Daikin Air-con Multi Split System 5

Daikin iSmile/Ezi/Single-split series


At Silverback aircon, we sell Daikin  system 1 aircon at a competitive price. Installation is provided. Feel free to call 96515152 for more information.



What’s Included

Prices listed above include GST and basic installation for HDB with new pipings and cables. No installment interest and credit card payment is available. You may contact us to arrange for a free site survey. Feel free to call us at 96515152 for a quick consultation or quotation.


  • 5 years on compressor
  • 1 year on other spare parts
  • 2 years on workmanship


iSmile Series 

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Brochures

Daikin Ezi Series 


 Daikin brochures Daikin brochures Daikin brochures Daikin brochures Daikin brochures

Daikin Single Split series 

Daikin brochures

Daikin brochures

Daikin brochures

Daikin brochures

Daikin brochures

Daikin brochures








Additional information


MKM100VVMG (Max BTU 43k)

Indoor units BTU

CTKM25VVMG x5(9000BTU), CTKM25VVMG x4 (9000BTU)+ CTKM50VVMG x1(18000BTU), CTKM25VVMG x3 (9000BTU)+ CTKM35VVMG x2(12000BTU), CTKM25VVMG x4 (9000BTU) +CTKM60VVMG x1( 21000 BTU), CTKM25VVMG x4 (9000BTU)+CTKM71VVMG x1(24000BTU), CTKM25VVMG x3 (9000BTU)+CTKM50VVMG x2(18000BTU), CTKM25VVMG x3 (9000BTU)+CTKM50VVMG x2(18000BTU)+CTKM71VVMG x1(24000BTU)


What are the current models?

Daikin Aircon Currently have 3 series for multi-split model :

Daikin Multi NX
Daikin Smile Series
Daikin ISmile Series

For HDB users, there’s only these 3 series, in which Daikin Smile series is currently phasing them out for Daikin ISmile series.

What is the difference between Daikin NX series and iSmile series?

1) Energy efficiency

Daikin Ismile series is the latest model, it is rated 5 ticks as of the point of writing in this article. Daikin Multi NX, is 3 ticks in rating. This means that Multi NX series is supposedly using more electricity than Daikin Ismile series.

2) Built in wifi control.

For Daikin Ismile series, you are able to control the Aircon unit using an app installed in your mobile phone. For multi nx series, you can only use the remote control. Nevertheless, many customers still believe that a built in app to control the Aircon is just a gimmick, as a remote control is a lot more efficient and user friendly than a mobile app to control.

Why should I buy Daikin?

1) Number 1 in the world in terms of market share

Daikin Aircon might not have the highest market share for residential Aircon in Singapore. But globally, it has the highest market share for Air-conditioners supplied. It is in the forefront of technology for Air-conditioners.

2) Heavy presence in Singapore

Daikin Aircon has both a heavy operation and marketing base in Singapore. This means that they have a solid after sales service and operations in Singapore. They will have adequate supplies of spare parts for their products. When your Aircon is in need for repair, you will not have to wait for a long period to get your spare parts from Daikin.
Daikin Air-conditioners is also very popular among Singaporeans. Hence, there will be a wide availability of second-hand aircon spare parts in the market, should you find that it it too expensive to get new spare parts.

What condensing unit do I require for home?

For Daikin and Mitsubishi heavy industries Air-con, this is more complicated. You will have to refer to their brochure to look at the Maximum btu supplied from each condensing unit.

You can refer to the brochures in the link here for each Daikin Series ( Multi Nx, smile series or Ismile series).
So to sum it up these are the max btu supplied for each condensing unit :

Multi Nx series:

3MKS50FSG : 7.07KW (24,124 btu)
3MKS71FSG: 8.82KW (30,095 btu)
4MKS80FSG : 10.5kW (35,827)

Daikin ISmile series:

MKS50TVMG : up to 27630 btu
MKS65TVMG : up to 34460 btu
MKS80TVMG : up to 36160 btu


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