Panasonic Aircon Error Code and how much it Cost to Repair

Panasonic Aircon Error Code Introduction

Have you ever experienced waking up in bed perspiring only to realize your Panasonic Aircon is blowing hot air? Or that your Panasonic is not working at all, and the lights are blinking repeatedly? Fret not, you can always call an Aircon technician to come over for Aircon Servicing or Aircon Repair. Nevertheless, this site serves as a guide on how to check Panasonic Aircon error code. We will also give a brief estimation on how much the repair will cost for various parts.

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What type of Panasonic Aircon Error Codes are there?

Non-inverter Panasonic Aircon Error Code


There are 2 types of split unit Aircon out there currently. Namely inverter Aircon and non-inverter Aircon. For Panasonic non-inverter Aircon, most of the time you wouldn’t be getting any Error Code. Hence the only way to know what is going wrong with your Aircon is to manually troubleshoot it. For example, a non-inverter Panasonic Aircon will still be blowing out air, however the air coming out might not be cold at all. There would not be any Panasonic aircon error code for such an issue. It would be best to contact an aircon technician immediately to fix the problem.

Inverter Panasonic Aircon error code


Whereas for an inverter Panasonic Aircon, if there are certain parts that are malfunctioning, the aircon itself would signal by showing blinking lights and the flap will close. This means the aircon will stop blowing cold air. We can detect the Panasonic Aircon by referring to the remote control which displays the Error Code for a specific problem. We will elaborate more on this subsequently.

How to find Panasonic Aircon Error code

Find by using a remote control


As mentioned earlier. If the Aircon is an inverter unit and it is showing blinking lights. You will be able to find out the error code by using your Panasonic remote control.

Simply hold on to the Grey cancel button as shown in the picture above. A double 0 will be shown.

Then press up or down to scroll through the error codes. You will hear a long beep when the correct error code is there. That will mean that this specific error code is indicative on the issue with your air-conditioner.

Panasonic Aircon remote controller

If all units in a multi split unit is showing error code


If all of your units are showing Panasonic error code, your outdoor unit could be malfunctioning since it is connected to them. There might be some parts in the outdoor unit that needs replacement. Panasonic Aircon spare parts are rather expensive. Depending on your model though, you might be able to get refurbished Panasonic Aircon spare parts.

Only one Fancoil in a multi split unit is showing Panasonic Error Code


If the Aircon in your house is a multi split unit but only one of the Aircon Unit is showing an error code, it likely means that it is the Fancoil unit (indoor unit) that is malfunctioning. That is good news for you as the price for repair for an indoor unit is usually much cheaper than that of an outdoor unit. However, it could also be an indication of wiring issues instead of a problem with other parts.


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Where can you find Panasonic Aircon error code

You can find the error code in both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

Below are 2 pictures showing the places in which we can find the error code.

As seen below in the first picture, it is an image of the Panasonic error code found in the indoor unit. You will be able to find them after removing the cover

panasonic aircon error code

The second picture here below is a picture of Panasonic aircon error code in the outdoor unit. You will have to remove the top cover of the condensing unit in order to find them.

a picture of panasonic error code in the outdoor condensing unit


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Aircon Thermistor Issues
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Aircon Bad Odour
Aircon Bad Odour?
aircon compressor repair
Aircon Compressor Repair?

List of Panasonic Aircon error codes

H11 indoor outdoor unit communication failure – wiring or PCB.


If only one unit is blinking, it could indicate indoor PCB or wiring. if all of the units are blinking

H14 intake air temperature sensor abnormality – indoor unit aircon thermistor


It could be the Aircon thermistor is malfunctioning. Or the clip that is connecting the indoor PCB and the Aircon thermistor is malfunctioning. In the case of the latter. The PCB is the one that requires replacement instead.

H15 compressor temperature sensor abnormality – outdoor thermistor


Depending on the Aircon model. There could be a few thermistor in the outdoor unit. This is likely an indication that it is the gas thermistor that is malfunctioning. However we will have to double check, as the error code might misdiagnose from time to time.

H19 – indoor fan motor mechanism lock.


It is likely an indication that the indoor fan motor is malfunctioning. However, it could also be that connecting part of the PCB to the indoor fan motor that is faulty. But most of the time it would mean that the indoor fan motor is faulty.

F97 Compressor overheating protection


This is likely an indication that the compressor is overheating. We would recommend doing a compressor chemical wash to get rid of the dirt. However, if it doesn’t get better, there could be underlying factors causing the overheat. Or the compressor itself could be faulty.

H97 Outdoor fan motor mechanism lock


For Panasonic Aircon fan motor it can get a little tricky. As there is a PCB component inside the fan motor itself. Hence when we test for the fan motor we will not be able to factor in the heat load of the fan motor after running for a long duration. Hence, a fan motor that is appearing fine for a short while might not do well after running for a long time. Nevertheless, H97 fan motor mechanism lock is likely an indication that the fan motor is malfunctioning. We have also experienced many times in which both the fan motor and PCB is malfunctioning. It could be the fan motor causing overcurrent to the PCB. Hence both components might require replacement too.


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If your Panasonic Aircon is an inverter unit and the lights are blinking. Use a remote control to find out the error code of the unit. If you are a hands on kind of person, you might be able to find out the Error Code from the indoor unit. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call or schedule a repair with us to repair your Panasonic Aircon. For how much it cost to repair, you can refer to each individual section in the hyper link in this article to get an estimated cost of repair.

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