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Which part of your Aircon is noisy?

Have you ever wondered why is your Aircon noisy?  The noise has a high chance indicating that there is a problem with your aircon, either coming from the indoor or outdoor unit. There are many different types of sound. It could sound like metal scratching, vibration, etc. It often just sounds like the bolts and screws are falling apart. It may not be the best idea for you to directly attribute the sound to that. It is usually depending on the noises your unit makes, and the source of the noise. There are various causes of noisy aircon and it is definitely attribute to the aircon spare parts that is malfunctioning. It is very important to identify the fault as sometimes, noises coming out the aircon are like warning signs given by the aircon before it stops working.

First of all, there are usually 2 parts of a split unit Aircon. So we have to determine which part of your Aircon that is noisy before we can answer you question. After which, we will attempt to figure out some solutions for your noisy Aircon problems. We will also provide an estimated cost to repair the noise from these issues. Furthermore, in this article, we will attempt to let you know several brands that are common in facing noisy Aircon issues. In this article, our focus is to discuss on split unit Aircon noisy.

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What types of Aircon do you have at home?

Portable Aircon Noisy

Portable Aircon noisy may have a few components. Usually our technicians will have to disassemble the unit to troubleshoot. It could be screws not tightened properly. Broken fan motor. It could also be the fan motor bearing being loose. Most importantly, there may not be parts available for repair if it’s some miscellaneous parts that are broken.

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Window type Aircon noisy

Window type Aircon noisy is usually divided into these 2 issues. Window Aircon compressor noisy and fan motor noisy. If your compressor is noisy, there’s a chance it could not be fix. It could be the rotor inside is worn out. The cost of replacement should be cheaper and more efficient than fixing it. For window type Aircon fan motor replacement. It depends on the availability of spare parts before you can decide on whether to fix it or not.


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Split Aircon noisy

Split type Aircon is defined by a a compressor and fancoil unit being split by a set of copper pipes connecting both. For a split unit Aircon, it is very easy to determine if it’s the indoor unit (fancoil) that is noisy or the outdoor unit ( condenser unit) that is noisy. In the following paragraphs we will attempt to explain more.


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Indoor Unit Noisy Aircon

If your indoor unit Aircon is noisy, it could be due to these 3 following reasons

Fan Motor Noisy.


If the indoor unit fan motor bearing is loose or it is rusty. It could cause the fan motor to not be able to rotate smoothly. Hence you can hear a screeching sound from the unit. If the condition worsens, the fan motor will not even be able to function. Hence you will see an error code in the indoor unit that indicates Aircon fan motor malfunctioning.

Aircon noisy due to fancoil vibration.


If there is a vibration sound. It could be due to some screws within the fancoil unit not being tightened properly. However it is usually not an issue if the fancoil unit is missing some screws. However there are some parts of the fancoil unit that are more sensitive to vibrations. And if screws are missing to properly secure that part, it may result in huge vibration to the fancoil unit. Causing it to be very noisy.

Aircon whistling sound


This could be a very difficult issue to troubleshoot. It could be the fancoil joints not being tightened properly. The margin of error for this cold be extremely small, and it will definitely not be visible to the eye. Hence the way we usualyl solve this is to reweld the joint and see if this whistling sound continues. Nevertheless, it is extremely rare for this whistling sound to occur.


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Why Aircon Compressor Noisy?

When we talk about Aircon compressor noisy. We are usually talking about the Aircon condenser located outside the house instead. This is because many customers term “aircon compressor” as the outdoor unit. Where as the compressor of a condenser unit is referring to this black component located inside the condenser unit instead

Aircon compressor noisy due to malfunctioning compressor

If the Aircon compressor located inside the Aircon condenser unit is malfunctioned. It may cause a high pitch sound or the sound of a machinery that is starting and stopping. Usually for a residential Aircon. The Aircon technician will not repair the Aircon compressor. Instead we will usually replace the whole condenser instead. As it is a lot more cost efficient to do so. Nonetheless, a malfunctioning Aircon compressor is the most expensive component to fix.

Outdoor Aircon fan motor noisy.

If the fan motor of the condenser unit is rusty or if the bearing is loose. It will cause the aircon fan motor to malfunction. Many times, the aircon will stop functioning entirely and an error code will appear. However, for non inverter Aircon units. The Aircon may continue to function but you hear this screeching sound outside your house. This likely indicates that the Aircon fan motor is malfunctioning. Hence causing the Aircon to be noisy.

Aircon vibration due to missing rubber pad.

It is advisable to put rubber pad below the Aircon condenser unit after Aircon installation. This is because sometimes there could be vibration sound as the aircon compressor is operating. Hence if you hear vibration sound outside of your house. It could be due to no rubber pad placed below the condenser unit. Nevertheless, this is rather rare. Most of the time there will be no Aircon noisy issues even if no rubber pad is placed below it.


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Estimated Price for Aircon Fan Motor Repair / Replacement

Spare Parts Price
Indoor unit Aircon fan motor around $170
Outdoor unit Aircon fan motor  around $350
Outdoor unit Aircon compressor  $750


This is just an estimated price. The actual price will be dependent on stock level of spare parts and the model number of the unit.

Conclusion on Aircon noisy issues.

If your Aircon is very noisy. You may wish to troubleshoot the root cause of the issue with the guide that we have provided above. You can also refer to our reference price to see if the Aircon technicians are overcharging you. If you are unsure how to deal with noisy aircon problems. Feel free to WhatsApp us or give us a call. Our staff are more than happy to assist you with it.


At Silverback Aircon, our friendly staff and technicians will provide you with the most efficient service for the best and affordable price. Furthermore, all of our spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you.  Therefore, you can trust us with all your aircon servicing needs. For any enquiries with regards to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Error Codes, or other brands, don’t be hesitant to contact us. Our friendly staff will be able to provide you with all the necessary information. Meanwhile, you can book an appointment with us for a site visit so that we will be able to give our professional advice to you. We also provide other aircon services as well.

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FAQ on Noisy Aircon

What are some brands that experience noisy aircon often?

From our experience repairing Aircon units. Some of the older LG aircon units experience Aircon fan motor problems from time to time. Their fan motor seems to get worn out faster than other brands. Nevertheless, lg is still a reputable brand in korea with a huge market base.

Can we fix Aircon noisy problems ourselves?

Yes you may. However we will advise against doing so. As removing the indoor unit fan motor improperly may cause issue to your fancoil unit. You may accidentally break the Aircon blower wheel while doing so.

Are there other noisy Aircon issues not described in your Article?

Yes. For different Aircon brands and model, there may be some peculiar parts that causes Aircon noise more easily. For newer model we may also not have experience with them yet.

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