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Why is my Panasonic Aircon timer blinking red light? For some units, it can also be orange or green. What does it mean? When the Panasonic Aircon timer is flashing. It usually means that there is an error code occurring within the system.  However, sometimes it could mean that certain parts of your Aircon unit are choked and it requires Aircon chemical wash. In this page, we will elaborate further on why is Panasonic Aircon timer blinking. We will also let you know what Panasonic Aircon spare parts you will need for certain error codes. And the Aircon repair price for various problems.

WhatsApp us directly and we will guide you on figuring out the error code, and give you an approximate cost to solve your problem (if possible).

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Panasonic Aircon Timer Blinking

When the timer light starts flashing. The Aircon won’t operate. There are instances of Aircon operating after user resets the Aircon isolator switch. However that only works for Aircon thermistor malfunctioning. So in normal circumstances, the Aircon timer light will continue blinking as long as there is an error within the system.

What to do when Panasonic Aircon timer is blinking?


You will have to find out the error code of the unit that is blinking. It is a rather easy process.

First step :

Take a Panasonic Aircon remote control and use a sharp pin to press onto the check button. A double zero sign should appear on your Aircon remote control.


Second step :

Press cancel until you hear a long beep. That will indicate the error code of your system. You will have to inform your Aircon technician of the relevant error code. They should be able to bring down some spare parts to do a repair for you. If they are not sure of the error code. You can engage in Silverback Aircon instead. We have a wide collection of refurbished Aircon spare parts. Which we can cut short the number of trips we take to repair your Aircon.

Number of Panasonic Aircon Timer Flashing (Fancoil Unit)

If your Aircon is a multi split unit and only 1 of the Panasonic Aircon timer is blinking. That means that it is most like the indoor unit that is having issue. You may wish to inform your Aircon technician that. As it is easiest to find Aircon spare parts for the fan coil unit. However, there are exceptions to this case, so it may be best to bring whichever spare parts that may be required for the repair.

If all the Panasonic Aircon timer is blinking red. You may wish to check the error code on all the fancoil units instead. As there are times in which there could be different error codes in all 3 units.


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A sample list of Panasonic Aircon error code :

As mentioned earlier, Panasonic Aircon timer blinking refers to an error in the system. As listed below is a sample list of Panasonic Aircon error codes. It may not be a comprehensive list. For the comprehensive list of Panasonic Aircon error code you may have to check out the Panasonic Aircon error code page in the header.

H97 Panasonic Aircon error code : Outdoor fan motor mechanism Lock


This is one of the most common issues of Panasonic inverter Multi split unit. However do note that sometimes the issue could be caused by the PCB. So it may be best to check on the issue first. It will be advisable for the technicians to bring down both parts.

H11 indoor/ outdoor abnormal communication


This could be an issue with the indoor PCB or outdoor Panasonic aircon PCB board. It could also be a problem with the Aircon wiring. If this is a multi split unit and only 1 unit is blinking, this is most likely an issue with indoor PCB or the wiring. However if all fan coil units are blinking, it is most likely a case of outdoor PCB issue. Do note that the outdoor PCB issue could sometimes be caused by outdoor fan motor also. Do check on that part as well.

H58 : indoor gas sensor abnormality


If Panasonic AIrcon timer blinking reflects H58 error code. This is most likely an issue with the indoor Aircon gas thermistor. Usually changing this will solve the problem.


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How much to solve Panasonic Aircon timer blinking issue?

If the issue stems from fancoil unit Aircon spare parts, then it will generally cost below $250 to solve. However if the issue is due to the Aircon condenser side, it could potentially cost above $800 to solve the issue. Generally Panasonic Aircon spare parts ( brand new) is quite costly. It has a much higher price as compared to that of other brands. Hence it is generally recommended to use refurbished Panasonic Aircon spare parts to save cost.

Conclusion to Panasonic Aircon Timer Blinking :

Panasonic Aircon timer blinking usually requires Aircon repair. However, you may be able to get your Aircon repaired if you find out the Aircon error code. Following which, provide the error code to the relevant Aircon technician to prepare the spare parts. They can then repair the Aircon unit on the spot. If the Aircon technicians that you engage in do not follow this Aircon repair procedure. You may wish to engage in us instead. Here at Silverback Aircon, we believe in efficiency. If we have the available parts we will almost always bring ready parts to solve customer’s Aircon problems on the spot. Do WhatsApp us if you require any Panasonic Aircon servicing or repair help.


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FAQ to Panasonic Aircon Light Flashing

Does it mean anything for Panasonic Aircon timer blinking 2 timers?

No. You will generally need to follow the error code that is found in the remote control.

I cannot find the Panasonic Aircon error code in my remote control. Is there any other ways to find it?

Yes. You can find the error code in the outdoor unit as well. There is usually a set of 4 red lights that are flashing. The set of lights that flashes will indicate the error code in the system.

Do i have to treat Panasonic cassette Aircon timer blinking differently?

No, in general you can use the same way to find out the error code of the system.

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