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Introduction to Midea Aircon Error Code

Midea Air conditioner Error Code and Meaning of Error - Aircon Servicing Singapore

If you are on this page, chances are your Midea Aircon is malfunctioning. If you engage Midea Aircon Servicing regularly, your technician might be able to diagnose the problem for you during the next aircon servicing appointment. Otherwise, this article helps to guide you through in accurately troubleshooting the Error Code that you are having, for example Midea P4 Error Code. In addition,  we will be giving you an idea on how much does it cost to repair your aircon.

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Finding out the type of Midea Aircon Error Code

Midea Air-Conditioner will indicate an error code when the indoor unit recognizes an error. Identifying the type of error code allows us to know what’s the corresponding error. The engineer will then be able to target the issue directly upon reaching to the destination. Furthermore, when the indoor unit recognizes an error, the operation lamp will flash in a corresponding series. In addition, the timer lamp may turn on, off or begin flashing. Consequently, this will results in an error code being displayed.

What happen if there’s no Error Codes shown?

In the case of Error Diagnosis & Troubleshooting without any error codes shown, we can identify the possible cause via several common problem description:

    1. Unit will not start
          • Might be due to the 3 min protection feature which is used to prevent the unit from overloading
          • Cannot be restarted within 3 minutes upon turning off the power
    2. The Power Switch is on but fans will not start
    3. The temperature on the display board cannot be set
    4. Able to turn on the air-conditioner, but the wind is not cold (Hot)
    5. Unit runs, but shortly stops
    6. Starts up and stops frequently (intermittently)
          • Might be due to interference from cell phone towers and remote boosters
    7. Runs continuously but insufficient cooling (heating)
    8. Cool couldn’t change to heat
    9. Unit is noisy
          • Indoor Unit – Will occur when the louver reset its position
          • Outdoor Unit – Depending on its current operating mode (Eg. Cool/Heat/Fan), different sounds will be produced
          • Both Indoor & Outdoor Unit (Squeaking Sound) – Normal expansion and contraction of plastic and metal parts due to the change in temperature
    10. Unit emits bad odour
          • It’s common as the unit may absorb odour and smells from the environment and emits it during operation due to air circulation

Midea Aircon Light Blinking?

Midea Aircon Operation and Timer Light is a clear indication on the possible error that is present. Depending on the status of both Operation and Timer Lamp, it could reflects different errors. The table below shows all the relevant error code depending on the number of flashes for each lamp. After identifying the error code, you can scroll down more to see what is the error description linked to it.

Operation Lamp Timer Lamp Display of Error Code
Flash 1 time OFF E0
Flashes 2 times E1
Flashes 4 times E3
Flashes 5 times E4
Flashes 6 times E5
Flash 1 time ON F0
Flashes 2 times F1
Flashes 3 times F2
Flashes 4 times F3
Flashes 5 times F4
Flashes 6 times F5
Flashes 7 times F6
Flash 1 time FLASH P0
Flashes 2 times P1
Flashes 5 times P4
Flashes 6 times

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List of Midea Aircon Error Code

There’s a whole list of Error Codes generated from different model of air-conditioner unit. This table below shows the possible types of error codes for an indoor unit:

Display of Error Code  Error Description
E0 Indoor Unit EEPROM parameter error
E1 Indoor/Outdoor units communication error
E3 The indoor fan speed is operating outside of the normal range
E4 Indoor room temperature sensor T1 is in open circuit or has short circuited
E5 Evaporator Coil middle temperature sensor T2 is in open circuit or has short circuited
F0 Current overload protection
F1 Outdoor room temperature sensor T4 is in open circuit or has short circuited
F2 Condenser Coil temperature sensor T3 is in open circuit or has short circuited
F3 Compressor discharge temperature sensor TP is in open circuit or has short circuited
F4 Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error
F5 The outdoor fan speed is operating outside of the normal range (for some models)
F6 Evaporator coil outlet temperature sensor T2B is in open circuit or has short circuited
P0 IPM malfunction or IGBT over-strong current protection
P1 Over-voltage or over low voltage protection
P4 Inverter compressor drive error
Mode Conflict

Most Common Midea Aircon error code

Now that you are aware of the type of Midea Aircon Error Code, what should you do next to rectify the error? That is to say, the terms mentioned above are quite foreign to you. On the other hand, even someone who is professional within this industry might have trouble interpreting those error codes and terms. While we are not able to touch on all the possible Error Codes, let us elaborate on 3 most common error codes here.

Midea P1 Error Code

P1 describes that there’s an abnormal increase or decrease in voltage being detected upon checking the specified voltage detection circuit. The possible cause for this error are Power Supply Problems, System Leakage or Blockage, PCB Faulty. As a result, this will results in the replacement of several parts which includes: Power Supply Wires, IPM Module Board, Outdoor PCB, Bridge Rectifier and PFC Circuit or Reactor.

Midea P4 Error Code

Midea P4 Error Code describes that the driven chip cannot detect the right rotor position of compressor. Some of the possible cause of this includes: Wiring Mistake, IPM Malfunction, Outdoor Fan Assembly Fault, Compressor Malfunction and Outdoor PCB Faulty. As a result, this will results in the replacement of several parts which includes: Connection Wires, IPM Module Board, Outdoor Fan Assembly, etc.

If the aforementioned parts are being replaced, but the issues has not been resolved, we will need to check if the compressor is running normally. However, if it isn’t, then it’ll be a telltale sign for a replacement of compressor.

Midea E1 Error Code

E1 describes that the Indoor Unit does not receive the feedback from outdoor unit during 110 seconds and this condition happen 4 times continuously. The possible cause of such issues includes: Wiring Mistake, Indoor or Outdoor PCB Faulty. As a result, this will results in the replacement of several parts which includes: Indoor/Outdoor PCB, IPM Module Board or Reactor.

How much does to cost to fix when Midea Error Code appears?

You can also refer to this link for a rough idea on where do you source for the spare parts if needed.

Error Code Parts to be replaced Estimated Cost

– Power Supply Wires

– IPM Module Board

– Outdoor PCB

– Bridge Rectifier

– PFC Circuit or Reactor


– Connection Wires

– IPM Module Board

– Outdoor Fan Assembly

– Compressor

– Outdoor PCB

– Reactor or Inductance

– Bridge Rectifier


– Indoor/Outdoor PCB

– IPM Module Board

– Reactor


In conclusion, being able to identify the type of Midea Aircon Error Code helps the technician to accurately target and rectify the error. For instance, there are some telltale signs that helps the user to identify the type of Error Code which includes the number of times the operation lamp flashes, status of timer lamp, etc. However, do note that the error code displayed will not be 100% accurate, and sometimes there’ll be multiple parts that is malfunctioning. Likewise, if you do have any other issues, feel free to give us a call for a free consultation over the phone (+65 9651 5152) with regards to aircon servicing or aircon repair. Alternatively, you can contact us through our website, or click on the button below to contact us through whatsapp.

Other Brands Aircon Error Codes

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