The ultimate guide to Daikin error code L5


Do you know? There are some technicians who told us that Daikin error code L5 can be one of the most difficult error code to troubleshoot. We can fully agree with that, as it is hard to master how to troubleshoot this particular error code. However, I believe we can use a systematic method to do troubleshooting fo Daikin L5 error code. And if it so happens that your compressor is under the 5 year warranty period. You can request for Daikin to come down and check. Because there is a chance that it is the Daikin compressor that is faulty. Regardless, here in this article we are going to do an extensive guide to this L5 error code. We are going to talk about how to find L5 error code in Daikin, how we can troubleshoot to find the root cause. And the estimated cost of repairing it.


How to find Daikin L5 error code?

I believe most of the readers here would have already known how to find Daikin L5 error code. That is why you are already here on this page. Well for those of you who are here for some unknown reason. You can easily find out the error code of your Daikin unit using the daikin Aircon remote control. Simply press and hold on to the cancel button until 00 appears. Press the cancel button until you hear a long been. If you see L5 error code, then you have landed on the right page. 


How to troubleshoot Daikin L5 error code


Now that you are aware that you have l5 error on your Daikin unit. What do you do now? Firstly, you may have to check if the stop valve is fully open? If it is not fully open, all you have to do is to open it. If it is fully open, reset the unit. You can reset the unit by turning off the isolator connecting to the condenser. And turning it back on. You will have to turn on the Daikin aircon via the remote control again.


Next, check if there is the same error code. If you do not know how to check for error code. Follow the earlier paragraph for simple instruction.

Next, check if the compressor is functioning well. For this, we are unable to guide you in detail. As it requires equipment to make the troubleshoot. If the compressor is found to be functioning well. It is likely the pcb unit that is malfunctioning.

However, if the compressor is suspected to be malfunctioning. It is recommended to replace it instead.

Estimated cost of repairing


For this Daikin L5 error code. We have found that through experience, it is very likely to be the compressor unit that requires replacement. As mentioned earlier, if you are still under Daikin warranty, you may give them a call. However, while the compressor is free. There is likely a labor charge when it comes to replacing the compressor inside the system. Other that compressor, the next most probable cause is the pcb. Which is also an extremely expensive component to repair. 

Alternative method to repair 


Hence, here at Silverback Aircon, we find that repairing Daikin L5 error using refurbished parts to be much more cost effective than using brand new parts. You will incur a hefty cost even if you were to claim compressor warranty from Daikin. Hence, most of the time it is cheaper to just replace it with a refurbished condenser unit, In this case, the entire outdoor unit will be replaced instead of just the compressor. Replacing the compressor itself may present its own set of problems. As it is constrained by the welding skill of the technician. Furthermore, if the condenser unit is sitted on an Aircon bracket. It is extremely difficult for the Aircon technician to replace it. It is a very dangerous task as well. Other than the condenser unit. If the pcb is found to be faulty, you will save half the cost by replacing it with a refurbished pcb instead. Furthermore, there is no warranty if you get brand new parts from Daikin. Nonetheless, if the l5 error code belongs to a ceiling cassette. It may be extremely difficult to find a refurbished Daikin spare parts.


In conclusion, Daikin L5 error code may be one of the most expensive and difficult error code to troubleshoot. However, finding the root cause of the issue is only half of the equation. The other half belongs to the availability of Aircon spare parts. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have an extensive collection of Aircon spare parts. We are able to detect and repair your Daikin Aircon issues most of the time. Whatsapp us if you need any help with your Daikin error code.