Mitsubishi Aircon Light Blinking

Why Mitsubishi Aircon light blinking?

Is there a problem with my Aircon system? What if there are no lights no matter how many times I press the remote control. Fret not we are here to explain more. Mitsubishi Aircon blinking light usually refers to an error code in the system. A Mitsubishi Aircon error code would very likely indicate that certain aircon parts may be malfunctioning. Nevertheless, time to time it could mean that certain parts of your Aircon unit are dirty and it may need Aircon chemical wash instead. In this article, we seek to educate our readers on why is Mitsubishi aircon blinking light and what does it mean. What Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts do you require? And what is the price of Mitsubishi Aircon repair.

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Mitsubishi aircon operation light blinking

If you were to look at your Mitsubishi Aircon light, you will notice there are 3 lights. 2 lights above the word “operation”, and 1 below. If we were to say Mitsubishi Aircon operation light blinking, we are usually referring to the 2 lights on top that are blinking. However, there are some customers who enquire about Mitsubishi Aircon run light blinking. There are also those that ask about Mitsubishi Aircon one light blinking. We are here to explain.

Mitsubishi Aircon run light blinking

If you notice that there is a run light or that your Mitsubishi Aircon timer light is blinking. It may actually mean that you are referring to another type of Mitsubishi Aircon. It is very likely that you are referring to Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon. In this article we are exclusively talking about Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon light blinking.

Mitsubishi Aircon one light blinking

However if just one of the Mitsubishi Aircon light is flashing, it may be an indication that the flap is not properly attached to the unit. Simply, adjust the button to remove the flap. Then slide it back in nicely again, that should solve the problem.

Mitsubishi aircon double light blinking

If both of the lights above the word “operation is blinking”, it would likely mean that there is an error code in the system. Please note the number of times the indoor unit is blinking, it will denote the specific error code.

Mitsubishi Air conditioner light blinking 7 times

One of the most common error code is Mitsubishi Air conditioner light blinking 7 times. This usually means that there is an error code in the outdoor unit. Hence, you or your Aircon technician may have to climb to the outdoor unit to access the condenser and remove a panel. By removing this panel you may be able to see 3 lights in the control PCB board. The blinking light sequence of the yellow and red light will indicate the error code.


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How to diagnose Mitsubishi Aircon blinking light?

List of Mitsubishi Aircon error code


Refering to the picture below, this is the list of error codes attained from Mitsubishi GE series. The fancoil unit which we attain the error code from is msxy-ge10va. The condenser unit in which we get the error code from is mxy3a28va.

These are some of the common Mitsubishi Aircon error codes for the fancoil unit :

Mitsubishi Aircon light blinking 2 times

As seen in the picture above, this is usually referring to the indoor thermistor. However, sometimes the issue could be caused by malfunctioning pcb board as well. It could also be a combination of both. So it may be best for the technician to bring excess spare parts to ensure that the repair work can be done on the spot.


Mitsubishi Aircon blinking light 3 times

This is an indication of the indoor fan motor malfunctioning. Sometimes you can hear a noisy aircon sound accompanied with it shortly before it stops functioning completely. It usually means that the aircon fan motor may be rusty or jam up. So you may require replacement of the fan motor to fix the problem.


Continuous Blinking

If yours is a multi split unit. Check if all of the aircon unit is facing this problem. If all of them are facing this issue, you may have to check on the condenser unit instead. It may be one of the outdoor condenser unit parts malfunctioning. However if only one unit of a multi split aircon system is blinking. It may be the indoor PCB or the wiring connecting the indoor unit to the condenser unit that is malfunctioning. Do indicate these details to your Aircon technician, so they can bring the necessary parts to do the Aircon repair works for you.


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Price of Mitsubishi Aircon Repair

Here’s an approximate list of Mitsubishi Aircon repair price. Do note that price is subjected to real time changes based on availability of spare parts.


Mitsubishi Aircon Spare Parts Estimated Price
Indoor PCB starts from $140
Outdoor PCB Price varies (control/power or inverter?)
Indoor Fan Motor $130 – $220
Outdoor Fan motor $180 – $400
Indoor Thermistor $160 – $240
Outdoor Thermistor $180 – $260

Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts

Here at silverback Aircon, we sell a huge range of refurbished Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts. We sell Mitsubishi Aircon spare parts such as thermistor, pcb, fan motor and the entire condenser unit. Do find out the model that you are inquiring and whatsapp us for more information.

Conclusion :

We have fix thousands of Mtisubishi Aircon blinking light issues before. We may not be perfect and we cannot promise you that there will be a problem that we can’t fix. However, we have developed a methodological way to resolve Mitsubishi Aircon blinking issues along the way. Do whatsapp us if you have any enquiries regarding Mitsubishi Aircon error code. We will be glad to help.


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Mitsubishi Aircon light blinking FAQ

What if my Mitsubishi Aircon doesn't show any light instead?

Well, it could be an indication that the indoor PCB is malfunctioning. Or that it could be a combination of both the indoor pcb and fan motor that is not working. However, the wiring connecting the fancoil unit to the condenser unit may have issues as well. So our technician will check on these 3 points to figure out what is the issue with your Aircon

Have you encounter any Mitsubishi Aircon blinking light problem that you cannot solve?

Yes. For newer FN series model, we have encounter a certain number of blinking light that is not listed in the diagram. However, through countless trial and error, we have managed to figure out the issue and come out with a solution for it.

Do you usually use refurbished Aircon spare parts for Aircon repair?

Yes. The reason for that is ease of repair for the customer. Success is not a straight line path, it takes countless wrong turns and mistakes to get there. So is Aircon repair. To troubleshoot and find out the problem we do make a lot of mistakes along the way. That is the only way to gain experience. Hence, if we have a set of Aircon spare parts with us, we are able to test out the spare parts required instead of making our customers change a few spare parts just to prevent mistakes. Furthermore refurbished Aircon spare parts cost almost half the price of brand new ones.

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