Fujitsu Aircon Error Code | Light Blinking?

Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes Introduction

Is there a moment when you wake up to a set of weird coding on your Fujitsu Air-Conditioner Remote Control in the morning? However, unsure what are those error codings and how to troubleshoot it? Thankfully, you can always get into contact with an aircon technician from Silverback Aircon to request for a site visit, aircon servicing or even aircon repair. Nonetheless, this article sets to assist you and guide you through on what are some of the possible Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes. In addition, it also gives you the possible remedies that could be taken to resolve these issues.

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What are some of the possible Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes?

Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes (Indoor Unit):

When the air-conditioner unit performs an emergency stop, the reason is indicated by a set of error code. Meanwhile, identifying the error codes allows the user to understand what’s the issue that they are currently facing. Alternatively, user can observe the number of flashes in the Operation and Timer LED to get a gauge on the type of Fujitsu Aircon Error Code. The table below shows the type of Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes (Indoor Unit):

Type of Error Codes Description
11 Serial Communication Error between Indoor/Outdoor Units
12 Remote Controller Communication Error
18 External Communication Error
22 Indoor Unit Capacity Abnormal
26 Indoor Unit address setting error
29 Connection Unit number error in wired remote controller system
32 Indoor unit main PCB Error
35 Indoor Unit manual auto switch error
3A Indoor unit communication circuit (Wired Remote Controller) Error
41 Indoor unit Room Temperature Thermistor error
42 Indoor unit Heat Exchange Temperature Thermistor Error
51 Indoor unit Fan Motor 1 Error
53 Indoor unit Water Drain abnormal
57 Indoor unit damper error
58 Indoor Unit Intake Grille Position Error

Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes (Outdoor Unit):

Likewise, the table below shows a list of Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes related to the Outdoor Unit:

Type of Error Codes Description
62 Outdoor unit main PCB Error
64 Outdoor unit active filter / PFC Circuit Error
65 Outdoor unit IPM Error
71 Outdoor unit Discharge Temperature Thermistor Error
72 Outdoor unit Compressor Temperature Thermistor Error
73 Outdoor unit Heat Exchange Temperature Thermistor Error
74 Outside Air Temperature Thermistor Error
76 Outdoor unit Operating Valve Thermistor Error
77 Outdoor unit Heat Sink Temperature Thermistor Error
86 Outdoor unit Pressure Sensor Error
94 Outdoor unit Trip Detection
95 Outdoor unit Compressor Motor Control Error
97 Outdoor unit Fan Motor 1 Error
99 Outdoor unit 4-Way Valve Error
A1 Outdoor unit Discharge Temperature 1 Error
A3 Outdoor unit Compressor Temperature Error

Fujitsu Aircon Light Blinking?

Alternatively, you can also determine the type of error code via the number of light flashes on the Operation LED & the TIMER LED. Do take note that there’re 3 lights on the indoor unit mainly: Operation, Timer & Economy Light. Whenever there’s an error, the economy light will be blinking continuously. Following which, with the number of flashes for Operation LED being Number 1, and number of flashes for TIMER LED being Number 2, you will be able to know what error code is it. For example, if your Operation LED flashes 3 times whilst your TIMER LED flashes 2 times, the error code will be 32. In other words, you might be experiencing Indoor Unit Main PCB Error.

However, we have to take note that these error codes only display 1 problem which occured on the Aircon Unit. There’s a possibility that the aircon might be experiencing multiple issues. This will then results in another error code being display after the original error is being resolved. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or click on the button below if you wishes to consult us directly.

Common Fujitsu Aircon Issues Encountered

Instead of encountering Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes, you might be wondering what happened if there’s no error codes displayed? For example, what if the unit doesn’t turn on, etc. Therefore, below are some of the common issues encountered by owners of Fujitsu Aircon and the possible remedies to be taken.

  1. Indoor Unit doesn’t start to operate immediately after switching on: This is due to the safety feature of the Air-Conditioning itself. If you restart the unit immediately after stopping it, the safety feature will kick in to prevent the fuse from blowing for 3minutes.
  2. Indoor Unit is making a strange noise: This is common due to water running within the pipe, refrigerant circulating in the Air Conditioner, automatic defrosting, etc.
  3. Air from Indoor Unit smells: Since the air-conditioner takes in the odour lingering in the room and this is quite common.

Conclusion on Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes

When an error codes is being observed, it shows that there’re some issues that is linked to either the Indoor Unit or the Outdoor Unit. This is a form of malfunction and could leads to the status of the Air-Conditioner to be down. The key to identifying the type of Fujitsu Aircon Error Code is to identify the Error Coding shown on the remote controller.

Alternatively, you can also identify the fault by observing the number of flashes on either the Indoor Unit LED or the Outdoor Unit. Simply by taking the number of flashes on the Operation LED to be the first number, and the number of flashes on the Timer LED to be the second number, you will get an Error Code (_ _).

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Other Brands Error Codes

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