Toshiba Aircon Leaking Water?

Introduction to Toshiba Aircon Leaking Water

If water is dripping from your Toshiba air conditioner, this article is for you. This is a rather straightforward issue to tackle, so you shouldn’t worry. Additionally, it can frequently be resolved in a single trip without the need for any additional parts. So in this article, we will discuss the reason for Toshiba aircon leaking water. But first, we’ll figure out where the water is coming from in the air conditioner. Then, we’ll talk about several potential fixes for the Toshiba Aircon’s water leak. In addition, we’ll try to respond to certain queries about it.

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Where is the water leaking from?

To  determine what is causing the air conditioner to leak water and how to fix it. We must first determine the source of the Toshiba Aircon’s initial water leak.

Toshiba Aircon leaking water from the front.

There is probably a blockage in the drainage line if the Toshiba Aircon is dripping water from the front. Anywhere along the entire drainage line may experience a choke or congestion. And typically, a routine service can take care of this problem. The Toshiba Aircon’s drainage pipe is cleaned as part of routine air conditioning maintenance.

For a specific Toshiba Aircon type though, a broken drainage pan could potentially be to blame for the front leak. Any effort by a broken drainage pan or hose to flow into the drainage line will result in a leak. Because of this, replacing the hose or drainage line is the only solution to the issue. But since this problem is so uncommon, do not worry.

From the Toshiba Aircon’s rear.

If the ceiling or aircon trunking of your Toshiba air conditioner are dripping with water. You will undoubtedly notice wet or condensation markings on the ceiling or trunking of your air conditioner. Depending on when the installation was made. This is one of the trickiest issues for Toshiba Aircon leaking water.

From aircon trunking or ceiling.

If your Toshiba Aircon is leaking water from the Aircon trunking or ceiling. You will most definitely see moist or condensation marks along your Aircon trunking or ceiling. Depending on the date of installation. This is one of the most problematic Aircon leaking water problems to solve.


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Why Toshiba Aircon leaking water?

Drainage pan blockage


if it has been a while since you last had your Toshiba Aircon serviced. The drainage line may become blocked if dirt builds up on the coil’s fin and flows down the drainage pan. Because of this, your drainage pan could become blocked. Additionally, when it is clogged, it prevents water from flowing from the drainage pan to the floor trap. As a result, the fancoil unit’s front will begin to leak water instead. This is due to the fact that it has nowhere to flow.

Broken drain pan or water hose


Due to normal wear and use, the drain pan may occasionally break. This is so that a regular air conditioning expert may clean your drain pan while repairing your air conditioner. We have only seen this problem less than five times, which makes it incredibly rare. But if a technician is not careful, they could forcefully extract the water hose, breaking the Aircon hose clip. This will result in a water leak from the drainage pan of the air conditioner’s joint to the air conditioner hose. However, this also does not occur frequently, and the problem may be identified right away following Toshiba Aircon service.

Choke on Back Tray 


Back tray choke is the technical term for an air conditioning machine that is clogged up. Additionally, normal air conditioning maintenance cannot reach this part. Water therefore leaks or flows towards the back of the air conditioning unit as a result of this. As a result, the air conditioning unit’s rear will begin to leak water instead.

An evaporator coil that is clogged up


A clogged evaporator coil may contribute to or exacerbate a condensation problem. Usually, there are deeper causes for air conditioner condensation than merely a dirty fancoil. However, if an air conditioner hasn’t been cleaned in years, moisture problems on the air conditioner pipework will almost certainly get worse. On the ceiling or the Aircon trunking, you may notice water or condensation stains (for condo or landed properties).


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How to stop the water leak from the Toshiba Aircon?

Conduct Toshiba Aircon Servicing


The drainage pipe is typically cleared as part of routine air conditioner maintenance in order to remove the obstruction and restore the drain line’s smooth operation. Sometimes we may suggest using a gas purge to clear the choke in a severely clogged pipe. The gas’s incredibly high pressure will drive all of the filth out of the system.

Chemical Overhaul of the Aircon


If you have a choke in the back tray, you will need to do an Aircon chemical overhaul. The only way to get to the part of the air conditioner that directs water toward the back of the unit is to disassemble the air conditioner. However, this problem does not happen as frequently as air conditioning leaks from the front.

Changing or Replacing Drain Pan


if the drain hose clamp or drain pan are damaged. It can only be fixed by replacing it with parts. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of reconditioned Aircon spare parts here at Silverback Aircon. As a result, you may get in touch with us quickly to order any Toshiba Aircon spare parts.


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Toshiba Aircon Leaking Water FAQ

What causes Toshiba Aircon to leak water the most frequently?

The main cause is a choked drain pipe. Therefore, regular air conditioning maintenance will significantly reduce drain line congestion.

How can I determine the precise cause of my Toshiba air conditioner's water leak?

You can locate the source of the water leak in your air conditioner. Send us a video you make. Your customer support representative will let you know whether they can make an identification from the footage. If not, we might have to send someone down to see how it’s doing.

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