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Europace Aircon Compressor

Do note that you may have to key in the full model number in order to find the aircon compressor that you are looking for. See the example below to find out what an inverter aircon compressor looks like.

Europace Inverter Aircon Compressor

Europace Inverter Aircon Compressor ESACMT4283CU

This is an example of what an inverter aircon compressor looks like. The model you have to key here in is ESACMT4283CU.

What are the types of Europace Aircon compressor

Usually, we classify the types based on inverter or non-inverter model. For example ESACMT4283CU is an inverter Aircon compressor. However, Europace does not offer non-inverter Aircon compressor in Singapore.

Europace Aircon compressor price

Types Price from
System 1 Compressor $200
System 2 Compressor $350
System 3 Compressor and above Contact us at 96515152

Do note that we do not repair Aircon compressor. We replace the aircon condenser you have with a refurbished one. The term Aircon compressor actually refers to the compressor unit inside the condenser unit. What we are referring to as compressor here, we actually meant selling the whole condenser unit.

Europace Aircon compressor products