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Fujitsu Aircon is another household brand name. It is widely popular in Singapore. Many people will need help in handling their Fujitsu Aircon problems. In such cases, it is important to find technicians who are familiar and proficient in doing Fujitsu Aircon servicing. It is necessary to find Aircon servicing companies that have sufficient relevant spare parts to replace the damaged ones quickly.


Fujitsu Aircon Servicing



Fujitsu Aircon Servicing

Aircon Servicing Price List

Number of Units Price for Fujitsu Aircon Servicing
1 $40
2 $50
3 $65
4 $80
5 $100
6 $120

Servicing and Maintenance contract for Fujitsu Aircon

We don’t specialise in servicing of Fujitsu Aircon. But we service Fujitsu Aircon EVERYDAY. We have more than 1000 servicing contract for Fujitsu Aircon. Hence, our technicians are very experienced in Fujitsu Aircon servicing. We have an extensive stock of Fujitsu Aircon relevant parts. So if you were to encounter any issues, you can get your Fujitsu Aircon repaired quickly.

Fujitsu Aircon servicing

Gas Top-up for Fujitsu Aircon

Fujitsu Aircon servicing includes gas top-up. For inverter units that are using R410 gas. The optimum pressure is 160. While for units that are using R22 gas. The optimum pressure is 60. There will be a slight difference. This is dependent on whether your Aircon is system 2, 3 or 4. If you feel your that Aircon is not cooling efficiently, you might need to top up your refrigerant.

Fujitsu Aircon Repair

What does it mean when the Fujitsu Aircon light is blinking?

When the Fujitsu Aircon light starts blinking, it means that the Aircon is having some problems. A technician will first check the error code of the Aircon. Some error codes can only be found in the condensing unit by removing the cover. The technician will then tally the error code with the error code found inside the fan coil. However, the error code is not enough to determine the problem. So, further testing is necessary. When your the light starts blinking, chances are, Fujitsu Aircon servicing is required.

Common Fujitsu Aircon Repair Issues

2, 3 Way Thermistor for Outdoor Unit

PCB for Condenser Unit

One of the most common issue in an inverter Fujitsu Aircon is the printed circuit board (PCB). A wrong input of voltage during installation. And a damaged or shorted field wiring can cause damage to PCB. However, it can be replaced by a well-trained technician. An estimated price range for Fujitsu multi spit inverter unit PCB is around $300-$400. This is subjected to the model. Non-inverter model is more common, hence will be cheaper.

Thermistor for Indoor Unit

The indoor units use thermistor to determine the room and coil temperature. It changes its resistance value based on the surrounding temperature. When your Fujitsu Aircon thermistor has a problem, the Aircon will only blow cold air for a short time. Or, when your blower motor operation is weak, erratic or not functioning. Fujitsu Aircon servicing is needed.

Fujitsu Aircon Repair Price

The following are just rough estimated of Fujitsu Aircon repair price

Indoor unit PCB
Fujitsu Aircon outdoor unit PCB $460
Indoor unit sensor receiver $160
Compressor Fan motor $360
Fujitsu Indoor unit fan motor $190
Indoor unit PCB $230



Fujitsu Aircon Installation

Single Split Aircon

Fujitsu Single Split Aircon have a few models such as ASYG09LU (indoor model) and A0YG09LU (outdoor model). These are some of the more popular models in Singapore.

Multi Split Fujitsu Aircon

For Multi Split Fujitsu Aircon have a few models such as ASY07LU (indoor model) and A0AG14LAC2 (outdoor unit).



Fujitsu Aircon Chemical Wash

If Fujitsu Aircon servicing is not sufficient to make it cold. You can try Chemical wash, it will ensure that all the dirt, dust and debris are removed. It is by using chemical solution to wash the Aircon evaporator coil without dismantling the unit by itself. However, we do not recommend Aircon chemical wash for all Aircon units. It is more suited to do normal servicing or chemical overhaul for certain Aircon units.



Fujitsu Aircon Review

As mentioned earlier, Fujitsu Aircon is a popular brand among Singaporean. The Fujitsu Aircon is capable of cooling down your room faster. You can activate low noise mode to reduce the sound emitted. You can also activate the economy operation mode to save energy. However, the fan needs to be switch on to circulate the air, this may consumer more energy. When it comes to Fujitsu Aircon servicing, the spare parts can be easily sourced from the Agent. Hence there should not be a long wait should your Aircon spoil after the warranty period.



Other Information

Other than Fujitsu Aircon servicing and repair. We also sell Fujitsu Aircon spare parts. All of our Fujitsu Aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you. For more information on Fujitsu Aircon servicing. You can give us a call at 96515152.