Are you looking to install a system 4 Aircon? Firstly, you have establish whether you are installing in 3 bedrooms 1 living room. Or if you are installing in 4 bedrooms. And what is the btu that you require for each room? Whether you are installing a new set of Air-con or replacing your existing ones. We are going to recommend you these system 4 aircon models. The recommendation are based on price, reviews and warranty. We will analyse in terms of price, Warranty and popularity. In addition, we will recommend a particular system 4 Aircon model for 2020. And if you still have any enquiries. Do feel free to engage us for a free tele-consultation. Additionally, if you are unsure of Aircon installation, you can check out our guide for more information.

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CHEAPEST System 4 Aircon promotion:

Midea System 4 (4 Ticks)

MAE4M28D / 9000 btu x 4
Midea System 4 (4 TIcks) is the lowest priced system 4 Aircon in Singapore. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Aircon is cost $700 more than Midea system 4 Ac. That’s a at least 25 percent cheaper compared to Mitsubishi Starmex. Nevertheless, a refurbished Aircon will still be cheaper than Midea system 4.

Most POPULAR system 4 Aircon in Singapore :

Mitsubishi Starmex system 4

MXY4H33VG/ FP10VG x 4.
Mitsubishi starmex is the most widely sold Aircon brand in Sg. Hence, its spare parts are widely found, should you need repair services. Furthermore, most Singapore Aircon technicians are very experienced in it. Hence, you can find someone to repair easily. As such, Mitsubishi Starmex Promotion is rare. Hence, do check with us as we might have promotion from time to time on this model.


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BEST system 4 Aircon 2020:

Daikin Ismile ECO Series

Daikin Ismile Series

Daikin came out with Ismile series in 2022. It is equipped with wifi. This means you can turn on the Aircon before you even reach home. Daikin is the most popular Aircon brand worldwide. For Daikin system 4, our vote goes to Daikin Ismile series. Because it is equipped with WIFI features and has similar price to Mitsubishi starmex. Furthermore, it has an advanced back end support system. Additionally,it has one of the best technology in the Aircon industry. Daikin has a comprehensive error code diagnostic function. This allows aircon technician to more accurately diagnose your Aircon error, if it ever malfunctions.

Recommendation :


After looking at these system 4 Aircon promotions. Your choice will depends on pricing, warranty terms and the popularity of Air-con. For the cheapst model possible, go for Midea. If you have the budget to spare, we would recommend Daikin instead. And if you still have any query, give us a call, our sales representative will be more than willing to help 🙂

Meanwhile, if you have no idea on how the Aircon installation process goes. Our article might just be able to help you out here.


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What is the difference between system 3 and system 4 aircon ?

 System 3 aircon refers to one compressor and 3 indoor air conditioning unit, while system 2 refers to one compressor and 4 indoor air conditioning unit. 

What is the average price of system 4 air conditioner ?

For large retail outlets, the average price of system 4 air conditioners of 12,000 BTU would probably be around $ 4000 to 5000 . Here at silverback, our average pricing is cheaper at $2,500 – 4,000.

What system should I choose for my house?

You should think of systems like a package. There are systems 2-5. So, if you purchase system 4, you will be paying for 4 aircon units and 1 outdoor compressor unit. Pick the system according to how many rooms you want to cool. For example, to cool 3 bedrooms and 1 living room, pick system 4.

Here at Silverback Aircon, our friendly staff and technicians provide you with the most efficient service for the best price. Besides, Midea Aircon Installation, we also perform aircon servicing and repair works. All of our aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you so you can trust us with all your aircon needs! Contact us now for free over-the-phone consultation or book an appointment with us for site visits! This way, you will have a better diagnosis on your specific aircon situation. 

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