System 5 Aircon for HDB? Are we allowed to buy?

System 5 Aircon for HDB? Are we allowed to buy?

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Introduction to System 5 Aircon


System 5 Aircon for HDB


system 5 aircon


System 5 Aircon is not as commonly spoken about as the other systems. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it is close to impossible to live without an air-conditioner. For those of you living in a 5 room flat, you may be thinking of installing an air-conditioning unit for 4 bedrooms and 1 living room. Most people who opt for 5 aircons in a household generally use 2 condensing units. A compressor that is system 3, and another that is system 2. An alternative is to use a system 4 aircon unit to power up all 4 bedrooms. Then, use another system 1 24,000 btu Single Split to cool down your living room. Besides these 2 options, there is the option of a system 5 aircon. So, can you buy system 5 aircon for your HDB apartment?

What is Aircon System 5?


what is system 5?


A system 5 aircon is defined as having 1 condensing unit with 5 outlets. This means that single condenser unit has the ability to connect to 5 fan coil units (or indoor unit). Installing a system 5 would most definitely be cheaper than 2 sets of compressor. Furthermore, in terms of electrical consumption, one compressor will use less energy than 2 running at the same time. This will ultimately lead to lower electricity bills for you! Therefore, if you are thinking of whether you are able to install a system 5 aircon for your HDB, fear not! Silverback Aircon has provided this article for you. In fact, if it is your first time installing an aircon, you may need an aircon installation guide here.


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What are the options for System 5 Aircon in HDB?



There are various brands that have a system 5 condensing unit. However, not every brand has one that is suitable for residential HDB units. A Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) condensing unit is definitely not suitable for a HDB unit. This is because its power consumption and wattage requirement is too high. So for HDB, only Toshiba, Daikin and Mitsubishi Aircon provide a suitable system 5 condensing unit. For Daikin, the model number for the system 5 condenser unit is MKM100VVMG. Besides having 5 ticks energy efficiency rating, it is also equipped with Wi-fi capabilities. This means you can actually control your Aircon system remotely from an app. You can turn on your air-conditioner even when you are away from home! As for Toshiba system 5, the model number for the condenser unit is RAS-5M51U2ACVG-SG. It has 5 ticks energy efficiency rating.

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Is aircon system 5 better than system 3 + 2 or system 4 + 1?


That very much depends on your usage. Do you need to turn on your Aircon all the time? If you do, generally it will be wiser to have 2 condenser unit instead. Nevertheless this is also dependent on whether your HDB block permits that.


Top 3 factors


If you are considering between a having Single system 5 condensing unit and multiple condensing units, you should think about it in terms of electricity consumption, cost and the total BTU usage.

In terms of electricity consumption, a system 5 air-conditioner will definitely consume less electricity than multiple condensing unit used for 2 different systems.. That is because the biggest consumption of electricity for an AC unit is the compressor. When there are more compressors, more electricity will be consumed. Hence, system 5 consumes less electricity.

The cost of multiple condensing unit is more expensive than that of a system 5 ac unit. For example, Daikin system 5 for 4 bedrooms and 1 living room would cost $4900. Whereas a Daikin system 4 for 4 bedrooms and 1 living room will cost at least $5200. That is a cost saving of $300, not including the savings from monthly electricity bills in the future.

For BTU usage, the most important consideration is whether you will turn on all the Air-conditioners simultaneously. This is because if you were to turn on all the air-conditioners at the same time, you will require about 55000 BTU. For Daikin System 5, the max btu is only about 43000. Therefore, to be able to turn on all the Air-conditioners, 2 condensing units is needed and thus having 2 different systems would be the better choice.


Other factor: Availability of Aircon Ledge


aircon ledge for system 5 aircon
Aircon Ledge


If your HDB unit is a BTO unit, or if you have an Aircon ledge at home, congratulations. Chances are you can install a system 5 Ac unit. However, one thing you will have to take note of is the window height. Before buying, you will have to measure or ask for the dimensions of the condenser unit. Compare it to the window height and see if the condensing unit can be shifted out of the window. You will also have to ensure that the window can be closed after shifting the condensing unit out. Otherwise, you would have to leave your window open all the time which makes air-conditioning pointless.


Also, do make sure that you are not installing brands other than Daikin and Toshiba. If you install Mitsubishi System 5 Air-conditioner, the power consumption could cause an electrical power trip in your house. After reading this, if you are still unsure, do drop us a call (96515152) for consultation or even to book an appointment. We can perform a site visit to check if a system 5 can be moved outside to your Aircon ledge.

Installation of Aircon Bracket


aircon bracket for system 5 aircon
aircon bracket


As for HDB units that do not have an aircon ledge, you would need to install aircon bracket. Firstly, you will have to call HDB to check if your flat has been provided with higher electrical loading. You will need this to ensure that you can power up the system 5 aircon unit without causing a power trip. Secondly, you have to consider the weight of the condenser unit. For Daikin Ismile system 5, the weight is around 83kg. Whereas for Toshiba system 5, the weight is 74kg. For HDB requirements, you are technically not supposed to put 83kg of weight on a metal bracket. However, this rule is not enforced strictly and the Daikin Ismile series system 5 is very popular despite that. 

Want to know more about


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  • What kind of air-con do you plan to install at each location?


  • Do you know what aircon BTU and how to calculate it?

Conclusion :

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to choosing a system 5 over 2 different systems combined. In the event that you opt for a system 5, ensure that the condenser unit chosen falls within the safe electric loading for your HDB. Daikin and Toshiba’s system 5 condenser units are good options. Personally, I would strongly recommend you go for Daikin’s system 5 aircon.


Approach Silverback Aircon for your system 5 aircon installation! If you still have enquiries and require more information to make a decision, feel free to contact us anytime at 96515152! We will be more than happy to provide you with the consultation you need.

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