Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

(For those that don’t know Mitsubishi electric Aircon and Mitsubshi heavy industries are totally separate entities, you might want to click here for more info)

Mitsubishi Aircon might not be the cheapest Aircon brand in Singapore, but it commands the highest market share of Aircon sold in Singapore. Is Mitsubishi starmex Aircon any good though? To dwelve deeper into this discussion, let’s take a look the factors involved: Features, price, durability, spare parts availability, service response.

Mitsubishi Starmex FN Series

Mitsubishi Starmex

$1899 – Mitsubishi System 2 ( MXY-2G20VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE x 2)
– 2 x 9000 btu

$2699 – Mitsubishi System 3  ( MXY-3G28VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE  x 3)
– 3 x 9000 BTU

$3230 – Mitsubishi System 4 ( MXY-4G33VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE x 4)
– 4 x 9000 BTU

Note : Mitsubishi Aircon promotion price is only valid for April

In addition, Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks contains 2 other compressor model.
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Mitsubishi Starmex GN series single split model

Mitsubishi Starmex

System 1

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

9000  BTU $899  ( MUY-GN10VA / MSY-GN10VA ) ✓✓✓✓✓
12000 BTU $999   ( MUY-GN13VA / MSY-GN13VA ) ✓✓✓
15000 BTU $1250 ( MUY-GN15VA / MSY-GN15VA ) ✓✓✓
18000 BTU $1530 ( MUY-GN18VA / MSY-GE18VA ) ✓✓✓
24000 BTU $1750 ( MUY-GN24VA / MSY-GE24VA ) ✓✓✓

Mitsubishi Starmex Systems (1-4)

Mitsubishi Starmex System 1-4

System 1

Mitsubishi Starmex System 1-4

 System 2

Mitsubishi Starmex System 1-4

System 3

Mitsubishi Starmex System 1-4

System 4

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette promotion

Mitsubishi ceiling cassette

18000 BTU  – $2365

24000 BTU  – $2569

30000 BTU  – $2799

36000 BTU  – $3050

42000 BTU – $3430

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette review


One thing many people are looking out for, especiallly for commercial buildings, is Mitsubishi Starmex ceiling cassette. It is divided into 2 parts, a ceiling cassette that is located indoor, and the compressor is located in the outdoor unit outside. A ceiling cassette aircon unit has 4 flaps which allows your cool air to be blown more consistently. However, unfortunately, it cannot be installed in a HDB. Only certain condominiums permit this kind of aircon. Ceiling cassette is more suitable for commercial units such as office space, warehouse or retail shops.

Here are some highlights for Mitsubishi Starmex ceiling cassette:

Less cold draft – The horizontal airflow function keeps the air from blowing at a specific area underneath it. This can prevent over chilling and evenly distribute the air.

360 wide & comfortable airflow – This is designed to distribute air from the centre , while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.

Wide-flow air outlet – Enables effective air-conditioning with rooms that have high ceilings of up to 4.5m. There is no need to worry if the commercial area is too big.

Automatic air-speed adjustment – An automatic air speed adjustment mode is provided in addition to the four air-speed stages. The air speed can be changed freely anytime according to the difference between the room temperature and the set temperature. This allows quick cooling and stabling the current temperature.

Mitsubishi Starmex Brochure & Information

Mitsubishi Starmex

Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks review

Mitsubishi aircon has always been popular among Singaporeans and it is not for no reason, and here’s why. In this Panasonic aircon review, we will be judging based several factors, features, price on the features, price, performance, Panasonic aircon spare parts and panasonic aircon servicing. Find out more about Mitsubishi 5 ticks review here.


Mitsubishi Starmex aircon features

Energy-efficiency – Mitsubishi Starmex is constantly trying to improve its energy efficiency. Every latest models that they come out with is more energy-efficient than its predecessors. With this technology, you will be able to save some electrical bills while being eco-friendly.

Air-purification – Mitsubishi Starmex uses pre-filter that will filter out the bacteria, allergens, contaminants to keep you a fresh and comfortable environment. Air quality is definitely everyone top priorities.

Silent mode – Mitsubishi Starmex aircon operates silently without the annoying rumbling noise. You will be able to enjoy a peaceful and silent night of sleep.

Odour management – Mitsubihsi Starmex aircon has bioflavonoid called catechin acts as a deodorant because of its antioxidant properties. This will remove the odour, giving you fresh air.


Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Price

The price of Mitsubishi electric starmex Aircon is definitely not the cheapest in the market : Let’s take a look at the price for aircon as quoted from this site :

Price of system 3 Aircon ( Mitsubishi Starmex) : $2950

Price of system 3 Panasonic Aircon : $2799

Price of system 3 Midea Aircon : $2190

As you can see from the price above, there’s a price difference of $150 between Panasonic 5 ticks Aircon and Mitsubishi 5 ticks Aircon. That’s about a 5% difference in price. Nevertheless, if you factor in the lifespan of an Aircon, this amount is very negligible. However, if you compare it to less recognized Aircon brand in Singapore ( Midea Aircon), there’s quite a significant price difference.

Hence, for Mitsubishi Aircon, the price is actually pretty good when comparing with other more recognized brands.



I would have to skip this discussion on durability over here. As we do not have enough data to give a fair judgement on the current model of Mitsubishi electric Aircon. Almost none of the Mitsubishi 5 ticks Aircon have any issues so far. That’s also because it’s a relatively new model in the market.

However, one feature of Mitsubishi Aircon that might help improve on its durability is the easy clean feature. It is relatively easy to take out the filter and brush the blower wheel by yourself. Hence, by doing this basic level of servicing yourself, you can actually prolong your aircon life by ensuing smoother Air flow. With regards to durability of Mitsubishi Aircon vs other brands, I believe we would need a bigger set of data to have a fairer judgement.

Nonetheless, from all the feedbacks given from my customers regarding this brand, it is a durable Aircon that doesn’t give much issues.


Service response

Mitsubishi Aircon has a superb customer service line and it is relatively easy to reach them and get an appointment to fix your aircon, should you encounter any issues. There are other brands that are virtually unreachable when you call their hotline.

Other than service response from Mitsubishi, it is also easy to get your Mitsubishi Aircon servicing done by Aircon companies outside, you can check out our Aircon servicing packagers over here.


Spare parts availability

This might be one of the most important factor in this discussion. The price of spare parts is usually very expensive if you were to buy it straight from Mitsubishi electric.  Furthermore the spare parts that they provide do not have any warranty as well. Hence, buying a first hand spare part is akin to buying a second hand spare part.

Mitsubishi aircon captures a substantial market share in Singapore, for residential Air-conditioners. Hence, the availability of Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts is very high. You will not have to worry about the be charge a high price if your Mitsubishi aircon is defective outside the warranty period. Because you can simply switch to another company, such as us 😉 As the spare parts are widely available, no aircon contractor can hold you hostage with the spare parts.

With such high market share for Aircon in Singapore, most Aircon repair technicians will have knowledge in servicing Mitsubishi Aircon as well. Hence, it is easy to find Aircon companies that are well verse in Mitsubishi Aircon servicing.

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon FAQ

What does it means when Mitsubishi Starmex airon timer blinking?

When your Mitsubishi Starmex aircon light is blinking, it most likely means that your aircon is having problems. One way to determine the problems is to check the error code, which can be complicated. Thus, it is recommended to consult a technician. However, error code is not fully indicative of the problems, hence, there is a need to remove the condenser cover.

How to check Mitsubishi Starmex aircon error code?

Error codes are checked when the aircon is facing some problems. Checking the error codes can be complicated, therefore it is recommended to consult a technician. Furthermore, it is not truly indicative of the problems. For more information you can read this article on Panasonic error code.

How to remove Mitsubishi Starmex aircon blower?

Open the aircon cover, and loosen the aircon remote sensor to the right. Slowly pull up the black tags and gently lower the drainage tray towards the right. Loosen the screw in the blower, there is a small opening in the right side of the blower to access the screw. Remove the lid to gain access to the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon blower.

Where to buy Mitsubishi Starmex aircon remote control in Singapore?

You can buy Mitsubishi Starmex aircon remote controller from Panasonic electronics store itself, large scale electronics shop such as Harvey Norman, Courts or aircon companies. It is also available on online stores such as Lazada and Shoppee. However, make sure that you get the right remote controller for the your model.

How to clean Mitsubishi Starmex aircon?

Maintaining your aircon well is the key to having a long-lasting aircon without having to deal with occasional problems. Here are some ways to ensure that it is well maintained. You can clean the filter regularly to prevent dust from accumulating, clean the fan coil to improve the unit aircon efficiency and lastly, clean the casing for a cleaner exterior. These are simple ways to maintain aircon.

How to install Mitsubishi Starmex aircon?

When it comes to aircon installation, it is best to consult a professional technician. Mitsubishi Starmex aircon comes in either single split or multi split, most aircon companies offer installation services. To find out more about aircon installation, you can check out our aircon installation guide.

Mitsubishi Starmex aircon buying guide

It is common for customers to be confused about what aircon to install and where to install. Therefore, we would like to offer our aircon buying guide to help you in your purchase. Here are some considerations that are important when it comes to purchasing aircon.

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For more information on BTU calculation, click here for the full guide.