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Introduction to GREE



In the sweltering heat that Singaporeans face daily due to the tropical climate, aircons have become a necessity for our comfort. This article introduces you to Gree, which is looking to expand its business into Singapore’s aircon market.


Gree is located in Zhu Hai, China and is one of the largest aircon manufacturers in the world. It is well-known for its excellent quality and performance for each product it manufactures, especially its aircon units. This is why Gree has successfully gathered a loyal and satisfied customer base all across the world since 1998.


Why GREE Aircon?


There are many well-established aircon brands that Singaporeans trust such as Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic. So, how does Gree Aircon compare to the competition in Singapore?


Gree Aircons are made to have exceptional energy-saving performance and reliable cooling capabilities. High energy-saving performance means lower power consumption and thus lower utility bills as well. Furthermore, they have the very attractive Universal Wi-Fi technology. This allows complete control over your aircon units at home just by using your smartphone. Hence, you will be able to cool your house down before even reaching home, for example.



Some unique features include high density filters in all units and the automatic clean and dry function. (As shown in the image below.) Furthermore, Gree adopts the “Black Diamond” technology which improves the lifespan of its exterior condenser units. It includes the usage of hydrophilic layers, anticorrosive layers and aluminium! Lastly, Gree aircons are not the most expensive units and are definitely a huge bang for your buck. With all these useful features at competitive rates Gree Aircon is definitely putting up a strong fight against the other brands.








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Gree Aircon System 3

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Gree Aircon System 4

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GREE Aircon Ceiling Cassette


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Aircon FAQs



A multi-split system for air conditioners allow for 1 condenser unit to connect to multiple fancoil units. System 2 allows for 2 units, System 3 allows for 3 units and System 4 allows 4.
Therefore, you would want to choose your system depending how many units you want, which is normally based on the number of rooms in your house.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It refers to the amount of energy used to raise 1 pound of water at 1 degree Fahrenheit. Basically, it means the larger the space required for cooling, the higher amount of BTU you need. For a HDB flat, you only need 9000 BTU to cool your room.



Looking for more Aircon Options?

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