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If you chance upon this article, there is a high chance that you know that your Aircon is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries instead of Mitsubishi Starmex. As there are a lot of readers that enquire about Mitsubishi Heavy Industries error code when they chance upon our Mitsubishi Aircon error code page. Now if your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Blinking Light. It usually means that there is an error in the system. Do note that there are 2 types of light on the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon. There is run light and timer light and the combination of these 2 types of light blinking will indicate the error code. So in this article, we will seek to understand why Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon light is blinking. And roughly how much does it cost to solve the issue.

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Mitsubishi Aircon Timer Light Blinking

Identify the number of times the light is blinking and tally it with the error code found on the inside of the unit

As seen in this picture, Mitsubishi Aircon timer light is the one in green. Do identify if the run light is blinking, stays on or if it is blinking in a specific sequence. It is extremely important as it can indicate a specific error code. Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon timer light blinking usually refers to issue with the outdoor unit instead of the indoor unit. As listed below are some of the common error codes that you may encounter:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Timer Light Blinking 7 Times

This is usually an indication of outdoor fan motor issue. However, a more experienced technician will usually indicate to the customer that it could also be the pcb that is causing the fan motor failure. Or that the pcb board is the one that fault instead. That is because it could be the Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon pcb board that is not giving the right signal to the fan motor. Hence the fan motor doesn’t work or rotate. The Aircon technician that you engage in can also rotate the fan motor to see if there is jam. If there is jam, it is very likely just the outdoor fan motor that is malfunctioning.

Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon timer light blinking 6 times

This error code indicates defective power supply. Put it simply, there is no signal between the indoor and outdoor pcb board for 10 seconds or longer. It is most likely the outdoor pcb that is facing issues here. However, do note that if your Aircon belongs to a multi split system. And just one of the unit is facing this issue. It could be the Aircon wire joining the fancoil unit to the condenser unit that is at fault here.

Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon timer light blinking 2 times (run light blinking 2 times)

This error code could be an indication of Aircon compressor failure. Which is one of the most expensive items to repair. However, do ask your Aircon technician to check on the compressor wire instead. If it is just the compressor wire that is faulty. The repair cost could be cut down by 70%.


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Mitsubishi Aircon run light blinking

When we mean that the Mitsubishi Aircon run light is blinking. We mean that it is blinking continuously and not simply lighted up. What is that important? Because it can actually shoes up 2 different types of error code. For example, Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon run light blinking 2 times and timer blinking 2 times may indicate that there is a broken compressor wire or compressor blockage. However, if the run light keeps flashing and the timer is blinking 2 times, it could mean that the outdoor pcb or sensor is faulty. There is a major difference in the aircon spare required for repair in these 2 instance. Furthermore there is also a big difference in the price of repair between these 2.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Error Code (Mitsubishi heavy industries fault code R410a)

The picture shown below is a lit of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon error code that is reflective of SCM45ZJS, SCM60ZJS, SCM80ZJS model. You can most likely use this set of error code for other series as well. However do note that time to time the error code shown in the system may be wrong as well. Hence it only serves to help the aircon technician in finding out the real cause of issue faster.

Price of Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon repair

The table listed below is a rough indication of the price of aircon repair when it comes it Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon blinking light. Do note that the price is subjected to real time changes as it’s based on the availability of the spare parts.

Aircon Spare Parts Approximate Price
Aircon Thermistor $150 – $280
Printed Circuit Board $200 – $550
Aircon Fan Motor $200 – $300
Aircon Condenser Unit $300


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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Service Center

Mitsubushi Heavy Industries Aircon department does not have an office in Singapore. Hence, if your Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon is blinking light. And the aircon is under warranty. You may wish to look for Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon service center instead. Their sales and after sales is handled by KM group. Their address is listed as : 1, Jalan Kilang Timor, #08-03, Pacific Tech Centre, Singapore 159303.

In conclusion.

If your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aircon is blinking light, you can WhatsApp us directly with the sequence of blinking light. We will be able to update you the estimated cost of repair for it. We will also check our warehouse for the availability of refurbished Aircon spare parts. If we have the parts, you may be able to repair the Aircon on the same trip. Hence saving you time. Do WhatsApp us if you need to know more about Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon related problems.

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