Gree Aircon Promotion 2021

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$1830 – Gree system 2 – 9000 BTU x 2 (GWCD(18)NK6GO / GWC(09) x 2)




$2610 – Gree System 3 – 9000 BTU x 3 (GWCD(28)NK6GO / GWC(09) x 3)




$2940 – Gree System 4 – 9000 BTU x 4 (GWCD(28)NK6GO / GWC(09) x 4)




Note: Do drop us a message on WhatsApp if you would like to know the price of other combinations.
Note: Do take note the pricing quoted is for HDB Aircon Installation and using back existing piping. So, do call us or drop us a message to confirm the pricing.

Gree Aircon System 3
Gree Aircon System 4

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Gree Aircon are made to have exceptional energy-saving performance and reliable cooling capacities. High Energy-Saving performance means lower power consumption and thus lower utility bills. Furthermore, they have the attractive feature “Universal Wi-Fi Technology”. This allows complete control over your aircon units at home just by using your smart phone. For example, you will be able to cool your apartment before you even reach back.

Some unique features includes High Density Filters in all units, allowing for automatic clean and dry function. Furthermore, Gree adopts the “Black Diamond Technology” which helps to improve the lifespan of the external condenser unit. It includes the usage of hydrophilic layers, anti-corrosive layers, and aluminium. Lastly, Gree Aircons are not the most expensive units out in the market, and are definitely a huge bang for your bucks. With all these useful features at a competitive pricing rates, Gree Aircon is definitely putting up a strong fight against other brands.

Gree Aircon Brochure

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