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If you have a National Aircon at home, chances are you have not changed your Aircon unit for over 15 years. It may be over 20 years since you last installed an Aircon at the premises. It is likely that you are keeping your Aircon well maintained. Otherwise the only other reason it can last for so long is that you seldom use it. Regardless, if you are here at this page. Chances are you are looking to know more about National Aircon. Or that you have national Aircon servicing or repair enquiry. It could also be that you are looking to repair or change your national Aircon into a brand new set of Aircon. Whichever that is, we will seek to answer your questions.


About National Aircon


“National” was a brand that was used by Panasonic corporation to sell certain electronic appliances. However, since a long time ago. Panasonic has decided to use back it’s original name in the Singapore market for its electrical appliances. So that is why, if you have a national Aircon at home. It has definitely been around for a long time. Nevertheless, national was a well known brand throughout Asia in the 1980s.



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National Aircon Servicing


When it comes to national Aircon servicing. The technicians that you call up have to be extremely precise and careful when it comes to removing the Aircon cover. After all ,this unit has likely been around for 20 years. It can be very fragile and easily broken. This is especially so if you are doing a chemical overhaul. Many parts have to be dismantled. Not many technicians favor doing Aircon chemical overhaul for this brand. As they may not be able to compensate if any parts get broken during the process. Nonetheless, some technicians at Silverback have experience in servicing National Aircon. We can’t say we come across these units frequently, But we take extra measures to be careful when it comes to dealing with national aircon.

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National Aircon Repair


Do you know, it is actually extremely easy to repair a national aircon? The truth is, there are many levels of “aircon repair” technique out there. The most basic is modular level repair. Which involves the repair of electronic parts. However, for National Aircon, most spare parts are not available anymore. They are also not available for sale at Panasonic corporation. So one way we go about repairing National Aircon is to replace the entire part with Panasonic Aircon spare parts instead. For example, if a PCB unit in the national Aircon is malfunction, we will change the entire fan coil unit for you at a similar price. The price will be similar to getting a refurbished PCB board from another vendor.

Furthermore, the refurbished fan coil unit that you will be getting will be chemically overhauled. This is extremely value for money. We will use a newer Panasonic fan coil unit as compared to the national fan coil that you are using.

When it comes to repairs in the condenser unit. The parts involved are rather universal. For example, most capacitors can be used interchangeably depending on the UF for the capacitor. This applies to fan capacitors as well. However, if the fan motor is malfunctioned, then there will be a hard time finding a replacement. Hence, later on in this article we will explain if it’s worth it to repair your national aircon.


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National Aircon Spare Parts

As mentioned earlier, national brands no longer exist in Singapore, hence you will not be able to get brand new national aircon spare parts in Singapore. Instead, you will have to get it from Aircon companies that possess refurbished national Aircon spare parts. Truth to be told, here at Silverback Aircon, we do not possess a large quantity of national Aircon spare parts. However, we are able to replace the whole component at an affordable price. The price can be equivalent to what you can pay when it comes to replacing standalone parts. Do WhatsApp us the symptom and the possible Aircon spare parts that you may need to replace. We will advise you accordingly.

Should I repair or change new?

There is no universal answer to this question. As mentioned in the first paragraph. One of the biggest reasons you may still be holding on to a national aircon in the first place is that you seldom use it. Hence, if you only use the Aircon sparingly, you may choose to replace it instead. As it is extremely easy to repair at an affordable price. However, if you are a rare user that manages to keep the national Aircon alive for over 20 years. It may be a good opportunity to replace your Aircon unit instead. This is because national aircon units are non inverter. Which means it will use up a lot more electricity as compared to the conventional inverter Aircon units.

For your information all split units that exist in Singapore these days are all inverter Aircon units. If you are a frequent user of Aircon you will earn back the money within 2-3 years from the savings in electricity consumption.

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I hope this article provides you with enough information regarding national Aircon servicing and repair. And also, it may guide you on whether to repair or replace your National Aircon. If you are looking to purchase a new Aircon unit, you may seek to get a quote from us. We can also guide you to know if you need to replace your existing Aircon piping. And if you so choose to repair your national Aircon units instead. We can also give you a quote at an affordable price.