Fujitsu Aircon promotion 2020. All you need to know.

Fujitsu Aircon Promotion

Some would leave out Fujitsu Aircon when it comes to Air-conditioning purchase. However, this is an excellent brand that is worth considering. Price wise, it is not very expensive and in terms of performance, it is reviewed very well by consumers. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of Fujitsu aircon promotion, as well as our reviews on it.

Fujitsu Inverter Single Split (Hi-spec design model)

ASYG09LU / A0YG09LU (4 ticks) –

ASYG12LU / A0YG12LU (3 ticks) –

ASYG14LU / A0YG14LU (2 ticks) –

ASYG18JF / A0YG18JF (2 ticks) –

panasonic aircon review

Fujitsu Inverter Multi-split




panasonic aircon review

Fujitsu Brochure & Information

Fujitsu aircon promotion

Fujitsu aircon review

Fujitsu aircon may not be the most po[ular among Singaporeans and but it is definitely common, and here’s why. In this Fujitsu aircon review, we will be judging based on several factors such as  features, price, performance, in addition to our Fujitsu aircon promotion. We will also discuss Fujitsu aircon spare parts and Fujitsu aircon servicing.

Fujitsu aircon features

Comfortable airflow – The air conditioner blasts out strong and cool air into your room as soon as you turn it on, allowing your surrounding to cool down faster. Furthermore, it ensures that the air is blown in all directions, circulating the air around your room effectively.

Silent operation – You will no longer hear the soft rumbling noise coming from your aircon with this feature. Fujitsu aircon will go to silent mode, ensuring you have a silent and peaceful night.

Slim and stylish design – How your aircon looks may not be the most important factor, but it still important. Fujitsu aircon is designed in a slim and stylish way to fit your modern home perfectly.


Fujitsu aircon price

In terms of nominal pricing, Fujitsu can be considered a mid tier brand. It is in the same category as Toshiba and Panasonic Aircon. Lets compare the price of Fujitsu Aircon and Mitsubishi Aircon using the figure below.

Price of Fujitsu Single split 5 ticks system 3 : $2799

Price of Mitsubishi Electric Starmex 5 ticks : $2950

The price difference of their system 3 is about $150. About 5% cheaper than that of Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon.

The pricing above is from Silverback Aircon.


Fujitsu aircon performance

After gathering feedback from our customers, we have concluded that Fujitsu Aircon is a very reliable brand. On average, it has been able to last very long. The most common issue that we have faced from a Fujitsu inverter aircon is with regards to swing flap. It is a very minor issue that can be solved cheaply. Hence, with regards to performance, we rate it rather highly.


Availability of Spare parts

Fujitsu Aircon has a decent market share for Air-conditioners sold in Singapore. Hence, when it comes to second hand spare parts availability, it is not something to worry about. But of course, it’s availability could not be compared to those of Daikin and Mitsubishi electric.


Fujitsu Aircon Servicing

When it comes to servicing and maintenance of Fujitsu Aircon, you will not have difficulty finding a technician experienced in this. Fujitsu inverter aircon is relatively popular in Singapore. Hence, aircon technicians would have come across quite a few cases of Fujitsu Aircon requiring servicing in Singapore. In addition, it has ready second hand spare parts available. Therefore, as a consumer, it will be fairly easy to find someone to service your Fujitsu Aircon.

Fujitsu Aircon FAQ

What does it means when Fujitsu airon timer blinking?

When your Fujitsu aircon light is blinking, it most likely means that your aircon is having problems. One way to determine the problems is to check the error code, which can be complicated. Thus, it is recommended to consult a technician. However, error code is not fully indicative of the problems, hence, there is a need to remove the condenser cover.

How to check Fujitsu aircon error code?

Error codes are checked when the aircon is facing some problems. Checking the error codes can be complicated, therefore it is recommended to consult a technician. Furthermore, it is not truly indicative of the problems. For more information you can read this article on Fujitsu error code.

Where to buy Fujitsu aircon?

There are many places where you can buy Fujitsu aircon from. Some of the few places that popular are large scale electronics shop and aircon companies. You can easily find Fujitsu aircon in Courts, Harvey Norman and even Fairprice. Or, you can consult aircon companies that will usually sell at a discounted price. For more information, you can check out this article on where to buy aircon in Singapore.

How to clean Fujitsu aircon?

Maintaining your aircon well is the key to having a long-lasting aircon without having to deal with occasional problems. Here are some ways to ensure that it is well maintained. You can clean the filter regularly to prevent dust from accumulating, clean the fan coil to improve the unit aircon efficiency and lastly, clean the casing for a cleaner exterior. These are simple ways to maintain aircon. However, if it is more complicated, you may need to get Fujitsu Aircon servicing.

How to install Fujitsu aircon?

When it comes to aircon installation, it is best to consult a professional technician. Fujitsu aircon comes in either single split or multi split, most aircon companies offer installation services. To find out more about aircon installation, you can check out our aircon installation guide.