3 Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Not Cold

3 Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Not Cold

Have you ever wondered why my Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold? Well in this article we will seek to explore some of the reasons that cause your Mitsubishi Aircon not to be cold. But before that we have to elaborate on the definition of cold. Is it simply not cold enough? Or is it blowing warm air instead? These are details that can allow your Aircon technician to troubleshoot more easily. In addition, we would also provide you an estimated cost of repair for Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon not cold.

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To what extent is your Mitsubishi Aircon not cold?

Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold enough.


If your Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold enough, it is likely that the Aircon gas is insufficient. However, do check if your Aircon belongs to a multi split inverter aircon unit. The definition of multi split is that there are a few fan coil units connected to a condenser unit. For HDB units, if you have more than one fan coil at home, chances are yours is a multi split unit. As for whether it is an inverter aircon or not. Most Mitsubishi inverter Aircon will have the word inverter written under the brand logo on the front of the Aircon. However, there is one inverter series that does not have that written. And that is the SV series.

You can also double check with us if you are unsure. Regardless, if your Aircon is an inverter unit and all of the Mitsubishi Aircon not cold enough, it likely means the gas is insufficient.

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon not cold


What if only 1 unit among all units is not cold? Well that also depends on whether it is totally not cold or if it is simply not cold enough. If it is not cold enough, you can try feeling the wind that is blowing out from the fan coil unit. If the wind strength is low even though maximum fan speed is on. Then it could be an indication that it is time to do an Aircon chemical overhaul. Aircon chemical overhaul will clean off all dirt that is trapped within the fins of the fan coil unit. As well as getting rid of all the dirt that is stuck between the blowers. This dirt is responsible for preventing your fan coil from delivering the maximum fan speed possible.

Hence you don’t feel cold wind blowing out from your fan coil unit. However, if the Mitsubishi Aircon is blinking light, then it may not be an issue of dirty fan coil.

Mitsubishi Aircon Blinking Light


If your Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold and it is blinking light. It simply means that the Aircon is not in operation. Because there are certain parts that are likely malfunctioning. Hence the system stops working till that malfunctioning part is rectified. For a multi split Mitsubishi Aircon unit, if only one of the fan coil is blinking light. It likely means it is some parts in the indoor fan coil unit that is malfunctioning. However, if all units in a multi split Mitsubishi Starmex unit are blinking, it likely means that a part in the Aircon condenser is malfunctioning.

For certain Mitsubishi Aircon models, Aircon Blinking lights on all the units can also be an indication that there is a gas shortage. So you may wish to double check on the Mitsubishi Aircon error code first.

Mitsubishi inverter Aircon not cold?


What does it mean by inverter? Well it takes another article to find out the concept in depth. For now, you just have to figure out if your Mitsubishi Aircon is an inverter or not. For Mitsubishi Aircon inverter unit, as mentioned earlier, and  the lights are blinking, it is likely an issue of parts replacement. On the other hand, if only 1 aircon is not cold enough and the wind speed is weak, it should be a case of a dirty fan coil unit. However, if all aircon is not cold enough it likely is a gas related issue.

The most difficult part to troubleshoot is if all Mitsubishi inverter Aircon is not cold at all. And none of the units are blinking light. This will require a lot more intensive troubleshooting. We have to figure out if the compressor is running. And if the fan outside is turning on or not. However, this is extremely rare. If it happens you will need a trained Aircon technician to assist you in this with the available Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts on hand.


Mitsubishi non inverter Aircon not cold


If your Mitsubishi Aircon belongs to the older series that existed more than 15 years ago, chances are it could be a non inverter Model. And non inverter models may be a lot cheaper to repair than inverter units. Nevertheless the process of troubleshooting this kind of unit is a lot more complicated. The Aircon units may not be blinking light even if certain parts are malfunctioning. So we will suggest letting us know your model number and provide us with details as to how many units are not cold. So we can narrow down the possibilities and provide you with all the possible quotes


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Solutions to Mitsubishi Aircon Not Cold and it’s Estimated Repair Cost

Chemical Overhaul

If your Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold due to a dirty fin or coil. You just have to do Aircon Chemical overhaul. As of now here at silverback Aircon we are pricing it at $130 – $150 per unit. It will be cheaper if you are having more units to wash.

chemical overhaul

Aircon Gas Top-up


If the Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold enough. A simple gas top up will usually suffice. The price ranges from $100 – $120 for R410. Do note that the newer models in the market are all R32. However, our price is not fixed for R32 yet.

aircon gas top up

Aircon Repair


If your Mitsubishi Aircon is blinking light. You may have to replace certain parts and there are a lot of parts that can be at fault here. So usually we charge our customer a checking and transportation fee of $50. We will try to bring the necessary parts along so we can fix up the unit on the spot.

aircon repair

How to fix it for free?


If the issue is due to faulty Mitsubishi Aircon thermistor. You may be able to fix it yourself by turning off the isolator for 1 minute. And turn it back on again. The Mitsubishi unit should most likely be able to be used for a few days or a few hours. However, this may only be a temporary fix. You will have to change the Aircon thermistor for a long term solution. 



If your Mitsubishi Aircon is not cold. Firstly, establish in what way is it not cold? Totally not cold, not cold enough or Mitsubishi Aircon blinking light? Also, do let us know how many units are not cold? One or all? By providing your Aircon technicians with as many details as possible. Your Aircon technicians will be able to narrow down what needs to be done to address your issue. And there is a higher chance you can get your problem fixed within one visit.

If you need help with Mitsubishi or have any other aircon related enquiries feel free to WhatsApp or call us.

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