Panasonic Aircon Leaking Water? 3 Easy Ways to Solve it

Panasonic Aircon Leaking Water? 3 Easy Ways to Solve it


Introduction to Panasonic Aircon Leaking Water

If your Panasonic Aircon is leaking water, then this is the right article for you. You do not need to worry about this as it’s a relatively simple problem to resolve. Hence,  it usually does not require any spare parts and it can be solved within 1 trip. So for this Article, we will discuss why is your Panasonic Aircon leaking water. But before that we will first establish where is the Aircon leaking water from first. Moreover,  we will discuss some possible solutions to to Panasonic Aircon leaking water. And we will also attempt to answer some questions on this issue.

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Where is the Panasonic Aircon Water Leaking from?

To figure out why is the Aircon leaking water and how to solve it, we first have to establish where the Panasonic Aircon is leaking water from in the first place.

Water leaking from the front of Panasonic Aircon.

If the Panasonic Aircon is leaking water from the front, then there is most likely a choke in the drainage pipe. Thus, the choke or congestion can occur anywhere in the whole drainage line. And usually for this issue, a normal servicing can solve it since a normal Aircon servicing clears the drainage pipe of the Panasonic Aircon.

However for certain Panasonic Aircon model, the leak from the front could also be caused by broken drainage pan. A broken drainage pan or hose will cause leak when will attempts to flow into the drainage line. Hence the only way to solve this problem is to replace the hose or drainage pipe. But do not worry about this as this issue is extremely rare

Mitsubishi aircon leaking water front

Panasonic Aircon leaking water from the back.

Your Panasonic Aircon can also leak from the back of the Aircon. Usually this form of water leaking will not produce a big gush of water as compared to water leaking from the front. Hence, usually you will only see droplets of water leaking from the back of the Aircon.

This problem is definitely a lot harder to solve than water leaking from the front. We will explain more about this issue later.

leaking from the back

From aircon trunking or ceiling.

If your Panasonic Aircon is leaking water from the Aircon trunking or ceiling, basically, you will most definitely see moist or condensation marks along your Aircon trunking or ceiling. Moreover, it depends on the date of installation. Nevertheless, this is one of the most problematic Aircon leaking water problems to solve.

water leaking from ceiling


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Why Panasonic Aircon Leaking Water?

Drainage pan choke


If you have not serviced your Panasonic Aircon for a long time, consequently, dirt accumulated from the fin of the coil and flow down the drainage pan may cause blockage in the drainage line. Hence your drainage pan may get choked by this. And when it is choke up, it blocks the water flow from the drainage pan all the way towards the floor trap. Hence the water will start to leak from the front of the fancoil unit instead. This is because it has no where to flow towards.

Broken drain pan or water hose


Sometimes, the drain pan can be broken due to wear and tear. This is because a regular Aircon technician will usually take out your drain pan to clean during Aircon servicing. However, this is extremely rare and the number of times we have faced with this issue is less than 5 times. However, if a technician is not careful, they might detach the water hose with too much force and it breaks the Aircon hose clip. Thus, this will cause the water to leak from the joint of the Aircon drainage pan to the Aircon hose. Nevertheless, this also does not happen to often and the issue can be detected immediately after Panasonic Aircon servicing.

Back Tray Choke


Specifically, back tray choke refers to portion of the Aircon unit being choked up and this portion cannot be accessed by Normal Aircon servicing. Hence this results in water leaking or flowing towards the back of the Aircon unit. Hence the water will start leaking from the back of the Aircon unit instead.

Dirty Aircon


Indeed, dirty Aircon may cause or worsen Aircon condensation issue. Usually Aircon condensation has more underlying issue than just the fan coil being dirty. However an Aircon unit that has not been cleaned for years will very likely worsen condensation issues occurring on the Aircon piping. For this reason,  you will see water or condensation marks on the Aircon trunking or ceiling (for condo or landed properties)


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3 Easy Ways to Solve Panasonic Aircon Leaking Water?

Normal Aircon Servicing


Basically, a normal Aircon servicing usually involves clearing of the drainage pipe, and this will get rid of the blockage and result in smooth flow of the drain line. Sometimes for a pipe that is extremely congested, we may recommend clearing the choke via a gas purge. For instance, the extremely strong pressure from the gas will force all of the dirt out of the system.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul


Certainly, you will have to do Aircon chemical overhaul if you have a choke in the back tray. By dismantling the Aircon unit, that is the only way to access the portion of the Aircon unit that causes the water to flow towards the back of the Aircon unit. Nevertheless, this issue does not occur as frequently as that of Aircon leaking from the front.

Change Drain Pan


If your drain pan or drain hose clip is broken, the only way to solve it is to replace it with parts. Thankfully here at silverback Aircon we have plenty of refurbished Aircon spare parts. Hence, you can reach out to us easily for any procurement of Toshiba Aircon spare parts.


Panasonic Aircon Leaking Water FAQ

What is the most common reason for Panasonic Aircon leaking water?

Drain pipe choke is the most common reason. Hence regular servicing of the aircon unit will really help in preventing congestion of the drain line.

How do I know what is the exact reason my Panasonic Aircon is leaking water

You can identify where your Aircon is leaking water from. Take a video and send it to us. If your customer service officer is able to identify from the video, they will advise you accordingly. Otherwise we may have to send someone down to check on it.

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