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Fujitsu Aircon is a household brand name. It is widely popular in Singapore and thus everyday, there are many people who need help in solving their Fujitsu Aircon problems. It is important for them to find technicians who are familiar and proficient in doing Fujitsu Aircon servicing. These technicians work in Aircon servicing companies that have sufficient relevant spare parts to replace the damaged ones quickly.



Fujitsu Aircon Servicing

Aircon Servicing Price List


Number of Units Price for Fujitsu Aircon Servicing
1 $40
2 $50
3 $65
4 $80
5 $100
6 $120

Servicing and Maintenance contract for Fujitsu Aircon


Due to the high demand of Fujitsu Aircon Services, we receive requests EVERYDAY. Silverback Aircon has more than 1000 servicing contracts for Fujitsu Aircon. Hence, our technicians are very experienced in Fujitsu Aircon servicing. Furthermore, we have an extensive stock of Fujitsu Aircon spare parts. So if you were to encounter any issues with your Fujitsu Aircon, contact us to get your Fujitsu Aircon repaired efficiently. 


Gas Top-up for Fujitsu Aircon


Fujitsu Aircon servicing includes gas top-up. For inverter units that are using R410 gas, the optimum pressure is 160. Whereas for units that are using R22 gas, the optimum pressure is 60. There will be a slight difference depending on whether your Aircon is system 2, 3 or 4. If you feel your that Aircon is not cooling efficiently, you might need to top up your refrigerant.

Fujitsu Aircon Repair


What does it mean when the Fujitsu Aircon light is blinking?


When the Fujitsu Aircon light starts blinking, it means that the Aircon is having some problems. A technician will first check the error code of the Aircon. Some error codes can only be found in the condensing unit by removing the cover. Afterwards, the technician will tally that  error code with the one found inside the fan coil. However, the error code is not enough to determine the problem and so further testing is necessary. In conclusion, if the light on your Fujitsu aircon unit starts blinking, chances are, Fujitsu Aircon servicing is required.


Common Fujitsu Aircon Repair Issues


PCB for Condenser Unit


One of the most common issue in an inverter Fujitsu Aircon is the printed circuit board (PCB). A wrong input of voltage during installation or a damaged or shorted field wiring can cause damage to PCB. However, it can be replaced by a well-trained technician. An estimated price range for Fujitsu multi spit inverter unit PCB is around $300-$400. This is subjected to the model. The non-inverter model is more common, and hence will be cheaper.


Thermistor for Indoor Unit


The indoor units use thermistor to determine the room and coil temperature. It changes its resistance value based on the surrounding temperature. When your Fujitsu Aircon thermistor has a problem, the Aircon will only blow cold air for a short time. Or, when your blower motor operation is weak, erratic or not functioning. Fujitsu Aircon servicing is needed.


Fujitsu Aircon Repair Price


The following are just rough estimates of Fujitsu Aircon repair price

Indoor unit PCB
Fujitsu Aircon outdoor unit PCB $460
Indoor unit sensor receiver $160
Compressor Fan motor $360
Fujitsu Indoor unit fan motor $190
Indoor unit PCB $230


Fujitsu Aircon Installation


Single Split Aircon


Fujitsu Single Split Aircon have a few models such as ASYG09LU (indoor model) and A0YG09LU (outdoor model). These are some of the more popular models in Singapore.


Multi Split Fujitsu Aircon


For Multi Split Fujitsu Aircon have a few models such as ASY07LU (indoor model) and A0AG14LAC2 (outdoor unit).


Fujitsu Aircon Chemical Wash


If Fujitsu Aircon servicing is not sufficient to make it cold, you can try chemical wash as it will ensure removal of all the dirt, dust and debris. Chemical wash requires usage of chemical solution to wash the Aircon evaporator coil without dismantling the unit by itself. However, we do not recommend Aircon chemical wash for all Aircon units. It is more suitable to do normal servicing or chemical overhaul instead for certain Aircon units.


Fujitsu Aircon Review


As mentioned earlier, Fujitsu Aircon is a popular brand among Singaporean. First and foremost, the Fujitsu Aircon is capable of cooling down your room faster. Secondly, you can activate low noise mode to reduce the sound emitted. You can even activate the economy operation mode to save energy. However, the fan needs to be switch on to circulate the air and this may consume more energy. When it comes to Fujitsu Aircon servicing, the spare parts can be easily sourced from an agent. Hence there should not be a long wait if your aircon breaks down after the warranty period.


Fujitsu Aircon error code

Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes (Indoor Unit):

During Fujitsu Aircon servicing, you may encounter Aircon light blinking. When the aircon performs an emergency stop, the reason is indicated by a set of error code. Meanwhile, identifying the error codes allows the user to understand what’s the issue that they are currently facing. Alternatively, user can observe the number of flashes in the Operation and Timer LED to get a gauge on the type of Fujitsu Aircon Error Code. The table below shows the type of Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes (Indoor Unit):

Type of Error Codes Description
11 Serial Communication Error between Indoor/Outdoor Units
12 Remote Controller Communication Error
18 External Communication Error
22 Indoor Unit Capacity Abnormal
26 Indoor Unit address setting error
29 Connection Unit number error in wired remote controller system
32 Indoor unit main PCB Error
35 Indoor Unit manual auto switch error
3A Indoor unit communication circuit (Wired Remote Controller) Error
41 Indoor unit Room Temperature Thermistor error
42 Indoor unit Heat Exchange Temperature Thermistor Error
51 Indoor unit Fan Motor 1 Error
53 Indoor unit Water Drain abnormal
57 Indoor unit damper error
58 Indoor Unit Intake Grille Position Error

Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes (Outdoor Unit):

Likewise, the table below shows a list of Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes related to the Outdoor Unit:

Type of Error Codes Description
62 Outdoor unit main PCB Error
64 Outdoor unit active filter / PFC Circuit Error
65 Outdoor unit IPM Error
71 Outdoor unit Discharge Temperature Thermistor Error
72 Outdoor unit Compressor Temperature Thermistor Error
73 Outdoor unit Heat Exchange Temperature Thermistor Error
74 Outside Air Temperature Thermistor Error
76 Outdoor unit Operating Valve Thermistor Error
77 Outdoor unit Heat Sink Temperature Thermistor Error
86 Outdoor unit Pressure Sensor Error
94 Outdoor unit Trip Detection
95 Outdoor unit Compressor Motor Control Error
97 Outdoor unit Fan Motor 1 Error
99 Outdoor unit 4-Way Valve Error
A1 Outdoor unit Discharge Temperature 1 Error
A3 Outdoor unit Compressor Temperature Error

Fujtsu Aircon servicing FAQ

Is Fujitsu air conditioner good?

Fujitsu is a reliable aircon brand with years of technological expertise and experience in the aircon industry. Fujitsu’s lineup of air conditioner units are known to be functional for a long period of time with little to no performance issues.

Does Fujitsu Aircon Singapore provide support services?

You can contact their distributor for issues regarding their products at 6844 2220. The company even has a free mobile application (Mobile Technician) that provides information on error messages for all current models of their air conditioners. It also helps to check the condition of your air conditioners, such as thermistor resistance and pressure and shows troubleshooting charts taken from service manuals.

Are Fujitsu air conditioner spare parts easily available?

Since Fujitsu aircon is a popular aircon brand, owners don’t struggle with finding spare parts in the market for its aircon units. These parts and accessories are widely available in different shops and authorized aircon center. Hence, it is convenient to seek for replacements, repairs and fixes.

What are the pros of Fujitsu airconditioners?

The brand is committed to produce units with state-of-the-art aircon technology. In fact, Fujitsu aircon has acquired patents for their technologies- self cleaning filters, energy conservation, and airflow optimisation.

What are the cons of Fujitsu airconditioners?

However, compared to other major players in the aircon industry, they offer limited options for aircon types. There is also less brand recognition compared to Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. But this does not mean that their units are any less better!

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