Where to Buy Cheap Aircon in Singapore?

Introduction : Where to buy cheap aircon in Singapore?

If you have read our previous articles on where to buy aircon in Singapore. You will be interested on where to buy cheap Aircon in Singapore. There’s a saying “good things not cheap, cheap things not good”. Well, we certainly don’t agree with that. In the past, salesperson are largely responsible for Aircon sales. However, with the proliferation of internet use. Many more people are making purchase decision based on information from the internet. Therefore, they are able to cut out the middle man. And buy cheaper Air-conditioners with the exact same terms. Nonetheless, there are several factors to consider when deciding the type of aircon to purchase. Where to purchase and how to install it. 


Types of Air Conditioners

Before looking at where to buy cheap Aircon in Singapore. You have to first decide on which type of Aircon that you wish to install. Because different types of Aircon are cheaper off at different locations.

Casement or window aircon 

Casement air conditioners are single, separate units. Their compact build makes them well suited for homes with less space. Installation of the Aircon is cheap. However, repair, and cleaning are very expensive. That is because most consumers rarely install them. Furthermore, they are non inverter. Given that it is built through the window, it takes up window area and may not look aesthetically pleasing. Window aircon is the unit that locates outside the window via a bracket.


Split air conditioner

Multi split aircon are currently the more popular option for modern homes because of their streamlined style. The primary compressor is positioned outside. While the corresponding fancoil units are located inside. The units can be controlled individually and may be accompanied by features such as air purifiers and ionizers. They also tend to be more energy efficient. However, purchase and installation can be more expensive.


Central air conditioner

Central air conditioners are suitable for cooling big areas evenly. Hence they are typically used in bungalow homes, offices or restaurants. Since the air conditioning unit is concealed in the ceiling, they are aesthetically pleasing. While this is more cost-effective for large areas. Installation and running costs are higher as it uses more energy.


Where to buy cheap aircon in singapore? : Portable air conditioner ( the cheapest)

We can move portable aircon from various locations as long as it is plug into an electrical outlet. It uses less energy, costs little and is easy to install. However, it is only appropriate for small spaces and is less energy efficient. 


Where to buy Cheap Aircon in Singapore?


Popular air conditioner brands in Singapore are Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG and Samsung. You can read online reviews in order to determine which brand is most suitable for your needs. You can also search for price deals in order to make the most cost effective decision. In addition, you can purchase Air-conditioners at these locations.:


Electronics Stores


Popular electronic stores include Gain City, Courts, Best Denki or Harvey Norman. These stores are certainly credible and trustworthy. They also provide accurate labels and information. They have hire purchase, otherwise known as instalment deals. Which allows instalment without a credit card. This makes the purchasing and installation costs more manageable. Especially when compared to a one-time payment in full. Sometimes, the air conditioner are bundled with other electronic items. Hence you will be able enjoy a big discount if you have to purchase electronics too. However, these stores have additional fix costs due to rent and labor. Therefore it leads to higher prices for consumers. Hence, this is not the most cost effective option. 


Renovation contractors or interior designers


While it can be more convenient to purchase your air conditioner through your renovation contractor  since the installation will be according to the overall renovation requirements of the home, this is likely to be extremely expensive.  You may also face higher repair or replacement costs as you would have to pay the contractor as well as a separate third party technician to install the air conditioner. 


Third party installers


Many people have the misconception that buying the air conditioner independently and later finding a third party to install the air conditioner will be cheaper. However, this option presents many reasons to be wary. Engaging labor through migrant workers or moon-lighting individuals may be cheap. But it is not always legal. Additionally, these workers may not have the necessary training, expertise. They do not have enough experience to properly and safely install aircon. This would be dangerous and result in more damage or repair costs in the long term. You may also be paying higher costs due to mark-ups from both the store from which you bought the air conditioner and from the person installing the air conditioner. In the event that the air conditioner is faulty, there can also be dispute between the person installing and the agent that you bought it from. The person installing could claim that the damage is due to the item purchased. While the agent might claim that the damage is due to improper installation. This would present challenges if you wish to claim warranty. Hence, this is a risky option with a lot of potential problems. 


Where to buy Cheap aircon in Singapore : Air-conditioner companies


Air conditioner companies for a large market. You should consider the price, quality and credibility of the company. You can look out for online reviews or recommendations from friends or family in order to better compare and assess which air conditioner company is reliable and most suitable for you. It is important that the air conditioner company you select uses high quality installation materials and are responsive and efficient. Since there is no middle man to pay. Air conditioning companies are usually the most cost-effective.  While the price for companies that use sub-contractors might be higher. The quality of installation is largely the same, if not higher. Because Aircon companies’ comparative advantage is in technical knowledge. They are able to select highly qualified sub-contractors to do the work. It is not uncommon to see cross deployment of skilled workers across construction sectors. Companies and electronic retailers also use sub-contractors. So this should not be a deterrent from engaging directly with air conditioner companies that use subcon. We highly recommend buying your air conditioner via air conditioner companies. Such as Silverback Air conditioning Solutions as it is affordable and they guarantee high quality workmanship.


Aircon Installation : 


Condominiums and landed properties are already equipped with aircon. They are installed according to developer’s specification. For HDB, you have to purchase and install the air conditioning system by yourself. It is important to contact a professional technician to ensure the proper and safe installation. For HDB units without an air conditioner ledge, you would have to install a metal bracket that costs about $150. You would also need a 20 amp isolator or 15 amp 3 round pin plug to generate electricity for the condensing unit. For HDB units with an air conditioner ledge or a 3 round pin plug, this will not be an issue. Otherwise, you would need to install one. It is also important that the air conditioner installer uses upgraded materials. Such as ½ armaflex insulation instead of ⅜ inch armaflex insulation since the thicker insulation is a better absorber. It also prevents gas leaks that may be hazardous to health. 


CONCLUSION : Where to buy cheap Aircon in Singapore?

Where to buy cheap aircon in Singapore

Aircon installation depends on factors outlined above: type, area, price, location. After deciding on where to buy Aircon. You should remember to plan for regular air conditioner maintenance.  In order to ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning effectively, regular maintenance is essential. Air-conditioner is subject to wear and tear. It may need to be repaired or have components replaced depending on the extent of damage. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have experienced and qualified technicians. We can facilitate the installation process and complete any repair, replacement or cleaning works if necessary. Do give us a call if you require more information or wish to schedule any installations! 

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