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What to do if your LG aircon light blinking? Well, chances are there is an error with the system. And that error may range from insufficient gas to lg aircon parts defect. While you may be panicking and trying your best to find a solution. Do note that there is usually a meaning to the LG Aircon blinking light. Which we will attempt to discuss in this article. We will also let you know the approximate cost of repair to your LG Aircon. To make matters clear, in this article we are mostly referring to the residential LG Aircon split unit. We may not be discussing LG window type Aircon nor LG VRV units, as we are not very familiar with them.

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Why LG Aircon Light Blinking?

As mentioned in the introduction. Your LG Aircon light is blinking due to an error in the system. That mean there are certain parameters in the system that deviates from the acceptable range that is set out by the LG Aircon system. For, example, your LG condenser unit pipe thermistor reading may only be up to 15 ohm. But if the reading is more than that, it may trigger a warning system in the main circuit board. Which it will then reflect to the fancoil unit as LG Aircon blinking light. Which is to let you know that something is wrong with the Aircon and it requires fixing.


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LG Aircon Operation Light Blinking

Depending on your model, there may an operation light on the lg fancoil unit. If there is an operation light, you can likely get the error code from it. The Lg Aircon error code might be directly reflected on the fancoil unit, more on that later. If the LG Aircon operation light is blinking, you can refer to the operation light and the light below it. Usually the operation light is located at the top. So for example, if the LG Aircon operation light is blinking twice. And after it blinks twice and stop, then the light below it blinks once. Then it would mean that there is a CH21 error code. You can then proceed to let your Aircon technician know that there is a CH21 error code. They may decipher the error code and bring relevant LG aircon spare parts to fix your issue. Assuming if they have it on hand.

LG Aircon outdoor light blinking

Do you know that when the LG aircon fancoil unit is blinking, the outdoor condenser unit will very likely have a blinking light inside as well? In fact, here at SIlverback Aircon. Our technicians will very much rather check on the lg Aircon outdoor light blinking rather than the operation light of the LG unit. That is because LG Aircon has many models. Hence the error code on the fancoil unit may be a bit confusing, and we will have to dig out the manual online to verify. Usually the error code on the LG AIrcon outdoor unit will be very indicative of the actual error that the LG Aircon system is facing. However, as a homeowner, it is very unlikely for you to be able to access the outdoor condenser unit. Hence, our advise is this, if your LG Aircon starts blinking. Do let us know how many LG Aircon units are blinking. And send us the model number of your fancoil unit. The model number is usually located at the bottom or right hand side of the fancoil. Also, do indicate what Aircon system is this. For example 2 fancoil units connecting to one condenser will mean that this is a system 2 LG aircon.

How many LG Aircon is blinking?

Believe it or not. This is one of the most important pieces of information for yourself and also to the Aircon technician. It will also mean a world of difference to your Aircon repair cost. For example, assuming that your LG Aircon is a multi split unit. If only one LG Aircon is blinking. That would very likely mean that the LG fancoil unit is malfunctioning. However, if all LG Aircon is blinking, then that might be a case of parts in the LG Aircon is spoilt. How does that matter you might ask? It will be way easier to find LG aircon spare parts if parts in a LG fancoil is malfunctioning. Furthermore LG indoor unit aircon spare parts is way cheaper than that of the outdoor unit. In addition there are not a lot of Aircon technicians that dares to repair a LG outdoor condenser unit. Which means that your options will become extremely limited.


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Estimated Cost of LG Aircon repair

Fan Motor  $170
Indoor PCB $210
Outdoor Condenser from $600
Outdoor Fan Motor from $200
Thermistor from $150


The estimated cost of LG Aircon repair will very much depend on the LG aircon error code. So if you are able to identify the LG Aircon error code on the fancoil unit. Do let us know the error code and model number of the unit in advance. We will then be able to better advise you on the price of LG aircon spare parts over the phone. So you will be able to make a better decision as to whether to repair the unit or not.


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LG Aircon Spare Parts Singapore

Do you know, it is extremely frustrating for Aircon technicians to procure LG Aircon spare parts? We have tried calling LG Aircon service center for hours before but there is nobody picking up the phone. Yet when we walk in to the service center they are sitting right there. Hence, here at Silverback Aircon. We attempt to collect as much LG Aircon spare parts as possible. This is so we can repair LG aircon at a fast speed without procurement problems.

So, if your LG Aircon is experiencing blinking light issues. Do whatsapp us the model number, we will advise you as much as possible.

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