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Is your Toshiba Aircon blinking light? Toshiba may not be a commonly used brand in Singapore. Hence homeowners may feel frustrated when they experience Toshiba Aircon light blinking issues in their premises. Nonetheless, when the light starts blinking, it is often a sign that the Aircon system encounters an error. Hence you may have to take a look at the Toshiba Aircon error code list to figure out what’s the issue with the unit. Regardless, in this article, we attempt to show you guys what to do when Toshiba Aircon starts blinking. We will also take a look at some of the common error codes. And also an estimated cost to fix them.

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What Is To Do When Toshiba Aircon Operation Light Blinking

Step 1 : Reset The Isolator

When Toshiba Aircon operation light blinking, the first step you may wish to do is to check turn off your Aircon. Reset your isolator, wait for 5 minutes before you turn it on again. The reason for this is to see if the system is able to reset the code. If the system is able to reset the code and your Aircon stops blinking for a long timer after you turn on the Aircon. The issue may be just a minor problem that may not be that expensive to repair. This is because if the aircon is working after the reset, it likely indicates that the PCB unit and compressor inside the condenser unit is still in working condition. If it starts blinking after a few days, it could be the thermistor unit that is giving way. However, do that the Aircon technician is very unlikely to detect the issue with your unit when there is no Toshiba Aircon light blinking there. This is because it is hard to get the exact data of the thermistor reading on the exact model of the condenser you are using. And the fact that it is still working is an indication that the reading may not be too far off from the norm.

Step 2: Check If All Toshiba Aircon Is Blinking Light

If you are using a Toshiba mutli split Aircon unit. And If all of your Toshiba Aircon operation light blinking. That would likely mean that there is an issue with the outdoor unit. However, if only one Aircon unit has light blinking. The problem is very likely due to that particular fancoil unit or it could be the wire connecting the fancoil unit to the condenser unit. Do note that in rare instances, one unit of toshiba aircon blinking light out of a multi split system may also be due to issues in the outdoor unit. For example, a small section of the Toshiba Aircon pcb board that is linked to that unit may be malfunctioning. Or a thermistor in the outdoor unit that is linked to that fancoil unit is spoiled. However they are extremely rare. So using this simple guide will likely let you know if the issue is in the condenser unit or fancoil unit. Do note that the cost of repair or replacement of AIrcon spare parts in the fancoil is significantly cheaper that parts in the condenser unit.


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Toshiba Aircon Error Code

After going through the 2 steps above to determine the likely cause of Toshiba Aircon blinking light. You may then wish to refer to a manual to determine what error code does the Toshiba Aircon light blinking mean. From the remote control, there are some buttons to press to get an error code out of the system. However. It may not be easy to access the manual of Toshiba Aircon error code. Hence what our technician usually do is to access the Toshiba Aircon error code from the condenser unit. Do note that the error code in the condenser unit is very different from that of the fancoil unit. Though they would likely mean exactly the same thing. The Toshiba Aircon error code is usually located inside one of the panel of the Toshiba Aircon condenser unit.

What are the common problems of Toshiba Aircon blinking light

We have identified 3 most common problems in Toshiba Aircon light blinking.

Indoor unit sensor receiver issue

Some of the older toshiba Aircon models often have issues such as sensor receiver not working. A common way to detect this is when it cannot be turned on by remote control. But it works when you turn it on manually instead. Nonetheless this does not mean that Toshiba is not a good brand. Every brand will have some parts that malfunctions more regularly than other parts.

Outdoor thermistor

Apart from sensor receiver malfunctioning. Another common error is outdoor thermistor not working. This is more likely occurring in the coil thermistor. Once again, this issue is not very costly to fix. In fact thermistors are one of the cheapest components to replace. The difficult part is in finding a technician capable of troubleshooting Toshiba AIrcon blinking light issues.

Aircon Condensor Thermistor Repair Replacement Aircon Repair in Singapore HDB Flat Dover - DW Aircon Servicing Singapore | Aircon Repair Singapore Services

Outdoor Fan Motor

Apart from an outdoor thermistor. The outdoor fan motor may experience bearing problem from time to time as well. Nonetheless, we find that this only happens in older units. The newer units generally have less of this issue.


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Estimated cost of repair for Toshiba Aircon

Indoor  Sensor Receiver $ 170
Indoor PCB $ 200
Outdoor PCB $ 450
Outdoor Fan Motor $ 350
Outdoor Thermistor $ 250
Outdoor Condenser Unit $ 780

Do note that the price listed above is refurbished Toshiba Aircon spare parts. The pricelist is also subjected to real time changes based on stock availability. Do whatsapp us for a more accurate real time quote if you experience Toshiba Aircon light blinking issue

Toshiba Aircon Spare Parts

Here at Silverback Aircon, we sell a lot of refurbished Toshiba Aircon spare parts. Our customers find that the process of buying brand new Toshiba Aircon spare parts to be pretty hard, hence they opt for refurbished Aircon spare parts. In conclusion, if you experience Toshiba Aircon light blinking issues. Feel free to WhatsApp us or give us a call. We will try to give you an estimated quote and repair your Toshiba Aircon as soon as possible.


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