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Sanyo Aircon Spare Parts

Which Sanyo Aircon spare parts are you looking for?

  1. Be sure if the parts belongs to the fancoil unit or compressor
  2. Find out the model number of the Sanyo Aircon spare parts
  3. Click on the spare parts below to view our catalogue
  4. If you can’t find the parts, Whatsapp us for fast response.

Sanyo Aircon PCB Board

Sanyo Aircon Thermistor

Sanyo Aircon Fan Motor

Sanyo Aircon Compressor

Sanyo Aircon PCB Board
Sanyo Aircon Thermistor
Sanyo Aircon Fan Motor
Sanyo Aircon Compressor

How to find Sanyo Aircon Spare Parts model number?

There are PCB, Fan Motor and Thermistor in both indoor and outdoor units. If you are here because your technician gave you the model number, please be sure that it is written correctly – the best is to have a picture of it taken. Refer to the images below to find out how to find the full model number.

Fancoil Unit

Condenser Unit

Sanyo FCU
Sanyo CU

Model number of the indoor unit can be found at the bottom of the fancoil.

Model number of the outdoor unit can be found at the bottom of the condenser unit.

Sanyo Aircon Spare Parts FAQ

How long is the warranty? 

If you purchase without installation, there will be no warranty. Parts will be tested on the spot. However if you are engaged with our Aircon repair and replacement services, it will usually be 1 month onwards depending on the model number and availability. Exception applies.

What if the Sanyo Aircon spare parts I purchase from you does not solve my issue?

It will not be chargeable if the diagnosis is not done by us. If you are buying the parts alone, we will not be responsible as it may be a combination of parts that is causing issue. Hence, we encourage the owner to let us do the checking first. Anyway, we will usually bring down the full set of parts during repair service as well. So we will usually bring other Aircon spare parts along.

Are your parts brand new?

We will be using Second Hand Aircon spare parts.

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