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LG Aircon Error Codes Introduction

Ever waking up in the morning only to see a set of weird coding on your LG Air-Conditioner Remote Control? Not sure what are those codings and how do you fix it? Rest assured, you can always get into contact with an aircon technician from Silverback Aircon to request for a site visit, aircon servicing or even aircon repair. Nonetheless, this article sets to assist you and guide you through on what are some of the possible LG Aircon Error Codes. Additionally, it also equip you with some of the possible remedies that could be taken to resolve these issues.

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Types of LG Aircon Error Codes

There are multiple types of LG Aircon Error Codes and the table below shows the description for some of them:

Types of Error Codes Description
F1, F2, F3 This 3 error codes is simply showing that the unit is now in the FAN Mode, and the number depicts the fan speed. (Normal Operation)
E1 / CH02 E1 / CH02 error codes is an auto-stop protection error that resulted from a short or open circuit within the indoor pipe sensor.
E2 / CH01 E2 / CH01 error codes is an auto-stop protection error that resulted from a short or open circuit within the indoor pipe sensor.
E3 / CH03 E3 / CH03 error codes displays when the unit has detected the absence of refrigerant.
E4 E4 is actually not an error code. Instead, E4 code indicates that the unit is current in a defrost mode. This will occurs when the unit detects the possibility of ice appearance on the evaporator which is situated behind the front grille.
E5 E5 Error Code indicates that the water tank is currently full
CH34 CH34 Error Codes display when the safety relay causes the unit to  power down due to abnormal pressure in the sealed system. However, it is actually designed in such a way to prevent the unit from overheating.
P2 / FL P2 / FL error code (dependent on model), indicates that the drain pan within the unit is currently full. Under normal operation, the drain pan will not need to be emptied.

If the error code that you are experiencing is not shown in the table above, feel free to contact us to find out more information. You can click on the button below to contact us via Whatsapp directly for a free consultation on the issue faced.


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How do you troubleshoot these LG Aircon Error Codes?

LG aircon error codes

1. E1/CH02; E2/CH01 and E3/CH03 Error Codes


This 3 types of error codes does not provide self-troubleshooting measures as these error codes shows that the unit require a repair service. Therefore, please contact us for a request of Aircon Repair Service.

2. E4 Error Code


E4 Error Code occurs when there’s presence of ice on the evaporator. As such,  once the ice is defrosted, the air-conditioner will be resuming its normal operation. No further action needed to be taken.

3. E5 Error Code


E5 Error Code indicates that the Water Tank is full. To troubleshoot this, the user will have to drain the water from the collection tank completely. Therefore, leave the bottom drain cap off long enough to allow any residual water to be drained out. Accordingly,  once the water tank is completely drained out and emptied, reinstall the cap.

4. CH34 Error Code


CH34 Error Code will be displayed when the unit is overheating due to feature of Safety Relay, causing the power to be shut. To possibly reduce the chances of overheating:

      • Install an awning over the air conditioner to shade the unit from direct sunlight and weather conditions.
      • Clean the condenser coil regularly to observe proper airflow
      • Raise the temperature to a higher setting instead of shutting down the air-conditioner completely.
      • Allows the air-conditioner to maintain a cool and humidity control
      • Reducing the pressure on the unit when the temperature is turned back down for cooling purpose

Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you do require any further assistance over other possible solutions.

5. P2 / FL Error Codes


Depending on the model that you have, either P2 or FL Error Code will be displayed when the drain pan is full. Under normal conditions, remove the drain port cap and tilt the air conditioner to the back such that the water will runs out from the drain outlet. Usually, no further actions needed to be taken unless the following scenario occurs:

      • No water is being drained out – This unit requires an Aircon Repair Service.
      • Error Code will not clear after draining – Perform a reset on the air-conditioner by unplugging the unit for 10 seconds approximately before plugging it back and turning it on. If the error code still remains, this unit requires an Aircon Servicing Repair
      • Unit does not shut off – This unit requires an Aircon Repair Service.


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Fujitsu Aircon Light Blinking?

LG aircon’s timer light is a clear indication of the error code that is has. There are 2 LED lights located on the unit itself. Depending on how many times the top and bottom light blinks, it will be reflecting different issues. For example, if the top light blinks 2 times and bottom light blink once, it reflects CH21 error code. CH21 Error Code reflects compressor malfunction. You might have to refer to our LG aircon servicing page to find out some of the most common LG Aircon problems.

Conclusion on LG Aircon Error Codes

An error code will be displayed if there are any issues with the air-conditioner. However, these issues can usually be resolved via some simple troubleshooting. If you are the hands-on type of person, you might be able to find out the type of LG Aircon Error Code from this article and resolve it manually. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at +65 9651 5152 to schedule for a Aircon Servicing Repair.


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What does LG error code ch21 mean?

This error is caused by an over current in the inverter DC power circuit. The unit displays the error code if it is detected that the dc part of the circuit exceed 14 amperes.

Why is my LG air conditioner not cold?

When such a situation occurs, it may be due to a clogged air filter, a dirty condensor coil, a defective compressor or even a busted thermostat. There can also be other reasons and it is best to contact us for help, given that we have a team of experienced and professional technicians who are ready to help. 

How to maintain my LG aircon?

It is recommended that you regularly clean the air filters of your  mitsubishi heavy industries aircon. You should change the air filter once a month, and check if the air conditioning coils are clean. You  also need to flush drain channels, as a clogged drainage system may affect the aircon’s ability to reduce humidity.  

A good idea would be to hire professionals to offer you maintenance and washing services. Here at silverback aircon, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and maintenance of your air conditioners. 

Aircon Error Codes for other brands

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