Types of Installations

Free 2 trips installation for new units.

First trip to install the pipes and second trip to install the Aircon.

Call us @ 91775500 to enquire on the right combinations, or suitable brand to purchase from.

Emergency aircon repair singapore

Site visit will be required.

Installations cost might increase due to increase in trunking length and concealment of pipes.

Contact us @ 91775500 for a free, non-obligatory site visit

Upgraded Materials


Upgraded 1/2 (Half) Inch thick Armaflex insulation

Aircon spare parts

PVC drainage pipes

16mm diameter.

Daikin aircon spare parts

Copper pipes

Grade 22g psb tested

Types of Installations
Power Points

Depending on your residence, you might need to install another powerpoint.

There will be additional charges for this and we will inform you if there is a need for it during site visit/installations

Metal brackets

For older hdb units, there might not be a ledge for the installation of a compressor.

Additional bracket will be required.