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Mitsubishi Electric Aircon FAQ

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Currently have 2 series for Multi-split model:




For HDB users that intends to install more than one indoor unit at home., you generally only need to click into the above 2 links:


I received a lot of questions with regards to ” What is the difference between these 2?”


The simple answer to that is:


Energy efficiency. The FN series is 5 ticks, and the GE series is 2 ticks.


For Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks Aircon, there are these 2 series that you can see from the first link,


FN Series
FJ Series


Do note that FJ Series have been phased out. So the only 2 consideration will be Mitsubishi Electric 5 ticks or Mitsubishi Starmex 2 ticks.


As for Single Split model, there is only one series available for 12000 – 24000 BTU. For 9000 btu there are 2 series, GE and FL respetively

Contrary to popular belief, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy industries are 2 different brands altogether. The brand that is heavily advertised on taxi, television commercials belongs to Mitsubishi Electric. Here are some of the major differences:


1. Adoption Rate:
Mitsubishi Electric Aircon has a much higher adoption rate than Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’. Hence; the second hand spare parts availability of Mitsubishi Electric Aircon will be much higher than that of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon. Another point to note is, the Air-con technical personnel that you engage in will likely to be more well verse with Mitsubishi electric Aircon in the future if you encounter any issues in the future.


2. Presence in Singapore:
Mitsubishi Electric has an actual base in Singapore, in comparison Mitsubishi Heavy Industries residential Aircon passed on it’s distribution and marketing to another company. Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric has a greater presence and more direct approach with customers in Singapore.


3. Price:
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has a much better price than Mitsubishi Electric, so it might suit more budget conscious customers.

1. Easy Clean
It is easier to do a basic cleaning of Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon. The filter is easy to remove and the flap can be taken out easily to clean portions of the blower. It is highly advisable to do this periodically if you are a heavy user of aircon in Singapore. However, more complex issues or servicing should be left to trained personnel to avoid complications of the Aircon units.


2. Heavy Presence in Singapore
As mentioned in the difference between Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Aircon and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon, there is a much heavier presence of Mitsubishi Electric Aircon in Singapore. As such, there will be a stronger support team in the event your Aircon needs to be repaired. Furthermore, there will be wider availability of second hand Mitsubishi Starmex spare parts in the market, this will translate to further cost savings in the future. Furthermore, technical Personnel that you engage with in the future are more likely to be experienced in this brand.


3. BTU
Currently, if you see the term “free upgrade to 12000 btu” for Mitsubishi Heavy industries, that is only because there is no stock availability of 9000 Btu for this model. As the saying goes ” There is no free lunch in this world”

BTU refers to the amount of energy used to raise 1 pound of water at 1 degree Fahrenheit. Basically it means the larger the space required for cooling, the higher amount of BTU (energy) you need. For a HDB room, you only need a 9000 BTU indoor unit to cool your room. (technically you can make do with lesser than 9000 BTU but the smaller indoor unit available in Singapore is 9000 BTU)


There are 2 parts of the Air-con, Indoor units and outdoor unit. Outdoor unit provides the maximum capacity of energy to be cooled at any given time, indoor unit provides the maximum amount of BTU for the room to be cooled.


For Mitsubishi Electric System 2 Aircon (5 ticks), the outdoor unit model number is MXY-2G20VA2, that number 2G stands for system 2, the number 20 before the VA2, stands for the approximate capacity of the outdoor unit.


So for a system 2 unit, if you were to install 2 sets of 18,000 BTU indoor unit, the maximum btu that the outdoor unit is capable of producing is only approximately 20,000 Btu.


For Mitsubishi Electric System 4 Aircon (5 ticks), the outdoor unit model number is MXY-4G33VA2 or MXY-4G38VA2. If you were to get a MXY-4G33VA2 outdoor unit, with a combination of 9000 BTU x 3 unit + 24000 BTU for 1 unit, at any point of time you should only turn on 3 sets of 9000 btu or 1 set of 9000 BTU + 1 set of 24000 Btu, so that it is within the full capacity of the outdoor unit.


Do take note that it is still acceptable if the combined indoor units BTU is slightly higher than the outdoor unit BTU.

The price consist of only 9000 BTU. For HDB home owners that wish to install in the living room, you will need 12000 or 18000 Btu for a 2 room flat, 18000 BTU for a 3 room flat, 18000 or 24000 btu for a 4 room flat, 24000 BTU for a 5 room flat.

For users that are installing for condominum, offices or landed properties, you might have to contact us for a free site visit.


I have received a lot of questions regarding ” Do I need to upgrade my Master Bedroom Unit to 12,000 Btu?”


For HDB units, 9000 BTU is sufficient. Getting a 12000 Btu unit might in fact take up extra capacity of the condensing unit.