Panasonic Aircon Not Cold?

Panasonic Aircon Not Cold?

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Why Panasonic Aircon not blowing cold air?

Your panasonic aircon may not be cold for a lot of reasons. We will not be able to break down the issues and find the root cause in this article. But we can let you know what are some of the common reasons why your Panasonic Aircon is not cold.

Insufficient Gas

If your Panasonic Aircon is just a little not cold. Then there could be a gas related issue. Because if it’s a system issue it is usually binary. Cold or not cold. However if the gas level is insufficient it will cause Panasonic Aircon not blowing cold Air. However, if your Panansonic Aircon is not cold at all, that does not exclude the possibility of insufficient gas. But, you may have to do other checks to find out what’s the issue.

Defective parts

If there are defective parts in your Panasonic Aircon. It may cause your panasonic Aircon not blowing cold Air. Some of the common parts that get malfunctioned over time are : printed circuit boards (PCB), fan motor, capacitor and thermistor. For an inverter Aircon unit, it is fairly easy to know what’s the issue with the aircon unit. As most of the time you can find the Aircon error code if your Panasonic Aircon timer is blinking (more on that later). However, for a non inverter Aircon, you will have to troubleshoot a little more.


aircon not cold in one room

Methodology to troubleshoot Panasonic Aircon not cold for non inverter aircon

Currently there are no longer non inverter Panasonic Aircon for sale. So this only applies if you have a Panasonic Aircon that is more than 12 years old. For Panasonic non inverter Aircon,there are usually 2 Aircon compressor. For a system 3 Aircon unit, one compressor will service 2 Fancoil units. Where as the other compressor will serve the last fancoil unit. For those that are not sure, Aircon compressor is the black color object located inside an AIrcon condenser unit.


So, why does it matter? This is because, not all of your Aircon may malfunction at the same time. It may sound like good news, but it is also very much harder to troubleshoot. For example. If you have 3 bedrooms at home that is powered up by a Panasonic non inverter Aircon. You can have room A and B that is cold, but room C not cold. In that case, most customers may assume it is the indoor unit in room c that is malfunctioning. However, that may not be the case. We may need to troubleshoot quite a few items to come to the conclusion.


Panasonic Aircon Error Code

If your Panasonic Aircon is not cold and the timer light is blinking. You can easily find out the Panasonic Aircon error code via the original Panasonic Aircon remote control. After finding out the error code, you may have to refer to Panasonic Aircon error code list. However, if you have problem interpreting what the error means. You may whatsapp us directly. We will try to guide you and let you know what are the relevant parts that are needed.



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How to fix Panasonic Aircon not cold?


Panasonic Aircon Repair / Troubleshooting

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph. For a non inverter Pansonic Aircon, we may have to do extensive troubleshooting. Where as for an inverter Panasonic Aircon, we have to first out the error code. So once we goes through the troubleshooting process or find out the error code via the remote control. We will go through the steps methodologically. For example, in an inverter Panasonic Aircon, if the Aircon error code shows H97. It states outdoor fan motor mechanism lock. However, sometimes it could also be due to the PCB not giving enough voltage to power up the fan motor. So the Aircon technician may have to check the PCB as well. There are times in which both items have to be changed as well.

Panasonic Aircon Spare Parts

After finding out the issue, we will attempt to replace the relevant spare parts. For Panasonic Aircon repair issues, we strongly recommend refurbished Panasonic Aircon spare parts instead. This is because brand new Panasonic Aircon spare parts are insanely expensive. While Panasonic Aircon is a good brand. Panasonic Aircon has one of the most expensive Aircon spare parts as compared to the other brand in Singapore. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have an extensive collection of Panasonic Aircon spare parts. So you may check with us with you have any Panasonic Aircon not cold issues. Or if your Aircon technician has any spare parts that they wish to purchase. You will likely enjoy tremendous cost savings from this.


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Estimated cost of fixing Panasonic Aircon not cold

Normal Aircon Servicing $ 50
Aircon Gas Top Up $ 50 – $120
Aircon Chemical Overhaul $ 80 -$260

This is just an estimated cost of fixing. The actual cost of fixing will be dependent on different company.


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If your Panasonic Aircon is not cold, check if yoru Aircon is inverter or non inverter. For an inverter Aircon, you can easily find out the Panasonic Aircon error code. Then whatsapp us the eror code, we will try to provide a list of possible repair cost. However, if it’s non inverter Aircon, more troubleshooting may have to be done. Nonetheless, we still can provide you with an approximate quotation via whatsapp. Do whatsapp us if you have any Panasonic Aircon repair enquiries.

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