Different types of Mitsubishi Aircon compressor (MXY3G28VA2 and more)

Introduction :

Mitsubishi Aircon is currently the most popular Aircon brand in Singapore. However in terms of worldwide sales, it market share isn’t as high as brands such as Daikin Aircon an Panasonic Aircon. Nevertheless, ever since the Jack neo commercial on Mitsubishi Aircon. it has been rising in popularity. At least 50% of the newer hdb owners are using Mitsubishi Aircon. There are many types of Mitsubishi Aircon compressor. Residential multi split models and commercial models are different. Mutlti split model and single split model also use a different set of Mitsubishi compressor. However in the Article, we are going to look solely at residential units. And what are the 2 most popular Mitsubishi Aircon compressor out there.

Mitsubishi Aircon Compressor

Which Mitsubishi Aircon compressor is currently in sale?

Models that are phased out

Not along ago. There was a series that was very popular and has been in sale for the past 6 years. That is Mitsubishi GE series. Mitsubishi GE series have both Multi split and single split model. Some of the multi split and single split Mitsubishi Aircon compressor share the same fancoil unit. For example, MXY-3A28VA could potentially use MSXYGE10VA fancoil unit. Where as MUY-GE10VA ( mitsubishi 9000 btu single split) could use MSXYGE10VA fancoil as well. Hence, for the past 6 years. Anyone who uses Mitsubishi Aircon compressor actually reaps the benefit of have easy access to second hand spare parts. That is if their Aircon encouters any issue


Models that are currently in sale


Mitsubishi multi split model : FN Series

Currently the only multi split series that are currently in sale is the FN series. FN series is an evolution from the FJ series. FJ series are phased out rather quickly as it it quite bulky and take up quite a lot of space in the room. Hence it is not that popular among home owner. FN series is thinner and is by far the most popular Mitsubishi Aircon compressor in Singapore for the past few years. Mitsubishi FN series is 5 ticks, as compared to the GE series that was phased out in 2019 (4 ticks).


Single Split model for Mitsubishi Aircon compressor : GN Series

GN series is the only single split Mitsubishi Aircon series that are currently in sale. Before GN series, there was GE series. GE Series have 2 flap as compared to GN series’s single flap model. As GN series have only been around for 1 year. We are unable to give much review on this series. Nevertheless, it is still the most popular Single split Aircon model in Singapore so far. For GN series, only it’s 9000 btu model is 5 ticks. Where as the other btu such as 24000 btu are all 3 ticks.


Most popular SYSTEM 3 Mitsubishi Aircon compressor

To talk about this, we have to divide this into 2 portions. The most popular Mitsubishi Aircon compressor ever sold. As compared to the most popular Mitsubishi Aircon compressor that is currently in sale.


Most popular system 3 Mitsubishi Aircon compressor ever sold : MXY3A28VA

This particular Aircon compressor has been selling for the past 6 years. It is the most popular system 3 inverter AIrcon compressor that was ever sold. Nonetheless, for mxy3a28va. It has different series. From R1 to R7. This is done to have control over their spare parts. If second hand spare parts for this model is so widely available, how can Mitsubishi electric make money from spare parts business right? Nevertheless, this is why we prefer to sell MXY3A28VA second hand Aircon in Singapore. Because if there is any issue with this compressor. It is incredibly easy to find a second hand Aircon spare parts. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier. This is the most popular Aircon compressor ever sold. For MXY3A28VA, the most common problem that a user might face is ev coil error. Other that that, control pcb from the Aircon compressor is among the most common issue.


Most popular system 3  Mitsubishi Aircon compressor in sale : MXY3G28VA2

Curently, MXY3G28VA2 is the hottest selling Mitsubishi Aircon compressor. Is there a particular reason for it? Sadly no. It is the most model Aircon compressor because it is riding on the Mitsubishi brand. Which most users can identify as “easy clean”, “reliable” and “popular”. Is this model comparable to other brands? With regards to feature, other Aircon compressor such as Daikin MKS50TVMG has wifi feature. And if you were to compare it based on price. It will be $500 more expensive than the Midea MS40D-21 compressor. Nevertheless, if I am a home owner that wish to install a mutli split Aircon at home. I will still choose MXY3G28VA2 mitsubishi Aircon compressor. Simply due to the ease of finding spare parts in the future. Should my Aircon encounter any problem

Most useful system 4 Mitsubishi AIrcon compressor : MXY4G33VA2

This System 4 Mitsubishi Aircon compressor is a game changer by itself. In the past, the biggest btu for a System 4 Aircon compressor is 38000. And the next in line is 28000. However, the price difference between that of the 28000 and 38000 ones are $600. This is due to the difference in material cost. The 38000 ones are much larger and require a much bigger compressor inside the condensing unit. However, in the past 2 years. Mitsubishi electric develop FN series, which contains MXY4G33VA2 as one of the system 4 Aircon compressor available.


You can turn on your Aircon in all 4 rooms at the same time

This compressor has a maximum capacity of 36000. This 36000 BTU is a magical number. Let us explain why. If you wish to install an Aircon in 4 of your bedrooms, You can use this compressor and all 4 of them will be cold at the same time. This is because the total btu used is within the limit of the Aircon compressor


You can turn on your Aircon in the living room and 2 rooms at the same time.


If you are staying in a 4 room hdb flat. We would recommend using this compressor as well. This is because your living room requires 18000 btu, where as your room requires 9000 btu. Most of the time you won’t be turning on 3 Aircon and one living room all at the same time. However, this particular model allows you to use 2 bedrooms and 1 living all at the same time.

Comparison with other models

There are other models that have similar capacity. However they are all a lot more expensive than what MXY4G33VA2 is sold for. Hence we would highly recommend this Mitsubishi Aircon compressor.




In conclusion. There are 3 Mitsubishi Aircon compressor model that you have to take note of. That is MXY3A28VA, this is the most popular system 3 Aircon compressor ever sold. The most popular system 3 Mitsubishi Aircon compressor that is selling right now is MXY3A28VA2. Where as the most useful system 4 Mitsubishi Aircon compressor is MXY4G33VA2. This is due to the sheer ability to function for HDB 4 room flat. If you would like to know more about Mitsubishi Aircon compressor, give us a call.


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