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Why choose Second Hand Aircon?

Cost Efficient


Second Hand Aircon can be extremely cost efficient for your living or working space. Especially for rented and rental units that does not have a substantial budget. Here at Silverback Aircon, we sell reconditioned Air-con units that are properly tested, chemically washed and reconditioned. Second hand Aircon is also a preferred choice for rental and industrial offices. The more extensive the renovation works is going to be, the more leverage the landlord has over your future rental.


Abundant Spare Parts


We sell mostly Second Hand Aircon of more popular brands, such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic. We have an extremely large supply of available parts to recondition or replace parts, before supplying to the end user. The nature of our four step process in checking second hand aircon give us a safe bet that the aircon units will be of good working condition. Unlike mobile phones, new unit are usually not tested piece by piece. This opens up to some problems that used aircon may not have due to the luxury of spare parts.

If you interested in getting second hand aircon,



Four Step Process of Reconditioning Aircon

Testing of Used Aircon

Recondition used unit

Chemical Wash

Commissioning of unit

We do various test to ensure that the used aircon unit are qualified to be reconditioned, before moving on to the next phase.

Our tests Includes:

  • Condition of Evaporator Coil
  • Valve Operations
  • Gas Leakages
  • Aircon Flaps Functionality
  • Fuses








For units that are in perfect condition, it will be moved on to the next phase:Chemical Wash

For units that have parts that are found to be defective. We repair/replace:

  • Fan Motor
  • Blown Fuse
  • Thermistor
  • PCB/Motherboard
  • Swing Motor
  • Sensor Receiver

Defects that are not serviceable:

These 2nd Hand Aircon will be deemed too risky and will be disposed

  • Evaporator Coil
  • Oily Parts
  • Valve Issues
  • Compressor Issues

Upon repairing/reconditioning of 2nd Hand Aircon Unit.

We proceed to chemical overhaul the aircons.

The Aircon fancoil will be thoroughly disassembled along with its motherboard. The aircon less the motherboard will be chemically washed with high pressure jets to wash away all its dirt and grime.

Condensing unit’s coil area will be washed with chemical as well.

After drying, the condensing unit will be put to a weight test.




2 weeks to a month after the weight test. Another weight test will be done to ensure that there are no miniscule gas leakage.

After which, the aircon unit will be tested to ensure it is functioning properly.

At this moment, Silverback will mark this Aircon unit as commissioned!








Benefits of Second Hand Aircon

  • Second hand aircon can be cheaper to be serviced in the long run.
  • Used aircon are also the preferred choice for rented office/industrial areas.
  • Second handed units are tested before sending out.


Warranty Disclaimer


Final purchase price of second hand aircon will be different according to the length of warranty selected. We offers warranty period between 1- 12 months. For more accurate quotation, call 9177 5500.


Learn more about Second Hand Aircon in Singapore

Want to know more about


  • Do you know the properties you are installing in matters?


  • What kind of air-con do you plan to install at each location?


  • Do you know what aircon BTU and how to calculate it?

Second Hand Aircon For Sale


Price List


Silverback aircon do sell used aircon in Singapore. Our price will vary depending on the brand, months of warranty given and difficulty of installation (Only for Non-HDB units)

We use premium installation materials by default, however if you wish to use normal installation materials, there can be a further deduction in price.


Aircon Type Price (Starting From)
System 1 Reconditioned Aircon $450
System 2 Reconditioned Aircon $999
System 3 Reconditioned Aircon $1200
System 4 Reconditioned Aircon $1350
Window Type $320
Casement Type $390
Aircon Metal Bracket $150

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Where to sell used aircon in Singapore

Sell it to us!

We buy used Aircon. For point 1 and 2, you will need someone with Aircon Installation experience to dismantle the Aircon unit for you. Otherwise your old Aircon unit might be leaking gas if it’s not dismantled properly. The main reason for you to dismantle the existing Aircon unit is likely because you require installation of a New set of Aircon. As mentioned previously, the Aircon contractor will very likely charge you a dismantling fee if you choose to keep the existing Aircon. Hence, when we purchase the used Aircon from you, we will dismantle the Aircon Pipes for you!

So do contact us for a quote, if you choose to replace your Aircon or sell your second hand Aircon.

Selling to Users who chooses to buy second hand Aircon-unit

In the rare case that you happened to possess a second hand Aircon unit in perfect condition. You might be thinking of selling it at platforms such as carousell and gumtree. However, you are going to be facing big issues with regards to testing and transportation. If your Aircon has already been dismantled, how will the buyer test the working condition of the Aircon unit? Furthermore, the buyer needs to have a vehicle that is capable of loading up the Aircon condensing unit. The buyer will also need to get assistance in the loading of the used Aircon unit. Lastly, the buyer usually will not choose a 2nd hand Aircon unit that is dirty. A full chemical overhaul of all the second hand condensing unit and fancoil will have to be carried out for the buyer to consider purchasing it.

Aircon Contractor in Singapore

For Aircon contractors to buy your existing unit, it usually has to be lesser than 2 years of age and be of perfect working condition. Otherwise it will not be worth it, as parts have to be purchased for reconditioning work on the old Aircon. However, why would you sell your existing Air-conditioner if it is near brand new? Furthermore,Aircon contractor generally purchase good condition second hand Aircon at scrap prices. Besides, when you replace your Aircon, 99% of Aircon companies will charge a dismantling fee if you chose to keep your old Aircon. As naturally,additional work is involved when it comes to dismantling installation materials. However, there is a way to solve this problem here at Silverback Aircon, even if you choose a separate company for Aircon installation. You can read at point number 5 to find out.


Garang Guni

You don’t see ordinary Garang Guni carry a big trolley when they go around, they usually work individually. Collecting items from used electronics to old newspaper. Therefore, they usually arrange a separate trip to collect your used Air-conditioner. Hence the price they are paying for you second hand Aircon will not be very high.As they will charge additional cost for transportation.


Scrap shop

You can sell used Aircon at scrap shops. They are usually located at industrial areas. These are shops where people sell used cardboard or aluminium cans to. The biggest issue is that you have to load up the condensing unit to your vehicle and transport it there. In addition, you will require a van or lorry to contain the 2nd hand Aircon unit. Hence the selling price will be greatly offset if you need to outsource the transportation of the unit. Besides, if your old Aircon unit is a Hitachi, sharp, Midea Aircon, it might be worth lesser than the transportation fee of the Aircon condensing unit. As it contains Aluminium coil at the back of the condensing unit. It is worth much lesser than copper coil. Newer model of Daikin Aircon and several other brands contains aluminium fin at the back as well.