Best Portable Aircons to beat the heat in Singapore (2021)

Best Portable Aircon to beat the heat in Singapore (2021)

portable aircon to beat Singapore's heat
It is summer all year round and temperatures can reach a whopping 36°C. Although the weather is quite nice and cooling now in Singapore, do consider preparing some preventive measures (cooling devices such as portable aircon) before the heat strikes back!

Your frugal family might forbid the installation of a chunky high-powered Mitsubishi built-in but sneaking in a smaller portable aircon unit should be easy breezy (pun intended) even in Singapore. They work just the same, pulling stagnant air before the motor cools it for circulation through the space of the appliance. Excessive warm air and moisture is then funneled out the vent.

With an added bonus of being energy-efficient as portable aircons only cool down an area instead of the entire home or vicinity, they are gaining rising popularity with homemakers, office workers and even students living in sweltering dormitories.

Before making a decision, here are some factors for consideration, followed by product recommendations :

I. Size Does Matter

Not just the size of the appliance being chunky or compact, but also the size of the area it can cool down according to its BTU (British Thermal Units). A portable aircon with a higher BTU indicates that a larger room can be cooled. Although this may also mean that it is bigger, more expensive and may potentially be less environmentally friendly.

II. Budget or Baller

How much can you afford to pay without needing to bust the budget and eat maggie noodles for the rest of the month? Do factor in your basic criteria and there is no need for unnecessary bells & whistles. However tempting it may seem to get the best gadget.

Perhaps you can also host a birthday, Christmas or house warming party and hint to your guests that a portable aircon will make the best gift.  *winks*

III. Multi – Functional

The most obvious function is to cool the air but do not miss out on additional features such as being a fan, dehumidifier and air filter. Being energy efficient is very important. Not only are you saving the environment, but you are saving MONEY on your electricity bills.


Most Reputable Portable Aircon in Singapore : Honeywell MN10CES

best singapore portable aircon

Credits to Lazada, price starting from S$659

Simply ask around and one of the most hailed brands in Singapore will be the Honeywell portable aircon. The 10,000 BTU model comes with three different modes : Air cooler, Fan & Dehumidifier. It cools areas up to 400 square feet which may be the ENTIRE home, for those staying in a studio apartment.

The Honeywell MN10CES model operates quietly at 50dbA, and is certified  environmentally-friendly  under R410A refrigerant. Its Auto-Evaporation System collects water after cooling, and is removed automatically with its no-bucket, no-drip fuss-free design. The package also comes with a window venting kit that is easy to install. As well as a set of gliding castor wheels that enables the user to smoothly roll it from room to room.

Consumers in Singapore are very satisfied with its performance and consensus state that the Honeywell portable aircon is user friendly and slick-looking.  Quiet but powerful, and durable enough that families can consider passing it down as an heirloom.


Most Value for Money Portable Aircon : EuropAce EPAC 12T2

best singapore portable aircon

Credits to Lazada, price starting from S$385

This EuropAce portable aircon gives you the most bang for your buck at almost half the price of the previous contender but it is more powerful at 12,000BTU. Comes with a Aircon, Fan & Dehumidifier which gives the user 4 modes : Cool, Dry, Fan and Smart Mode. Whereby the appliance decides on the mode automatically, based on the user’s conditions.

The blush pink vents also add a surprising pop of colour to the minimalist look, and the wheels make it easy to maneuver from room to room, making this device extra portable.


Most Compact Portable Aircon : Xiaomi Microhoo Mini

best singapore portable aircon

Credits to Shopee, price starting from S$33.90

For those seeking a more space-saving model to fit into their minimalist lifestyle, look no further! This portable aircon takes up less than 20cm of space and is powerful enough to keep you cool at your desk or bedside in Singapore. Not cold enough? Just add ice cubes to make it cooler faster. There is a touch screen for adjusting the fan speed, timing and sleep mode.

Its large capacity water tank at 1000ml gives the user a working time of more than 5 hours which serves as a reminder for the user to stop working and take a short break. Charging the appliance is fuss free as well, simply use the Type-C USB cable provided.

At prices starting from S$33.90 (inclusive of warranty), this makes the Xiaomi Microhoo Mini  one of the cheapest portable aircons in Singapore, in addition to being the most compact.


Bonus Round! Most Expensive Portable Aircon in Singapore


best singapore portable aircon

Credits to Shopee, price starting from S$1400

 Do not judge a book by its cover! This nondescript-looking machine is actually an beast of an appliance that runs on 20,000BTU. With its patented titanium gold condenser developed by nanotechnology.

There is a double condenser system for enhanced cooling effect. As well as a patented Fogging Technology for efficient auto water evaporation. Similar to the other devices, the three standard functions of cooling, fanning and dehumidifying are present. No need to fear that your electricity bill will be sky high as this portable aircon model is eco-friendly as it is registered under R410A refrigerant for greener living in Singapore. For those who love convenience, there is a remote control as well as electronic control with 24-hour timer and thermostat.

To sum it up, this signifies that this portable aircon by TCL is harder, better, faster and stronger. Compared that to all of the other portable aircons in Singapore.

 Credits to http://www.chinese-word.com/

In conclusion, you do not have to break the bank just to beat the heat. So choose wisely based on your needs! You can enjoy substantial energy-savings and enhanced mobility when you get a portable aircon. While maintaining a well-regulated cooled  temperature that does not leave you to the mercy of the fickle-minded Singaporean climate.

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