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If your Sanyo Aircon operation light is blinking, chances are, you had your Aircon for more than 12 years at least. This is because Sanyo Aircon has already stopped selling in Singapore for more than 12 years. That is why, you may not see many technicians that are capable of repairing sanyo Aircon. So why is your Sanyo Aircon light blinking? Here in this article, we will attempt to explain the different types of Sanyo Aircon. Some examples of Sanyo Aircon error code. We will also provide an estimated cost of repair for sanyo operation light blinking.

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Sanyo Aircon Operation Light Blinking, What Does It Mean?

If your Sanyo Aircon operation light is blinking, chances are, the Sanyo Aircon is having an error code. This could mean that certain parts of your Sanyo Aircon system are malfunctioning. It could also mean that there may be a gas shortage in your Sanyo Aircon system. Whichever that is. It means that your Sanyo Aircon has to be checked. For Sanyo Aircon, it is best if you get someone experienced in repairing non inverter Aircon units to check on it. We will elaborate further in the next paragraph.

What types of Sanyo Aircon are there?

As mentioned earlier, if your Sanyo aircon operation light is blinking. It is best if you get someone experienced in repairing non inverter Aircon to check. This is because most of the Sanyo Aircon are non inverter model. In fact, only the last batch of Sanyo Aircon sold in Singapore is of inverter model. That means of the dozen batches of Sanyo Aircon it releases, only one series is inverter.

How do you identify if it’s an inverter or non inverter Aircon model? It’s very simple, check the model number of your Aircon. If the model number contains KRV, it likely means that it is an inverter Aircon unit. Also, double check it’s gas type. If the gas type of Sanyo Aircon is R22, it is likely an inverter Aircon unit. However, if the gas type is R410 and there is Sanyo aircon operation light blinking. It should be a Sanyo Aircon inverter unit and there should have an error code in the Sanyo System


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Sanyo Aircon repair and error code

Sanyo Aircon Repair For Inverter Unit

If your Sanyo aircon is an inverter unit and the Sanyo operation light is blinking, it means that there is an error code reflected in the system. All you will need to do is to access the outdoor condenser unit and take a look at the Sanyo Aircon error code. There will be a table of diagram located inside the panel of the Sanyo condenser unit. You can therefore see what error code it contains by matching with the Sanyo aircon operation blinking light inside the Sanyo Aircon PCB board beside the compressor.

Sanyo Aircon Error Code For Non Inverter Unit.

If the Sanyo aircon at home is a non inverter unit. Then the Sanyo aircon operation light blinking probably don’t reflect any error code. In this instance of Sanyo Aircon repair. Your Aircon technician will probably have to troubleshoot this from scratch. As mentioned in the earlier paragraphs. Most of Sanyo Aircon are non inverter units. Hence, we recommend that you find an Aircon technician that is comfortable with repairing Sanyo aircon. Or rather, if they have the skills to repair non inverter Aircon. That should suffice as well.


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How Many Sanyo Aircon Operation Light Blinking?

This can help you simplify the troubleshooting process. Regardless of whether your Sanyo Aircon is an inverter or non inverter Aircon unit. If it is a multi split unit, and only one of the Aircon unit has light blinking. It would very likely mean that it is the indoor unit that is experiencing error. So you will likely have to find Aircon spare parts belonging to the fancoil unit.
However, if all the Sanyo fancoil unit is blinking, then it could be the the parts in the Sanyo compressor that is malfunctioning. How much does that matter for Sanyo aircon repair? Sanyo Aircon fancoil parts are a lot cheaper that the parts in Sanyo Aircon compressor. Or rather, for a proper term, Sanyo Aircon condenser unit.

Sanyo Aircon Spare Parts Singapore

It is not just the cost of repairs that matters here. Sanyo Aircon does not exist in Singapore anymore. Hence, you will not be able to find Sanyo Aircon spare parts here. Or rather, you won’t be able to find brand new Sanyo Aircon spare parts. Hence, you may have to look for Aircon spare parts company. Thankfully, here at Silverback Aircon. We have an extensive collection of Sanyo Aircon spare parts. As we know that there are still demand for Sanyo Aircon repair. We attempt to keep and refurbished as many Sanyo Aircon spare parts as possible. So that we are able to repair these Sanyo Aircon should the customer choose to do so.


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Sanyo Aircon Service Center

As mentioned earlier. Sanyo Aircon is no longer operating in Singapore. Hence if your Sanyo Aircon light is blinking, You will not be able to get your Sanyo Aircon spare parts in a sanyo servicer center in Singapore. As it simply does not exist anymore.


If your Sanyo Aircon operation light is blinking, you may consider to repair your Aircon. However, please make sure that the Aircon technician that you engage in is proficient in repairing non inverter Aircon. You will also have to identify the model number of your Sanyo Aircon and check if the relevant technician has access to these Sanyo Aircon spare parts. Alternatively, you can also Whatsapp us to check with us if we have existing Sanyo Aircon spare parts for your model. Whichever that is, if you need help in Sanyo Aircon, feel free to whatsapp us. We will assist you as much as possible.

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