Fujitsu Aircon Light Blinking

Why Fujitsu Aircon light blinking?

Why is my Fujitsu Aircon light blinking? Fujitsu Aircon may not be the most common aircon brand in Singapore. Hence, many customers get confused when Fujitsu Aircon light blinking. They obviously know that there is an issue since the Aircon is not working. However what does it mean when there is Fujitsu Aircon green light blinking? Fret not, as this article attempts to explain more about what does it mean by Fujitsu Aircon blinking light. We will try to give an estimated price to fix these issues associated with it as well.

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Fujitsu aircon light blinking

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Fujitsu Aircon light blinking on timer side

Generally, there are 3 lights on Fujitsu fancoil units. For the sake of simplifying things, in this article we will only talk about wall mounted units. We will not attempt to talk about ceiling cassette Aircon blinking light. For Fujitsu fancoil units, there are timer lights, operation lights and economy light. When the economy light is flashing continuously, there is likely a problem or an error code with the unit. In which you will then need to refer to the timer and operation light. The number of times the operation light is blinking likely refers to the probable part that is causing issue to the unit. Where as the number of times the timer light is blinking refers to the sub sections of the likely parts that are causing issue, Regardless, you will have to refer to both the operation and timer light for the number of the times the Fujitsu Aircon is blinking.

Fujitsu Aircon light blinking on operation side

As mentioned in the previous paragraph. Fujitsu Aircon operation light blinking refers to the probable parts that are causing an issue to the Aircon system. Let’s examine some of the parts.

Operation Light blinking once.


This is likely cause by the signal. It could be the signal between indoor and outdoor units. It could also be due to the signal that is coming from the remote controller


Fujitsu Aircon light blinking twice (operation)


It is referring to the indoor unit having issue.


Fujitsu Aircon light blinking thrice (operation)


This is an indication that the indoor pcb error. It could also be due to manual Auto switch error.


Operation light blinking 4 times


This is referring to Indoor Thermistor related errors. Nevertheless you will still have to check if the issue is caused by the indoor PCB. If the indoor PCB is the one giving error, you may have to replace both the pcb and indoor thermistor.


Operation light blinking 5 times.


This is also likely due to parts in the indoor units having issue. For example, it could be the fan motor. Or the water drain level is abnormal.


Light blinking 6 times (operation side)



This is likely an indication that the outdoor pcb has an issue. However, also do check if it’s the fan motor failure that is causing your outdoor pcb to malfunction. You may have to do a manual test on the fan motor to determine if both the fan motor and outdoor pcb requires replacement.


Other number of operation light blinking.


Other numbers of times the operation light is blinking is all referring to the outdoor unit having issues. It could be due to high voltage or trip detection. There may be other miscellaneous issues causing problems to the Aircon system as well.


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Fujitsu Aircon Error Code

Fuitsu Aircon blinking light is itself an indication of the error code. You can also refer to the error code in the outdoor unit. Inside the outdoor condenser unit there is a table indicating what kind of error does the outdoor unit light refer to. However, that will be entirely different from the indoor operation and timer light blinking.

If you are keen to find out what does your Fujitsu Aircon error code mean, you may wish to give us a call and the model number of your unit. Our staff may have to tally the error code with the database we have in order to assist you better. You can also click on the link above to check out the list of Fujitsu Aircon error code that we have.

Estimated cost to fix Fujitsu Aircon blinking light

Aircon Spare Parts Estimated Price
Fujitsu PCB board  $490
Outdoor Fan Motor $350
2 3 way thermistor $240
Indoor thermistor $190
Condenser unit $750


Do note that the above pricing is just an estimated price. It depends on the model number of the unit. It may also be a combination of parts that are causing your Fujitsu Aircon to be blinking light.


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Fujitsu Aircon Spare Parts

Is it better to get refurbished aircon spare parts or brand new ones when your Fujitsu Aircon breaks down? If you encounter Fujitsu Aircon light blinking, there is a high chance you will require Aircon spare parts. If the issues are thermistor related, we would strongly suggest that you get brand new parts instead. As Fujitsu Aircon has a high rate of thermistor failure if the Aircon has been in use for a long time. However, if the Fujitsu Aircon PCB board malfunctions instead. Then you may consider between brand new or refurbished ones. As brand new Fujitsu Aircon is extremely expensive. You can also consider based on the warranty that the vendor gives you as well. Here at Silverback Aircon we sell and replace both refurbished and brand new Fujitsu Aircon spare parts. Do WhatsApp us if your Fujitsu Aircon is blinking light. We are more than happy to help.


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FAQ on Fujitsu Aircon Light Blinking

Does it mean that I definitely have to replace parts when Fujitsu Aircon is blinking light?

Not really. There are times in which it could be a loose wire causing it to have signal problem. So our first step in troubleshooting is usually in inspecting the wires and pcb board to see if there are any connection problems.

Are the number of times the light is blinking indicative of the actual error in the aircon system?

The number of times the Fujitsu Aircon is blinking only serves as an indication of how we should go about troubleshooting your Aircon unit. There are times in which the error code is wrong as well. Or it could be a few parts that are causing issue.

Do you fix all Fujitsu Aircon related problems?

No, we do not fix Fujitsu VRV units.

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