3 best split unit Aircon in Singapore


What is split unit Aircon? It simply refers to an Aircon with the compressor and blower that is not located in the same unit. For example, portable Aircon, window Aircon and casement Aircon. These 3 Aircon have their compressor and blower that is located in the same unit. Where as for a split unit, you will have a gas pipe connecting from the blower to the condensing unit. In this case, a ceiling cassette unit, a wall mounted unit and VRV unit are all considered as split unit.

In this article we are going to talk about the 3 best Split unit Aircon in Singapore for residential uses. It is hard to define what is best. So we are going to talk about the best in terms of technology, best price and best in terms of popularity.

samsung split unit aircon wall mounted

Best Split unit Aircon in terms of technology.

Even though Mitsubishi Aircon have the highest Market share in residential Aircon. Daikin Aircon is actually more popular for commercial units. In fact, Daikin have higher market share in the world as compared to Mitsubishi electric.

Split unit Aircon with error code diagnostic

In terms of technology, Daikin Aircon has a comprehensive error code system. Do you know, when your Aircon is blinking. You can actually use your remote control to find out the error code of your Aircon. Following which, you can send an sms to Daikin and get a response with regards to the potential problem it might have. Where as for other brands. The meaning of each error code might be very unclear. And different technicians will have a different interpretation regarding the meaning of the error code. You can even get assistance from Daikin when you call their hotline and enquire regarding Aircon spare parts.

Daikin Ismile series with Wifi

Daikin Aircon used to have the most expensive multi split unit Aircon in Singapore. However they came out with the Ismile series, with MKS50TVMG as the leading model. They did that in order to beat Mitsubishi FN series in terms of price. And sure enough, we can see an increase in adoption rate for Daikin Aircon on our side. Furthermore, for Daikin Ismile series. They are superior not just in terms of price. They also have a built in wifi system in them. This allows the user to turn on their Aircon remotely with their app. Well before they even reached home.

Best multi split Aircon in terms of Price

In terms of price. Most people will think of local OEM brands like Trentios or Europace has the cheapest split unit Aircon. However, Midea Aircon is even cheaper than that. Cheap does not equate with low quality. Do you know, the founder of Midea brand is actually the 6th Richest Man in China as of the writing of this Article.

How much cheaper is Midea Aircon in comparison with other brands.

As of the writing of this Aritcle. Midea system 3 Aircon cost around $1899. Where as Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 would cost $2599. That is a cost difference of $700, around 35% cheaper than Mitsubishi split unit Aircon. If we compare it to other brands like Trentios or Europace, the cost difference will not be that substantial. However, it is not fair to compare a brand with global recognition to a local brand that does not produce its own products. For your information, Midea produces Aircon for other OEM brands as well. It has several production plants in China. The picture below is taken at the factory of Midea in Foshan, Guangzhou.

factory tour of Midea Air con

Cheapest Split unit Aircon with the highest market share

Midea has one of the highest market share in terms of Air-conditioner sales in China. Even though Midea Aircon focus on production of Single split Aircon. It is increasing its focus in the south east Asia region. Where Multi split unit is more popular. (As a matter of fact only Singapore is popular for multi split unit). Hence, with the brand recognition of Midea Aircon globally. We should recognise that cheap price does not equate to bad quality.

Best Price Multi split Aircon with the longest warranty

Which split unit Aircon brand has the longest warranty in Singapore? You will be surprise to know that it’s Midea. Midea Aircon have 2 years warranty on parts, and 6 years warranty on compressor for it’s Opal Series. That’s 1 year more for both parts and compressor as compared to other brands. And yes, that is the model that is $700 cheaper than Mitsubishi starmex. What is more shocking to hear is that, Midea OS series have a warranty term of 6 years on compressor and 6 years on parts.

Best Split unit Aircon in terms of popularity

If you are thinking. Why am I buying an Aircon because it is popular? The reason is, the more popular the Aircon is, the higher is the availability of its spare parts in the market. If you are buying an Iphone 8 vs buying a Xiaomi redmi 4x. Which do you think is easier to repair? Which parts will handphone shop be more lilely to hold. And if you still have not guessed it yet. Mitsubishi Electric is the most popular split unit Aircon in Singapore

Availability of spare parts.

Mitsubishi electric has been the most popular Aircon brand in Singapore ever since it launched an Aircon commercial with Jack neo. Mitsusbishi electric split unit Aircon’s spare parts can be easily found throughout Singapore. Which means that if your parts have malfunctioned. You do not have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get the spare parts from the agent. You can actually source it from Aircon spare parts shop as well.

Split unit Aircon which most technicians are familiar with

Other than the ease of finding spare parts for repair. If you buy a popular Aircon brand in Singapore. You will also easily find a technician that is proficient in repairing Mitsubishi Aircon. You do not need to worry about the malfunctioning of your Aircon. And that no one will be able to repair it. This is the multi split Aircon model that most Aircon technicians should be Aware of.


So there you go. The best split unit Aircon in terms of Technology is Daikin. Where as the Midea has the most economical price. And Mitsubishi Electric is the most popular split unit Aircon brand in Singapore. Which one will you go for and how much does it cost? Message us for a quote now!

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