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LG Aircon is a popular brand among Singaporeans. Many people will need help in handling their LG Aircon problems. But, who do we look for? In such cases, it is important to find technicians who are skilled in LG Aircon servicing. While many technicians across companies have trained technicians, they may not have the relevant spare parts. It is necessary to find Aircon servicing companies that have sufficient relevant spare parts to replace the damaged ones quickly. If you are interested in finding our more about LG aircon review, you can check out our article.

LG Aircon servicing

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LG Aircon Servicing

Gas Top-up for LG Aircon


For inverter units that are using R410 gas. The optimum pressure is 160. While for units that are using R22 gas. The optimum pressure is 60. There will be a slight difference. It depends on whether your Aircon is system 2, 3 or 4. If your Aircon is not cooling efficiently, you might need to top up your refrigerant.

LG Aircon Chemical Wash


If LG Aircon servicing is not sufficient to make it cold. You can try Chemical wash, it will ensure that all the dirt, dust and debris are removed. It is by using chemical solution to wash the Aircon evaporator coil without dismantling the unit by itself. However, we do not recommend Aircon chemical wash for all Aircon units. It is more suited to do normal servicing or chemical overhaul for certain Aircon units.

If you wish to find out why we recommend Aircon chemical overhaul instead of Aircon chemical wash. Click on the link in the embedded text to find out.

Do note that chemical overhaul for LG aircon may be more expensive than that of other brands. As it is significantly more difficult to take dismantle the entire LG art cool unit as compared to other brands. Furthermore, if the LG Aircon unit is not dismantled properly, the fan motor may be damaged. However, thankfully it is very easy to spot if the fan motor is damaged during the Aircon servicing process. If the LG Aircon is noisy after the chemical overhaul, then the technician be responsible for the damage.

LG Aircon servicing price list


Number of Units Price
1 60
2 75
3 85
4 100
5 120
6 135

Servicing and Maintenance Contract for LG Aircon


We don’t specialise in servicing of LG Aircon. But we service LG Aircon EVERYDAY. We have more than 1000 servicing contract for LG Aircon. Hence, our technicians are very experienced in LG Aircon servicing. We have a range of  LG Aircon relevant parts in stock. So if you were to encounter any issues, you can get your LG Aircon repaired quickly.

3 Things to Look out for during LG Aircon Servicing


1. Please be careful with the fan motor.

LG Aircon is known to have indoor unit fan motor issues from time to time. Hence, if your Aircon technician were to dismantle the blower wheel for cleaning. Please make sure that they do so carefully. As it may cause damage to the blower wheel if they are not careful during LG Aircon servicing. However, if there is damage, you can immediately notice it after they put it back. So any noisy fan motor sound that does not occur immediately after servicing may be attributed to normal wear and tear instead.


2. Please take note of the mirror cover of certain LG Aircon units.

Please be extremely careful of the LG mirror cover for certain lg Aircon units. We have broken a few pieces during LG Aircon servicing before. Hence we are learning this the hard way. The mirror cover of the LG fancoil unit can be extremely fragile. Therefore the Aircon technician should be familiar with the brand or be extremely vigilant before they commence on the Aircon servicing.


3. LG Non-inverter condenser unit may not be compatible with other brands.

Most non inverter condenser units are mutually compatible. However, non inverter LG condenser unit may not be compatible with other brands. Hence your Aircon technician should ensure that they have the relevant LG aircon spare parts before they undertake the LG Aircon servicing or repair job.

We have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to LG Aircon servicing before. However, we learn things the hard way and we have came a long way. If you need a company that is experienced in LG Aircon servicing, be sure to WhatsApp us.


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LG Aircon Installation

Single Split LG Aircon


Fujitsu Single Split Aircon have a few models such as S3-Q09JL1PA and S3-Q12JL1PA. These are some of the newest models in Singapore.

Multi Split LG Aircon


For Multi Split LG Aircon have a few models such as LG AMNC09GDJAO and LG AMNC18GDKAO. These are some of the latest models from LG.

LG Aircon Repair

Common LG Aircon Repair Issues

Sensor Receiver


When your Aircon does not turn off even when the house reaches the set temperature, you might have a faulty sensor receiver. Your Aircon will  continue to blow cold air. The temperature may get too cold. This will consume more energy.  Furthermore, your  Aircon will continuously on and off randomly instead of turning off only when the temperature reaches the setting you have chosen.

PCB for Outdoor unit


One of the most common issue is the printed circuit board (a.k.a PCB). Thankfully LG Aircon PCB is rather common and you will have no issue in replacing the Aircon PCB. Should your current Aircon technician charge you excessive amount for it. You can just switch to another provider. The estimated price range for a LG electric multi split inverter unit PCB is around $300 – $450. These are for residential units. Price is subjected to the model as well.

LG Aircon Repair Price


The following are just rough estimates of LG Aircon servicing and repair price :

Repair parts Price starting from
Indoor unit PCB
LG Aircon outdoor unit PCB $430
Indoor unit sensor receiver $130
Compressor Fan motor $355
Indoor unit fan motor $170
Indoor unit PCB $210

The price could be much cheaper than this if the model is readily available. So do give us a call to find out the exact price. You may also visit our site about Aircon spare parts.

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  • What kind of air-con do you plan to install at each location?


  • Do you know what aircon BTU and how to calculate it?

LG Aircon Error Code


When your LG Aircon is having problems,  a technician will first check the error code of the Aircon. Below are some examples of error codes. Some error codes can only be found in the condensing unit by removing the cover. The technician will then tally the error code with the error code found inside the fan coil. However, the error code is not completely indicative of the problem. So, further testing is necessary.

Types of Error Codes Description
F1, F2, F3 This 3 error codes is simply showing that the unit is now in the FAN Mode, and the number depicts the fan speed. (Normal Operation)
E1 / CH02 E1 / CH02 error codes is an auto-stop protection error that resulted from a short or open circuit within the indoor pipe sensor.
E2 / CH01 E2 / CH01 error codes is an auto-stop protection error that resulted from a short or open circuit within the indoor pipe sensor.
E3 / CH03 E3 / CH03 error codes displays when the unit has detected the absence of refrigerant.
E4 E4 is actually not an error code. Instead, E4 code indicates that the unit is current in a defrost mode. This will occurs when the unit detects the possibility of ice appearance on the evaporator which is situated behind the front grille.
E5 E5 Error Code indicates that the water tank is currently full
CH34 CH34 Error Codes display when the safety relay causes the unit to  power down due to abnormal pressure in the sealed system. However, it is actually designed in such a way to prevent the unit from overheating.
P2 / FL P2 / FL error code (dependent on model), indicates that the drain pan within the unit is currently full. Under normal operation, the drain pan will not need to be emptied.


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LG 5 Ticks Aircon


Many people will be interested in LG 5 ticks Aircon because they are more energy efficient, cutting down their energy bills. Here are some recommended LG 5 Ticks Aircon to choose from. One of them is LG system 3 Artcool + Inverter Multi-split aircon. It has 5 ticks and has Wifi built in. Suitable for 3 room flats. Another recommendation is LG Artcool Inverter Multi-split system 4. Below are the some pictures of the mentioned Aircon.


LG System 3 Artcool 5 ticks nLG Artcool System 4 5 ticks


Other information


Other than LG Aircon servicing and repair. We also sell LG Aircon spare parts. All of our LG Aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you. For more information on LG Aircon servicing. You can give us a call at 96515152.


LG Aircon Servicing FAQ


Is LG aircon good?

The brand LG Electronics famed for its extensive lineup of electronic appliances. especially their air conditioners. Its customers have expressed their admiration for the brand’s cutting edge technology, and sleek designs.

How to clean LG aircon filter?

Cleaning the air conditioner filter is simple and convenient. Just turn off the power and disassemble the filter. Then clean the filter with tap water or a soft brush. Dry the air filter and avoid direct contact with sunlight.

What are the pros of LG air conditioner?

LG air conditioners have impressive features like antibacterial filters and advanced ionizer technology. Their air conditioners are also more luxurious looking and sleek. They are also built to for high durability and reliability.

What are the cons of LG air conditioner?

However, they have a less than extensive lineup of air cons and their price range is more expensive.

Is lg aircon servicing harder as compared to other brands?

Normal LG Aircon servicing is the same as that of other brands. However for chemical overhaul, it will be harder as there are a lot more screws and it is more difficult to take out. Furthermore if you are using LG Artcool, the technician have to be extremely careful with the mirror to prevent damages.

How do I contact LG aircon service centre?

You can contact LG customer care by calling up on the LG service hotline at (insert number).

For more information on Mitsubishi Aircon Error Codes, Call / WhatsApp us at 9651 5152!


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