Where to buy aircon in Singapore?

Introduction to where to buy Aircon in Singapore


Air-conditioning units have become an integral part of  Singaporean’s life. Nonetheless, there will come a point in life when you have to decide on where to buy an aircon in Singapore whether it is for your new house or as a replacement. Here comes the question of, ‘Where is the best place to buy an aircon in Singapore?’  Fret not, as we understand the myriad of choices you have when purchasing an aircon unit in Singapore. So what is the best place to buy Aircon in Singapore? This guide will aid you by looking through the various places you can buy an air-conditioning unit.

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Where to buy aircon in Singapore

Installing an Aircon?



What type and where do you wish to install your Aircon at?


Before deciding on where to buy an aircon from, you should first decide on the type of aircon, where you want it to be installed and the number of aircon units you need.  The general locations to install your Air-conditioner are at HDB, Condo, Private property, office space, warehouse and even container units. You will need to know the type of Air-conditioners you want before you can decide. The most common types of aircons in Singapore are: Casement Air-conditioner, Window Air-conditioner, Multi-split Air-conditioner and Ceiling cassette unit. Installing an Aircon unit in condominium is much simpler. Every condo unit already has an aircon installed. The property developer has calculated the right amount of BTU that is needed to cool each room. So when you are purchasing an Aircon unit for your condo, all you need to do is to follow the existing structure of the aircon unit at home. Most importantly, you have to decide on the brand. Would it be Mitsubishi Aircon? Daikin Ismile series or Midea Aircon?

It is only when you have an idea of what you are looking for, then you can find the best places that sell the aircons that you want. You can look through this guide to aid in your final, most important, decision on where to purchase the aircon unit.


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Where to buy Aircon in Singapore?

Big-scale Electronics shop – most popular as to where to buy Aircon in Singapore


where to buy aircon in Singapore


Large scale electronics shops are the most popular places to buy an aircon from. Some common household names would be Gain City, Courts, Best Denki, Harvey Norman and even NTUC Fair-Price. Most people flock to these places when buying an aircon because they are very reputable. Moreover, they have established themselves as trustworthy and reliable brands. These shops often offer aircon hire-purchase schemes, which are also known as installment plans, even without a credit card. This makes the process of buying an aircon more manageable as compared to a full payment. However, these shops also deal with fixed costs like rent and labour costs. These costs are passed down to buyers in the form of higher installation prices. Therefore, large scale electronics shops are recommended options when it comes to where to buy aircon in Singapore. Megastore like Courts have many of these brands, which makes it a convenient stop to browse through different brands.


Aircon Agents and Distributors


As these aircon businesses cater to the wholesale market, most people mistakenly believe that they are the best choice when it comes to buying their aircon. However, this is understandably a common mistake. This is definitely not the place to buy Aircon in Singapore. It’s a lot more expensive to buy these items yourself than to engage in an Aircon company. Because agents do not have an installation team. You will have to find an external Aircon company to install for you. Furthermore, both the agent and Aircon company will mark up on their service. Resulting in a higher overall price. In addition, when your aircon faces an issues, agents tend to point their fingers towards the installers rather than shoulder the responsibility. Consequently, you may be faced with higher repair or replacement costs. Therefore, I would not recommend buying aircon from agents and distributors.

Residential Interior designers


Interior designers tend to charge an exorbitant amount when it comes to aircon installation. They earn a commission-based income. Hence it is standard procedure to mark-up prices from aircon installers. Which is to the buyer’s detriment. Nonetheless, some people choose to work with their interior designers. That is because they control the whole renovation process. Hence, they can ensure that the aircon installation process is in sync with the other parts of renovation. For example, they will make sure that the false ceiling is up before the aircon is installed to ensure structural integrity and convenience of aircon installation.

Aircon companies


Objectively speaking from a consumer’s perspective, this is by far the best place to buy aircon in Singapore. However, there are more than 500 Aircon companies in the market which still makes the decision difficult. Some factors you may consider are the price, quality and reliability. Reviews can be found online from past customers which makes comparisons across aircon companies easier in order for you to decide which aircon company is the best and most reliable. Word-of-mouth recommendations from your friends may also be helpful in this process. Additionally, do ensure that these company use high quality installation materials and that they are more responsive when it comes to enquiries as no one likes to drag out the aircon installation process. Therefore, while aircon companies are one of the best places to buy aircon from, you still need to choose the aircon companies you engage in wisely.



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Where to buy additional Aircon items in Singapore? 

Metal brackets for Aircon compressor 


For HDB units that don’t have an aircon ledge, you will have to install a metal bracket. It is usually located below the master bedroom’s window. The price for a metal bracket is usually around $150. You can easily find metal brackets from your local aircon companies or even from e-commerce stores such as Alibaba, Amazon etc.

Electrical point for Aircon compressor


Typically you will need a 20 amp isolator or a 15amp 3 round pin plug to provide electricity for your condensing unit. For HDB units with Aircon ledge, it usually comes with one. For other HDB flat, if you see a 3 round pin plug, you are safe. If you don’t notice an electrical point for your aircon compressor at your flat, you might need to install one for your home. Similarly, this can be found in Aircon companies that will also provide you with installation services.

BTU needed for each room


If you already have an existing Aircon at home. Picture this : turn on your Aircon in your room, open your door, will your whole house get cooled? No it wouldn’t, as it does not have the right BTU. Getting the right BTU needed for each room is essential for the right cooling effect on your room.

Aircon piping and where to buy Aircon in Singapore


For insulation, there is a general term used by aircon installers in Singapore, namely “upgraded materials”. For upgraded materials, the insulation used is ½ Inch armaflex insulation; whereas normal materials use 3/8 inch Armaflex insulation. The thicker insulation has better absorption ability. Other than thickness of the insulation, another property you might be concerned of is the class of insulation. You might have seen the term “ ½ inch Armaflex class 1” or “1/2 inch armaflex class 0”. The class in these 2 terms refers to the fire property of this insulation. However, it doesn’t make any difference to the quality of the materials for your Aircon installation. Nonetheless, insulation is important to prevent aircon gas leak that can be hazardous to health. Aircon piping can be found in aircon companies who have a wide range of spare parts ready for different aircons.

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Price Comparison on where to buy Aircon in Singapore

Courts Midea Aircon Residential Interior Designer Silverback Aircon
Midea Aircon System 3 Price $3349  (they don’t sell directly) $3290 $3090

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Conclusion: Where to buy Aircon in Singapore?


There are definitely many factors to consider when it comes buying Aircon in Singapore. When deciding where to buy aircon from, it is important to know what you are looking out for first. This is dependent on the type of residential unit you are living in and the brands you are more interested in. You can look up their reviews online in order to determine which best suits your needs. Then, it boils down to your budget and the reliability of the retailer. For example, if you are looking more into credibility, you may want to purchase from an established electronics shop. Additionally, always look up aircon promotions  that different places offer. Alternatively, you may want to research on where to buy used aircons in Singapore to save money. So there you go, our vote on best place to buy Aircon in Singapore is individual Aircon companies.

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