Where to buy aircon spare parts in Singapore?

Introduction to Aircon spare parts in Singapore

Aircon spare parts Singapore

Aircon could eventually spoil and this is most likely due to wear and tear of their individual components. Such as the compressor, thermistor, evaporator etc. As such, you require regular servicing and maintenance of them to keep them in tip top condition. However, the cost of having routine repairs for their units may be too costly. With many of you choosing to resort to the cheaper option of going out and getting your own aircon spare parts when they start to become faulty. In fact, some of you may choose to procure these spare parts and do Aircon repair yourselves! Regardless, purchasing aircon spare parts in Singapore are often cheaper than purchasing a brand new aircon. However, where should you go to get spare aircon parts in Singapore? Well, there are a few options for you to explore, and we have compiled a list of possible options for you to obtain the spare air con units you need. 

Aircon spare parts : List of places you can buy in Singapore

1. Official aircon retailers


Price : $200-400

A safe option for obtaining aircon spare parts in Singapore is procuring spare parts from the companies themselves. Which may or may not involve enlisting the help of agents, depending on the company. Companies such as Daikin, Mitsubishi electric, Panasonic and Midea have their own back end operations to help with the distribution and installations of their own spare parts, as well as aircon units. Other brands such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Toshiba have their own third party distributors that help to maintain the companies’ back end operations and distributors. This will ensure the quality of the products that you procure, as they are manufactured by trusty and reliable companies. These companies usually provide in-house installation services and oftentimes, provide you with a warranty that may last anywhere from 5 years to 20 years, just in case the spare parts are faulty. However, due to the nature of these brands as retailers and the already included price of installation services, the spare parts will usually cost more than the other options on this list.

2.Scrap metal shops


Price : $ 100 – 150

Scrap metal shops often contain extremely cheap options of second hand aircon spare parts in Singapore.  These second hand spare parts are obtained through the process of replacing old aircon units; After installing a new air con unit or air con spare part, many aircon companies or aircon technicians may dispose of the used aircon units at a local scrap metal shop. Just like cars, it is very easy to find second hand aircon spare parts within your local scrap metal shop for a relatively cheap price.  Despite the fact that these spare parts have been used before, many of them are actually in good condition, though they may require some tweaks here and there from aircon technicians for them to restore function within the component itself, as well as for them to install the spare parts for you. When employing the help of these air con technicians, it is always advisable for you to test these spare parts and air conditioning units after the repairs before you make payment for their services. This is especially true for spare parts such as air con capacitors, which experience high volumes of electricity passing through them at any given moment.

3. End users


Price : $ 100 – 200

Sometimes, when an air con user relocates or decides to purchase a brand new air con unit. They may choose to keep their old air con units and sell them online. Usually on platforms such as Gumtree or Carousell for a price- that is usually negotiable. These are places where you can procure Aircon spare parts in Singapore. Though end users may provide a good bargain. Chances are that the aircon spare parts that you purchase are faulty. There is a high chance that you would also have to pay for the repair of these spare parts, as well as installation services. Keep in mind that this is on top of the actual price of the spare parts that you have purchased from them. All in all, you may end up paying more than you bargained for; the other options on this list may actually save you more money overall!

4. Second hand aircon spare parts shops


Price : $ 100 – 200

If you would prefer not to spend more on freshly manufactured parts. There are shops that specialise in selling of second hand spare aircon parts. However, the main issue with going for this option is that you will have to install the parts yourself. And it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to do it successfully. Unless you have been equipped with the technical skills or you possess some form of god like confidence. Furthermore, these parts usually do not come with any warranty. And any costs incurred from future repairs are likely to accumulate into quite a large sum after some time. Hence it might not be the best place to get Aircon spare parts in Singapore. Unless you are an Aircon technician yourself.

5. Taobao



Price : $ 200 – 300

Other than buying Aircon Spare parts in Singapore. We can also buy them online from overseas. I’m sure we are all familiar with the huge online shopping platform, Taobao. But did you know that you can also buy air con spare parts on it? Online shopping platforms often have an electronics section that boast entire pages of air con spare parts. They ship these Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts directly from the factories of aircon retailers. These OEM parts are often cheaper when purchased online than from the retailers themselves. As they exclude costs such as installation that the companies usually provide as in-house services.

6. From us, at Silverback Aircon: Aircon spare parts Singapore


Last but not least, you can get your spare aircon parts in Singapore from us. Not only do we sell second hand aircon spare parts to you. We will also do an in-house replacement of these air con spare parts for you! However, if you are able to replace them on your own. We also provide options where you can install these air con spare parts by yourself. As this option is relatively cheaper than the rest, we do not provide warranty, but we will test the air con spare parts in front of you; this is to allow you to verify that everything is in working condition before you reimburse us for our services. You can refer here for a comprehensive list on Aircon Spare Parts Sale in Silverback Aircon.

List of aircon spare parts which silverback aircon sells

Silverback Aircon has all the aircon spare parts you need, ranging from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Midea, LG aircon  etc. With more than 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing our customers exceptional services and quality products at an affordable price. Warranty is provided for all aircon parts.

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What are you looking for?

Daikin Aircon Spare Parts

We sell quality Daikin spare parts ranging from blower, fan coil, pcb port, motors to aircon sensors. Warranty is provided for all Daikin aircon spare parts.

FTKD25DVM – fan motor

FTKS25DVM – fan motor

FT25DVM – fan motor

FTKD25DVM – PCB board

FTKS25DVM – PCB board

FT25DVM – PCB board

Panasonic Spare Parts

We sell quality Panasonic Aircon Spare Parts such as PCB, FCU, motors and blowers etc. at an affordable price. Warranty provided for all aircon parts.

CS-S9MKZW – fan motor

CS-S9KKZW – fan motor

CS-S9PKZW – fan motor

CS-S9MKZW – PCB board

CS-S9KKZW – PCB board

CS-S9PKZW – PCB board

Mitsubishi Spare Parts

We sell Mitsubishi aircon spare parts such as PCB, FCU, blower and motor etc. at a competitive price. Warranty is provided for all aircon parts.

MXY-GE10VA – fan motor

MXY-GA10VA – fan motor

MS-A10VD – fan motor

MXY-GE10VA – PCB board

MXY-GA10VA – PCB board

MS-A10VD – PCB board

Midea Aircon Spare Parts

We sell quality Midea aircon spare parts from PCB to FCU to blower at an affordable price. Warranty is provided for all aircon parts.

MS9A1-12CRDN-I9A5 fan motor

MS11-M1-09 fan motor

MS9A1-12CRDN-I9A5 PCB board

MS11-M1-09 PCB board

LG Aircon Spare Parts

We sell quality LG aircon spare parts such as PCB, fancoil, blower etc. at an affordable price. Warranty provided for all aircon parts.

AMNC09GDBA2 – PCB board

AMNC09GDBA2 – fan motor

Toshiba Aircon Spare Parts

We sell quality Toshiba aircon spare parts such as PCB, fancoil, blower etc. at an affordable price. Warranty provided for all aircon parts.

RAS-M10NKCV – PCB board

RAS-M10SKCV – PCB board

RAS-M10NKPX – PCB board

RAS-M10NKCV – fan motor

RAS-M10SKCV – fan motor

RAS-M10NKPX – fan motor

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts

We sell their quality aircon spare parts such as PCB, fancoil, blower etc. at an affordable price. Warranty provided for all aircon parts.

SRK25ZJS1 – fan motor

SRK25ZJS – fan motor

SRK25ZMAS – fan motor

SRK25ZJS1 – PCB board

SRK25ZJS – PCB board

SRK25ZMAS – PCB board

Fujitsu Aircon Spare Parts

We sell quality Fujitsu aircon spare parts such as PCB, fancoil, blower etc. at an affordable price. Warranty provided for all aircon parts.

ASYA-09LACM – PCB board

ASYA-09LACM – fan motor

Sanyo Aircon Spare Parts

We sell quality Sanyo aircon spare parts such as PCB, fancoil, blower etc. at an affordable price. Warranty provided for all aircon parts.


SANYO – PCB board


SANYO – fan motor

For more information, feel free to contact us at +65 9651 5152


What brands of our spare parts do we carry?

Silverback aircon provides spare parts from the brands ranging from Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Midea, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu and Toshiba. 

Are our spare parts under warranty?

Yes, Silverback aircon provides warranty of duration about 3 to 6 months. It depends on the brand and the model of the spare parts. You may contact us directly for more details.

Why is it better to purchase refurbished spare parts?

Before the spare parts are put out for sale, our team of experienced technicians have checked them thoroughly to ensure that they work effectively.

When your air conditioners break down and are no longer under warranty, it is not worth the money to replace them for new parts. Firstly, because the waiting time to receive the parts might take days to reach you. Secondly, because other components or parts of the same unit might also break down anytime soon, causing the need to replace them and leading to higher overall costs. So why not just save your wallet, and purchase quality refurbished spare parts?

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