What is Aircon Chemical Wash?



Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore

What does it mean and how often should I do it?


If you have engaged an Aircon contractor for Aircon Servicing before, you might have heard of the term “Aircon chemical wash” or “Chemical Overhaul”. Well there are also other variations of the same meaning, such as Chemical Cleaning. In this article, let me explain to you what are the differences and what does it mean to you.


What does it mean by Aircon Chemical Wash or Aircon Chemical Cleaning?


To put it simply, Aircon Chemical Cleaning simply refers to servicing of the Aircon using a chemical solution. However, to prevent the water from dripping, a waterproof cloth has to be attached to the fancoil unit. The cloth or a tube will be connected to the bucket for the water to flow to. The motherboard of the Aircon fancoil will also be wrapped, to prevent water from getting there. An inexperienced Aircon technician might not handle this part well, resulting in a damaged pcb after cleaning.



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And so what does it mean by Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

During an Aircon Chemical overhaul, the gas is locked in the condensing unit. It is achieved by using climbing outside the window to reach the condensing unit, and turn it off using the allen key. It is prevented gas from flowing into the fancoil. Improper handling of this process can cause gas leaking from the condensing unit. You might require a round of Aircon Gas top up after that, when the fault lies in improper turning off of Gas.

After the gas is turned off, the aircon contractor has to dismantle the entire fancoil from the wall. They will then full dismantle the fancoil unit, separating the fancoil from it’s motherboard. This will then allow washing of the coil from both side in full.


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So what is the difference between Aircon Chemical Overhaul and Chemical wash?

By using Chemical overhaul on the fancoil, it can chemically clean the back of the coil where a normal chemical wash can’t reach. Where as normal chemical cleaning can only clean the front of the coil. When both the front and back of the coil is extensively cleaned, you can achieve maximum air flow throughout the coil. I once did a Chemical overhaul on a Midea Aircon unit for my acquaintance. I asked for her review and she said “shiok, I very long never experience such cold air already” True Story.

However, due to both the level of technical difficulty and time difference involved in chemical overhaul and chemical wash. There is a huge price difference as well. For a chemical overhaul we will require aircon technician that is of a supervisor level, as an inexperienced one might result in damage in the PCB or gas leaking in the condensing unit. For chemical cleaning the process is much simpler. Hence the average price of chemical wash will be around $60 – $80, where as chemical overhaul will be around $130- $160.


So which should I choose? Chemical Overhaul or Chemical wash in Singapore?


That depends on a few factor:

When was the last time I serviced my Aircon?

If you service your aircon regularly there will be lesser need to do a chemical overhaul or even Chemical wash for your Aircon. Hence a normal chemical cleaning might be sufficient after regularly servicing your Aircon on a quarterly basis. However, if you have not serviced your Aircon for the entire year and you are a heavy user of that particular fancoil unit. You might want to consider doing a Chemical Overhaul as there might be a lot of potential dirt accumulating inside the unit. An extensive overhaul might just give you the smooth flow of air that you need.


How often do you use the Aircon?

Relating to the previous point, if you haven’t serviced the Aircon for a year. But you have only used that fancoil unit for 3 times that year, you probably don’t even need any servicing on that Aircon unit. So whether you want to do a chemical wash or extensive overhaul . It will also depend on your usage of it. Hence for Aircon units in commercial Area, they usually sign a servicing contract due to their extensive use. Here at Silverback Aircon we provide servicing contract to help you save cost too.


It can really be subjective as well

If you just did a normal servicing of your Aircon and still find that it isn’t cold, you might want to do a full chemical overhaul of your Aircon instead of just chemical wash. If you are our previous customer, we would have keep a record of when was the last time you did your chemical overhaul or Aircon chemical cleaning, But if previously you were engaged with another contractor, we will have less detailed or accurate information regarding this. Nevertheless, to save more money in the long run, it is better to just do an extensive chemical overhaul and keep track of the month and year in which you do it. In case the Aircon contractor does not have a record. Either that or you find a new Aircon contractor after that.

I hope this Article will give you a better Idea on the meaning of Aircon Chemical wash in Singapore. You might now know the difference between Aircon chemical Cleaning and Aircon chemical overhaul. And how often should you engage in it


Our team has more than 15 years experience of servicing Mitsubishi. Daikin, Midea, Panasonic Aircon and others. We even have extensive experience in servicing lesser-used brands such as LG, York, Sharp, Samsung Aircon. So if you ever require servicing of your Aircon or even an extensive Chemical cleaning, hit us up at the contact form below. Or drop us a call/whatsapp at 9177500. We will send our experienced contractor to your door step.


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