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Mitsubishi Aircon Review

(For those that don’t know Mitsubishi electric Aircon and Mitsubshi heavy industries are totally separate entities, you might want to click here for more info)

Mitsubishi Aircon might not be the cheapest Aircon brand in Singapore, but it commands the highest market share of Aircon sold in Singapore. Is Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon any good though? To dwelve deeper into this discussion, let’s take a look the factors involved:

1. Price


3.Spare parts availability

4.Service response


Price of Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon

The price of Mitsubishi electric starmex Aircon is definitely not the cheapest in the market : Let’s take a look at the price for aircon as quoted from this site :

Price of system 3 Aircon ( Mitsubishi Starmex) : $2950

Price of system 3 panasonic Aircon : $2799

Price of system 3 Midea Aircon : $2190

As you can see from the price above, there’s a price difference of $150 between Panasonic 5 ticks Aircon and Mitsubishi 5 ticks Aircon. That’s about a 5% difference in price. Nevertheless, if you factor in the lifespan of an Aircon, this amount is very negligible. However, if you compare it to less recognized Aircon brand in Singapore ( Midea Aircon), there’s quite a significant price difference.

Hence, for Mitsubishi Aircon, the price is actually pretty good when comparing with other more recognized brands.


I would have to skip this discussion on durability over here. As we do not have enough data to give a fair judgement on the current model of Mitsubishi electric Aircon. Almost none of the Mitsubishi 5 ticks Aircon have any issues so far. That’s also because it’s a relatively new model in the market.

However, one feature of Mitsubishi Aircon that might help improve on its durability is the easy clean feature. It is relatively easy to take out the filter and brush the blower wheel by yourself. Hence, by doing this basic level of servicing yourself, you can actually prolong your aircon life by ensuing smoother Air flow. With regards to durability of Mitsubishi Aircon vs other brands, I believe we would need a bigger set of data to have a fairer judgement.

Nonetheless, from all the feedbacks given from my customers regarding this brand, it is a durable Aircon that doesn’t give much issues.

Service response

Mitsubishi Aircon has a superb customer service line and it is relatively easy to reach them and get an appointment to fix your aircon, should you encounter any issues. There are other brands that are virtually unreachable when you call their hotline.

Other than service response from mitsubishi, it is also easy to get your Mitsubishi Aircon servicing done by Aircon companies outside, you can check out our Aircon servicing packagers over here.


Spare parts availability

This might be one of the most important factor in this discussion. The price of spare parts is usually very expensive if you were to buy it straight from Mitsubishi electric.  Furthermore the spare parts that they provide do not have any warranty as well. Hence, buying a first hand spare part is akin to buying a second hand spare part.

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon captures a substantial market share in Singapore, for residential Air-conditioners. Hence, the availability of Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts is very high. You will not have to worry about the be charge a high price if your Mitsubishi aircon is defective outside the warranty period. Because you can simply switch to another company, such as us 😉 As the spare parts are widely available, no aircon contractor can hold you hostage with the spare parts.

With such high market share for Aircon in Singapore, most Aircon repair technicians will have knowledge in servicing Mitsubishi Aircon as well. Hence, it is easy to find Aircon companies that are well verse in Mitsubishi Aircon servicing.


In conclusion, Mitsubishi Aircon is relatively affordable when compared to the more reputable brands. Its spare parts are widely available and you are less likely to encounter significant issues with it in the long run.

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