Midea Aircon Review and Promotional Price 2020

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Midea Air con is an up and coming brand in Singapore. The most popular brand right now is Mitsubishi Aircon. However, 15 years ago nobody will even associate Mitsubishi Electric with Aircon. Nevertheless Midea Air-conditioner is gaining prominence due to its aggressive pricing and long warranties. Who knows it might even take over Mitsubishi and Daikin Aircon someday? Therefore, in this page we are going to show you Midea Aircon promotion price. Midea Aircon Review and Faq will be at the bottom of the page.


factory tour of Midea Air con

Factory tour of Midea Air-conditioner.

Midea Aircon Promotion Price

Midea Aircon Opal Series 4 Ticks

$1699( MS40D-21/SMKM-09-I-04R x 2 ) – Midea System 2

$1880  (MS40D-21/ SMKM-09-I-04R x 3) – Midea System 3

$1990 (MS40D-28/ SMKM-09-I-04R x 3) – Midea System 3

$2300 (MS40D-28 /SMKM-09-I-04R x 4) – Midea System 4




Warranty for Midea Air-conditioner:

6 years warranty on compressor
2 years warranty on spare parts

Midea OS Premium Series (5 ticks)

$1999 –  System 2 9000 BTU x 2  ( MS50D-25/ SMKP-09 x 2)

$2350 – System 3 9000 BTU x 3 (MS50D-25/ SMKP -09 x 3)

$2750 – System 4 9000 BTU x 4  (MS50D-30 / SMKP-09 x 4) –


5 Ticks Midea Aircon promotion warranty :

6 years on compressor
2 years on parts

midea 5 ticks air-conditioner

Midea Aircon Faq

Where is Midea from?

It is the biggest Air-conditioning brand in China. It manufactures for other oem brands as well.

Why should I buy Midea Air Con


Midea ac might not be widely sold in Singapore now. However it’s sales are increasing greatly here and it is projected to be one of the top selling Aircon brands in the next 5 years. Furthermore, it is already the most popular brand in China.

Other than its increasing popularity, Midea Air-con is the most economical choice out there. It is one of the cheapest Air-conditioner brands in Singapore, a system 3 aircon from Midea would cost a whopping $500 less than Mitsubishi Aircon. That is a cost saving of almost 25 percent.

The most attractive thing about Midea is not just the price, it is the warranty. Midea Aircon Singapore gives 2 years warranty on spare parts and 6 years warranty on compressor for it’s opal series model. Where as for OS premium series, it has 6 years warranty on spare parts, this is unprecedented in the industry.

What are the current models currently available for Midea

OS Premium VS Opal Series

The most obvious difference between the 2 models as listed above is that Opal series is 4 ticks, where as OS Premium Series is 5 ticks.

However, the most important feature that you have to take note is that OS premium series comes with 6 years warranty on spare parts instead of 2.
The normal warranty terms for spare parts is only 1 year for most of the other Air-conditioner brands out there.





Midea Aircon Review

Midea Air-conditioner Spare Parts

The adoption rate of this Brand in Singapore isn’t very strong yet. In fact, if you were to ask around, you’d get reaction of “Huh? What is Midea?. With lower market share for it’s Air-conditioning unit. You will have less availability of second hand  spare parts available. Therefore, the price will be higher if the spare parts are directly purchased from the agent. Besides spare parts availability in the second hand market. It is not easy to contact Midea to enquire about spare parts as well. This was based on our experience of calling in (as of July 8
th 2019). Whether things might have changed from now we do not know. As compared to Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin, our experience involved in reaching out to its spare parts department is definitely not as pleasant

Midea Aircon Servicing

Servicing should not be the top of your concern, as most people engage a professional Aircon Service team to maintain their Aircon. However, as Midea Aircon isn’t as widely sold as compared to other brands in Singapore. There might be companies that are not as proficient in servicing and troubleshooting Midea Aircon in Singapore. The blower unit of Midea Air-conditioner is also relatively harder to take out, hence some companies might charge higher price for that as well. Here at Silverback Aircon, our technicians are proficient in servicing Midea Aircon, so you might consider engaging us for your Midea Aircon Servicing.

Reliability of Midea Air-conditioner

The brand recognition of the Midea Brand isn’t strong in Singapore, based on our survery of our friends. However, do you know that Midea is the second largest Air-conditioning brand in China? With that big of a population, Midea does have a substantive user base in the world. Hence, with regards to its R&D, technology, Midea is a brand to be trusted with, especially with regards to Air-conditioner

Midea air con warranty

The standard warranty period of all other Air-conditioning brands in Singapore is : 5 years on compressor, 1 year on parts. As for Midea Air con, they actually gave 2 years on parts and 6 years on compressor. If you think about it the warranty period for parts is actually twice that of other brands. And parts other than compressor is actually more likely to defect than the compressor.


It is a No brainer when it comes to price. York and Air-conditioner are one of the cheapest brand in Singapore. For a system 3 unit it is typically $600-$700 cheaper than more recognized brand such as Mitsubishi Electric Starmex. Hence, if price is of a huge concern, Midea is a brand that you can definitely consider.

Midea Aircon Price

Midea System 1

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Midea System 1

Midea System 2

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Midea 4 Ticks (OS series) System 2

Midea System 3

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Midea 4 Ticks (OS series) System 3

Midea System 4

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Midea 4 Ticks (OS series) System 4