How often should you chemical wash your Aircon | Scam prevention

Chemical Overhaul for Aircon

How often should you do Chemical washing for your Air con? We have met customers that have experienced this well known scam.
Air con technicians enter their house and immediately tell them that they need to do chemical wash for their air con.
Even though they just had their Air con washed with chemical a month ago! Well before we answer this question, You should know the difference between normal Chemical wash and Chemical overhaul. If you do not know, you might want to check out this Article for more info. In this article, we would define chemical wash as extensive chemical overhaul for simplicity purpose.

How often should you chemical wash your Air-con |
Scam prevention

Instead of answer the “how often” question, we will first to seek to answer “when do you need to do”. These are the few scenarios that call for a thorough chemical wash on the indoor unit:


  1. The wind is not blowing out smoothly / Air con not cold
  2. The back-tray is choked

Let’s examined each of these Scenarios:



Dirty Fan coil / Air con not cold


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Your Air con might not be cold due to a variety of reasons. If you wish to know why your air con isn’t cold, you might wanna click here to read more. If your Air con is not cold due to an extremely dirty fan coil. It is time to go for a chemical overhaul of the unit. That is because the dirty trapped inside the coil is preventing the wind from blowing out the cold air from the unit. If you were to put your hand below the air con, you can feel that the air is not blowing smoothly throughout the flap. Or you might experience a “puff puff” sound from the fan coil unit, indicating that it might be dirty on the inside, and wind is not blowing out smoothly.


However, there might be other reasons that caused your Air con to be insufficiently cooled. For this, you might have to contact us to look into this issue.


The Back tray is choked.


Usually, normal servicing will be able to solve water leakage problem in your fan coil. However, there are times when the water leaking is due to back tray choke instead. Back tray is a part of the fan coil at the back of the unit. The metal coil of the unit is shaped in V. It is shaped this way so that the vertical length of the indoor unit will not be that long. However, the V coil caused the water to be dispensed to the back of the unit. And the back tray will facilitate the dispensing of the condensed water. However, after some time, the dirt and Algae formed in the coil, together with the water from condensation will clog up the back tray. Causing the back tray to be choked. Hence, a chemical overhaul is necessary, as you will have to dismantle the entire unit to access the back tray. And we have to wash it with strong water pressure and chemical to clean this area.



For users that have a more preventive approach in Air con servicing. The frequency for Chemical overhaul in the Air con unit will be dependent on how often you use it. Other factors are in place as well. For example, if you were to eat in your room, or you have a heavy use of perfume at home, it will likely cause your air con to be more dirty easily. And you will likely have to do overhaul on the unit more often than others. A general rule of thumb is this, for those that have a heavy usage, it is recommended to wash once every year. For those that use it less often, chemical wash every 1-2 years will be sufficient.


Nevertheless, it is entirely dependent on situation. If you would like to know if your Air con requires a thorough chemical wash, you can call us to book for an appointment. Silver-back Air con can recommend the necessary action required for your Air con.


If you would like to know more about our Air con servicing pricing, click here to find out more.

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