Introduction to LG Aircon Review and Promotion

Air-conditioner is a necessity in Singapore due to our tropical climate. But not all aircon can make the cut. When it comes to purchasing an aircon, we look for the high quality ones. It will save us the headache of dealing with aircon-related problems, ensure effective cold air and healthy air flow. Comfort and productivity are many people’s top priorities. Hence, we want to provide a comprehensive LG aircon review and promotional price guide.

LG aircon is definitely one of the top few choices. Known for its high-quality electronic appliances, LG has over 60 years of manufacturing a wide range of electrical products. LG establishes themselves as a trustworthy and reliable brand. No doubt, Singaporeans will prefer LG aircon when purchasing.

In this article, we will provide you our LG aircon review, discussing the features of some of the top best-selling LG aircon. We will also provide you with the promotional prices to help you make a more informed decision.

LG aircon promotion

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LG Aircon Promotion

LG Aircon Alpha Series (5 Ticks)




LG Z3UQ18GFA0 / 2 X 09GSJC0 Inverter – System 2 $2379
LG Z3UQ18GFA0 / 3 X 09GSJC0 Inverter – System 3 $2678
LG Z4UQ28GFA0 / 4 X 09GSJC0 Inverter – System 4 $3899


5 years warranty

LG Alpha

LG Aircon Artcool Plus Series (5 Ticks)




LG Z3UQ18GFA0 / 2 X 09GDJR0 Inverter – System 2 $2460
LG Z3UQ26GFA0 / 3 X 09GDJR0 Inverter – System 3 $3300
LG Z4UQ28GFA0 / 4 X 09GDJR0 Inverter – System 4 $4360


5 years warranty

LG artcool

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LG Aircon Review

LG Aircon has been gaining popularity among Singaporeans, and it is definitely not for no reasons. It is equipped with the best modern technology, boasting a wide collection of features that make LG aircons stand out from others. LG aircon are known to be reliable. Here is our LG aircon review on the different types of LG aircon.

LG Aircon Review for Multi-split Inverter Aircon (Alpha and Artcool+)


Many people are confused between multi-split inverter aircon and single split inverter aircon. So, what is a multi-split aircon? Well, multi-split inverter aircon has one outdoor compressor that is connected to 4 or 5  indoor units via a refrigerant line. For LG multi-split aircon, their popular series are Alpha and Artcool+, whereby they have the below features.

Comfortable and cool air – LG multi-split inverter aircon promotes healthy airflow to ensure your comfort. The air that is blown out is cooling such that it can cool down the room effectively.

Low noise at 19dB – Sleep soundly with low-noise mode that can go down to 19dB. The aircon also comes with a silent mode feature to keep your night completely silent.

Auto-cleaning – This features allow the aircon to automatically dry itself up. It sterilizes the interior for a more efficient and better performance. You no longer need to worry about the cleaning of your aircon.

Dual protection filter – With double protection filter, micro-dust, particles, allergens etc. are filtered more effectively. This can prevent contaminants, and promote healthy air.

Embedded Wi-fi – For LG Alpha series, there is embedded Wifi to keep your home or office connected.

Generally the number one reason customers enquire about LG Aircon is that it is the only black Aircon in the market. In our opinion we also think that it is the most stylish Aircon in Singapore. Hence if you are looking for the coolest looking aircon, then LG Aircon is the one for you.

LG Single Split Inverter Aircon Review


Contrary to multi-split inverter aircon, single-split aircon has one outdoor compressor connected to one indoor unit with no ductwork. It is usually suitable for smaller homes. For LG single split inverter aircon, they have the following features.

Anti-Corrosive Gold Fins –  With an anti-corrosive material, it can help to improve the durability of the aircon, ensuring that it does no corrode overtime.

Triple Filter – Triple filter helps to reduce foul odors, stenches and hazardous VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemical). This will ensure the freshness and quality of the air, creating a more comfortable environment.

Energy-saving – Once the indoor temperature reaches your desired level, the aircon will automatically operate the compressor at a low speed while maintain the desired temperature, thus saving you money on energy costs.

Jet Cool – The jet cool function allows quick cooling. Strong and cool air is blown at high speed for 3 minutes, making any spot within 2.5 meters distance from indoor unit cools down by 5ºC. Thus, with LG single split inverter aircon, you will get to enjoy cool air in a short period of time.

For LG Single Split Aircon, it is one of the cheapest in the market surprisingly. It is in the price range of Midea and Panasonic system 1 Aircon, which is one of the cheapest single split aircon range. However, you may find it really difficult to obtain second hand aircon spare parts for the single split aircon model as the sales volume of system 1 LG aircon is not very high.


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LG Cassette Aircon Review


Cassette aircon are commonly seen and used in commercial buildings such as offices in Singapore as it is able to  centralize air in a large space while taking less space. It is also usually seen in different establishments such as hotels, coffee shops, retail stores, etc. Below are some of LG cassette aircon.

Highly efficient turbo fan – LG cassette aircon has low indoor noise with highly efficient turbo fan which makes it an optimal choice among other brands when used in large spaces.

Group controls –  Different cassette units can be linked together and enables the user to control all aircon from a single spot. This is useful for a large building with many cassette aircon units.

Anti-corrosive coating –This will ensure the durability of the aircon as it prevents corrosion from pollution or harmful substances.

Adjustable vanes – The vanes of LG cassette aircon can be easily adjusted to control the air flow and temperature distribution.

LG Cassette Aircon is one of the most popular Aircon brand in Korea. However, we find it extremely rare for someone to install LG cassette Aircon in Singapore. Hence, we do not recommend LG cassette Aircon as there will not be many technicians that are adept at repairing this model.

LG Window Aircon


LG’s window air conditioners are also popular choices in Singapore. It is  commonly used residential houses and offices. It has  proper and efficient cooling during both the day and night. These units are capable of providing adequate cooling to all parts of the room.  LG’s window aircon has the following features that adds to its advantage.

4-way air deflection – LG’s 4-way swing function enables the unit to continuously blow cool air quickly and efficiently in different directions.

Airflow control – You can adjust the amount of airflow that is blowing out of the aircon

Slide out chassis – You no longer  need to remove the unit from the window or wall with LG’s slide out chassis. This enables easy installation and removal.

Anti-bacterial filter – This filter will remove the bacteria in the air. This promotes healthy and high quality air, creating a comfortable environment.

Anti-Rust Gold Fin Air Filter – Premature machine rusting is prevented with the anti-rust gold fin air filter, this will improve the durability of the aircon.

At the time of this writing, Lg Window Aircon is slowly phasing out of Singapore. Hence, you may not be able to procure a LG window aircon anymore.

In our LG aircon review, as we talk about the pros of different types LG aircon, there are cons as well. LG aircons are known to be slightly higher in price compared to other brands such as Midea Aircon. However, if the benefits outweighs the cost in your situation, we recommend you to consider LG aircon.

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LG Aircon Buying Guide

The LG Aircon that you that should purchase would very much depends on which property that you are installing in. We recommend that you read up on Aircon installation guide above for more information. If not simply WhatsApp us at 9651 5152, we will guide you through the purchase and installation process for LG Aircon.

in addition, we do also engage in LG Aircon Repair and Servicing. If you already have a LG aircon and instead have some problems with your aircon unit, feel free to contact us as well. You can also read up about LG Aircon Spare Parts by clicking HERE.

LG Aircon FAQ

Where does LG Aircon originate from?

LG Aircon came from Korea and it has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing aircons.

Where to buy LG aircon?

There are many places where you can buy LG aircon from. Some of the few places that popular are large scale electronics shop and aircon companies. You can easily find LG aircon in Courts, Harvey Norman and even Fairprice. Or, you can consult aircon companies that will usually sell at a discounted price. For more information, you can check out this article on where to buy aircon in Singapore.

Where to buy LG aircon remote?

You can buy LG aircon remote controller from LG electronics itself, large scale electronics shop or aircon companies. It is also available on online stores such as Lazada and Shoppee. However, be sure to buy the right remote controller for the your model.

How to clean LG aircon?

Maintaining your aircon well is the key to having a long-lasting aircon without having to deal with occasional problems. Here are some ways to ensure that it is well maintained. You can clean the filter regularly to prevent dust from accumulating, clean the fan coil to improve the unit aircon efficiency and lastly, clean the casing for a cleaner exterior. These are simple ways to maintain aircon. However, if it is more complicated, you may need to get LG Aircon servicing.

How to install LG aircon?

When it comes to aircon installation, it is best to consult a professional technician. LG aircon comes in either single split or multi split, most aircon companies offer installation services. To find out more about aircon installation, you can check out our aircon installation guide.

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