage pipe choke or congested backtray

If you notice that your Aircon is leaking water from the unit itself. It is likely due to a congested drainage pipe or back tray. The water leakage will likely appear from the front of the unit, near the flap, or the back of the unit, nearer towards the wall. In these circumstances, the only way to solve it by yourself is to get the largest pail possible. Put dry unwanted cloth in it, and place it under the area, which is leaking. The dry cloth should absorb the water and prevent unnecessary noise. This will likely buy you some time to call up an Air-conditioning contractor to rectify this issue.


For drainage pipe choke, normal servicing of your Aircon might suffice. For congested backtray, you might require to do a full chemical overhaul to prevent it from choking again.


Condensation of your copper pipes.


This is a serious issue that will require major work to rectify. There’s a few immediate solution to solve this problem temporarily.


First, identify the fan speed of your Aircon. Do not turn it on Auto mode. A general rule for Aircon maintenance is, always turn it to maximum fan speed. This will result in lower pressue in the copper pipes, hence less condensation. Therefore, check your remote control and turn it to maximum, monitor the situation from there. Note : you might have to wait for a while for the insulation inside the casing to dry up first before you turn on the Aircon again.


Second, check your Aircon filter. A dirty Aircon filter or dirty coil will result in Aircon condensation as well. As the air will be prevented from coming out from the coil, resulting in pressure build up in the copper pipes. So if your Aircon filter is dirty, you can try washing the filter and see if there’s any changes to the condition. If your Aircon is dirty, it might be time for you to call us up for an Aircon Servicing appointment.


Loose water hose

Another reason that might leak to water leakage will be loose connection of water hose. If you just had your Aircon serviced recently, you will likely encounter this problem within 24 hours of it. That is because the technician has likely been careless in tightening the Aircon hose and drainage pipe. We would advise you to call up the Air-conditioning technician to rectify this issue. (P.S, we are guilty of this from time to time as well)


However, there are cases of the hose clip being broken due to wear and tear as well. In these instance, you might not be able to easily identify this issue. Hence, your bet is to prepare those pails to contain the dripping water,  and call us up for an Aircon servicing appointment to rectify your issue.


The solutions suggested are temporary. You will likely still need to book a schedule with an Aircon company to solve the water leaking problems. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have a team of experienced Air-conditioning technicians to get it rectified. Call us at 91775500 if you have any enquiries!

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