Top 5 Hair Straighteners and Where to Buy in Singapore

Intro: Where to buy the best Hair Straightener in Singapore

Styling your hair can be a real chore. To make matters worse, Singapore’s humid weather causes frizz within a mere few hours after leaving our house. To find the best hair straightener for you, and where to buy it in Singapore, just read on.

With so many different styling tools in the market now, you might feel overwhelmed when faced with the daunting decision to choose one for yourself. There are hair straighteners, curlers, and even advanced hair dryers that can give you a salon-like end result.

The most versatile of them all would be the simple hair straightener. It is easy to use, and fuss-free. All you have to do is to “kiap” a small section of your hair in between the plates, and pull the straightener downwards. If you are someone who likes to change up your look from time to time, you do not have to worry about having to fork out more money to get a curler. A hair straightener can double up, ironically, as a hair curler! Just wrap your hair around the straightener, and pull it downwards to achieve quick and gorgeous curls. 

But before you merely search up where to buy a hair straightener in Singapore, there are some things that you should look out for. Every one of us are unique individuals with our own set of DNA. This means that your hair type will definitely differ from your friends’ and even your family’s. It is important to determine your hair condition before you buy any hair straightener so that you can choose one that will be suitable for your hair, to fulfill your styling needs, and to avoid any long term damage to your hair.


Here are some tips to help you buy a perfect hair straightener in Singapore:

a. Plate Material and Width 

The three plates are ceramic, titanium and tourmaline.

Ceramic plates are the most common in hair straighteners. They are suitable for most hair types, as it provides even heat to your hair.

 Tourmaline would be most ideal for those with damaged and frizzy hair. It helps to smooth out hair by emitting negative ions that neutralise the positive ions found present in damaged and dry hair.

For those with curly and coarse hair, look to buy one that has titanium plates instead as titanium heats up faster, to temperatures much higher than what ceramic can sustain. Titanium is also the most durable among the three different plate materials, which means investing in a hair straightener with a titanium plate would save you money in the long-run.

If your hair is both curly and thick, opt for a hair straightener that has a wider plate width instead. This can shorten the time taken to get ready, and result in a better and more long-lasting effect on your hair. On the opposite end, for those with thin hair, buy a hair straightener that has a narrower plate width to prevent damage from overheating.


b. Moisture

If you have dry hair, you should be looking to buy a hair straightener that can help to retain moisture. You could also buy one that has a mist function to hydrate, moisturise and protect your hair from damage. 

You can also get a steam hair straightener, to open up your hair follicle and allow moisture to be infused into your hair.


c. Other useful side features

If you know that you will definitely be using your hair straightener as a substitute curling iron, look out for a hair straightener that has a 360 swivel cord so that your wires will not tangle up while curling your hair. 

Buying a hair straightener with adjustable heat settings could also be something to consider. With this feature, you can manually control the heat of your straightener to get the exact hairstyle you want. You can also lower the heat to prevent damage to your hair.


Now that you know what to look out for, here are our Top 5 Hair Straighteners, and where to buy them in Singapore.

1. Philips MoistureProtect Straightener HP-8372/03

best hair straightener singapore

With an instant heat up time of only 15 seconds, this straightener has a high performance heater that works with an innovative sensor to automatically adapt the temperature to maintain your hair’s natural hydration. It also does a good job at protecting your hair from damage with its unique floating plates which can move to relieve pressure put onto your hair, helping to prevent hair breakage. This straightener also emits negative ions to eliminate static, leaving you with smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair. It also features a swivel cord, 3 different temperature settings, allowing you to style your hair with a temperature up to 200°C.

Buy it from Courts here.

2. Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare Styler ST780 

best hair straightener singapore

This Braun hair straightener has precise sensors which reads your hair condition to adjust temperature settings for heat protection. It can tell you whether your hair is completely dry and ready to be styled. It features NanoGlide ceramic plates which  glide through your hair more easily, while reducing breakage. The built in curling edge is meant for users who want to switch up their look from straight to curly on different days. You can also set up a personal hair profile on this hair straightener to get style settings that perfectly match your hair type. Save up to 3 individual user profiles, so you can share the hair straightener with your family and friends!

Get it from Harvey Norman here.

3. Panasonic nanoeTM Hair Straightener EH-HS99

best hair straightener singapore

With 5 different temperature settings, the Panasonic nanoeTM Hair Straightener leaves hair looking shiny and well-styled. The unique nanoeTM technology helps to infuse more water particles into your hair during styling. This allows you to use lower heat, while achieving more moisture and less damage to get the same hairstyle as other straighteners. For those with coloured hair, this hair straightener has photo ceramic plates that help maintain your hair colour, to prevent any colour fade. Users who have already tried this hair straightener say it is also easy to reach the back of their head as the grip is slim and ergonomic. It is lightweight, and the plates can be locked, making it ideal to bring along for travel.

Buy it from Best Denki here.

4. Tefal Liss & Curl 2-in-1 Straightener HS4522 

best hair straightener singapore

This hair straightener has Keratin and Tourmaline coated plates to strengthen and add shine to your hair. Tourmaline is ideal for damaged and frizzy hair, as it helps to reduce static through ion emission. Its plates are also longer at 11cm for faster styling. If you want more control over temperature, you can manually adjust it between 130°C to 230°C on the LCD screen. As its name suggests, this Tefal 2-in-1 hair straightener can also create luscious curls and waves. 

Buy it from Tefal here.

5. GHD Gold Styler 

No list would be complete without a GHD. They are a cult favourite and are raved to be the best hair straightener. This GHD hair straightener glides through your hair smoothly and quickly, giving your hair a gorgeous shine. It is easy to handle, allowing you to style hair in hard to reach areas at incredible speed. This straightener also has a curved barrel to create natural and effortless curls. Of course, it also features advanced heat protection technology that provides even and controlled heat. Although the price is rather hefty, this versatile GHD Gold Styler is worth buying. Otherwise, opt for any of the other hair straighteners above to get similar style effects at a cheaper price.

Get it from Sephora here.

Add your favourite hair straightener to your shopping list and buy them from any retailer in Singapore. Or, shop online from the comfort of your home! Happy styling and all the best in creating new looks for yourself!

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