Recommended Car Camera In Singapore To Keep You Safe And Where To Buy

Recommended Car Camera In Singapore To Keep You Safe And Where To Buy

Recommended Car Camera In Singapore
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Should You Get A Car Camera In Singapore?

A car camera is indisputably a necessity for every car owner regardless of their driving experience. If you think that the car camera installation price is too expensive, you’d be surprised by the prodigious amount of money that can be saved 10 years down the road. Before looking at the recommended car camera in Singapore, let us first run through the perks of having one.

Benefit 1: Insurance Premium Discounts In Singapore

Some insurers offer discounts on car insurance premiums to drivers with a car camera installed. DirectAsia for instance, offers a 4% discount. Likewise, United Motor Insurance’s Unidrive plan gives a discount too.

Given that even the cheapest car insurance plans in Singapore hover around $900-$1100 in annual premiums, a 4% discount translates to at least $36 a year. Minimum.

A dashcam can be as cheap as $40. Even after factoring in the car camera installation price, the cost of the car camera can be easily offset by the insurance premium discounts in the long run.

Benefit 2: Expedite Insurance Claims

Suppose you got into a car accident.

Without concrete evidence, it can be hard to present your case in a persuasive manner. In the worst case scenario, you may even be held legally liable when it is not even your fault.

If you had a car camera installed, it could provide the necessary visual evidence to win the case. You also avoid drawn-out arguments with the insurance company, expediting an insurance claim.

Benefit 3: Safety

Installing a car camera in Singapore keeps you safe by deterring potential intrusions, car theft, break-ins, and vandalism. Looking at the bigger picture, a car camera also allows law enforcement officers to identify and capture offenders. This helps to suppress car-related crimes and improves overall road safety as well.

What To Look For In A Car Camera In Singapore

Having gone through an extensive list of benefits of installing a car camera, let us now discuss what to look for in a car camera. Subsequently, we will take a look at our recommended car camera in Singapore.

Feature 1: Loop Recording

Any decent dashcam can automatically record over old videos. What this means for us is that we do not run the risk of running out of memory at crucial moments. We also do not have to manually clear up space.

Feature 2: Auto Start

Your dashcam should also start as soon as it is powered by your vehicle. Should you forget to turn on the dashcam, the consequences could be dire.

Feature 3: Resolution

Ideally, we recommend purchasing a car camera with a decent resolution of at least 1080p. There is no point in purchasing a car camera that can’t even read a car plate.

Feature 4: Battery Back-ups

Lastly, the best car camera should have battery backups to keep it running even when the main power source gets disconnected in the event of an accident. That is when the most critical moments occur, and you’ll want to preserve the videos at all costs. A battery back-up ensures that the dashcam has sufficient power to safely finish recording and shut down.

Other Features

Car cameras are no longer just a basic mounted camera. In fact, technology has allowed car cameras to attain superior capabilities like:

  • Night vision,
  • 4K displays,
  • Remote live view, and
  • Cloud-based backup

These features may seem redundant at first glance, but one may find them useful considering the nature of their profession. A night shift transport operator for example, may desire a car camera with the night vision function for obvious reasons. Ultimately, the recommended car camera in Singapore depends on your requirements.

Recommended Car Camera In Singapore

1) BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam
BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam

Price: $748

Our first recommendation is the BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam.

As one may expect, this premium product comes with many features that one may find excessive.

It may not come as a surprise that this dashcam is also the most expensive one on our list. If we factor in the car camera installation price as well, this dashcam is definitely not the most value for money.

Nonetheless, performance-wise this is arguably the best car camera in Singapore. It offers top notch functionalities and videos of the highest quality.


Additionally, all BlackVue dashcams including this, come with a supercapacitor. A supercapacitor functions as a standalone battery that stores just enough power to allow your dashcam to safely finish recording videos and shutdown when the main power source is disconnected. This acts as a fail safe in unforeseen circumstances.


  • 4K Ultra High Definition
  • Built-in GPS – Visualize the location of your vehicle in the BlackVue App
  • Cloud Service – Back up important videos to the Cloud remotely
  • Built-in Impact and Motion Detection – Impacts and sudden changes in speed are detected. Video files are marked out accordingly
  • Event Files Overwrite Protection – Up to 50 Event files (triggered manually or by impacts) can be protected from automatic overwriting of old files
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Night Vision – Improves both day and night video quality
  • H.264 Compression Technology – 4X the resolution but same recording duration achieved using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
  • High Heat Endurance of 80 Degrees Celsius

2) EKLEVA 12″ 2K Car Camera

EKLEVA 12inch 2K Car Camera
EKLEVA 12inch 2K Car Camera

Price: $117

A slight downgrade from the BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam. Regardless, the EKLEVA 12″ 2K Car Camera is still a high performing car camera overall that is value for money.


  • 2K video quality – Not as good as 4K, but recordings are still crystal clear
  • G sensor and loop recording function – G sensor automatically locks the video during a collision.  Prevents video from being overwritten by loop recording
  • Smart Adjustable Angle Backup Camera – No blind spots
  • Advanced night vision and dual-lens sprint camera – AHD low-exposure rear-view camera adopts the F2.0 6 lens, enhancing night vision immensely

3) APEMAN Dash Cam C770

APEMAN Dash Cam C770
APEMAN Dash Cam C770

Price: $139.99

If you’re opting for an economic option with 4K display, APEMAN Dash Cam C770 might be the recommended car camera for you


  • Touch Screen
  • Dual 1080P & Single 4K Resolution – OLED screen has better color contrast ratio, better viewing angles and lower power consumption relative to a normal LCD screen
  • WiFi Connection – Download videos on your mobile device
  • Detachable GPS – Track location, direction and speed with ease on the computer
  • Equipped With All Dashcam Features – Emergency video lock, Time-lapse, Snapshot, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring etc

3) Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam

Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam
Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam

Price: $62.90

For the final recommendation, we have the Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam

This product gives you the greatest bang for your buck. Providing all necessary features at a bargain price of $62 (excluding car camera installation price), one may consider this the best option.

If you are just looking for a dashcam that provides decent functionality, we recommend this one as it will fulfil your needs at the most reasonable price.


  • 130 degrees FOV – Wide vision range
  • 1920 x 1080P HD resolution
  • 1/2.9-inch light-sensitive components – Capture clear footage even during night-time
  • WiFi connection – Watch the recording in real-time
  • Advanced H.264 photography compression technology – Storage space efficient
  • High-temperature resistance


To decide on the most suitable car camera for you, these are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

  • Are you facing a tight budget? 
  • Is your car a luxury car? If so, repairs costs would be exorbitant and you should definitely invest in a high quality dashcam to protect yourself.
  • Do you often drive at night? Then get a dashcam with a night vision feature.

For the average Singaporean, budget is a major consideration point. Fortunately, that is perfectly fine since a simple dashcam will suffice.

A car camera’s fundamental function is to capture a sufficiently clear footage, and having a 4K footage is a luxury that many cannot afford. Likewise, other features like having a WiFi connection and a GPS only add on to the list of useless-features-that-only-cost-you-money.

Final Verdict On Recommended Car Camera In Singapore

Coming to a compromise between product quality and price, we decided that our recommended car camera in singapore is the Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam. It provides all necessary functions of a dashcam at a decently high quality.

Where To Buy

All of the aforementioned car cameras can be purchased online. If your purchase can wait, you could even hold out until a festive online sale comes along. You are advised to do your own research, and the internet is a great place to check out product reviews. Hope you found this article useful.

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