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Europace Aircon Error Code List


Is your Europace Aircon malfunctioning? Are you wondering what your Europace Aircon error code means? In this page we will try to provide a Europace Aircon error code list for you to have a rough idea on how to fix it. We find that most of the Aircon technicians do not know how to fix Europace products.  That is also because Europace OEM their Air-conditioners from various manufacturers in China. Hence, the error code will depend on the model number of the condenser unit. We will explain more in this Article. Do note that our list in this Article does not cover Europace portable Aircon.


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Europace Aircon Error Code (Thermistor-related Issue)?

If there is an error code that indicates that there may be a thermistor related issue, do note that the issue could also be due to a faulty PCB. Furthermore, a dirty condenser coil can result in high amp, and the error code may indicate thermistor failure as well. So the Aircon technician will have to check through other components or possible cause of failure first before determining it is a thermistor related issue. Thus, Aircon Thermistor is usually one of the cheapest components to repair.


F4 Outdoor ambient temperature sensor failure.
F4 or F7 The outdoor host inlet pipe temperature sensor is faulty.
F6 The temperature sensor in the middle of the outdoor host is faulty.
B5 The outdoor sub-unit inlet pipe temperature sensor is faulty.
B6 The temperature sensor in the middle of the outdoor sub-unit is faulty.
B7 The outdoor sub-unit outlet pipe temperature sensor is faulty.

Compressor-related Issues

Europace Aircon Error Code

This is one of the more common problems with Europace Aircon. Nonetheless Europace has a longer warranty period for its outdoor condenser unit than parts. Regardless, there will still be a labor fee for replacing the compressor unit. The list below may contain items that are related to the compressor, but may not indicate compressor failure. For example Europace E1 error code may be due to dirty condenser coil instead of compressor failure. Lack of gas may also cause indoor Anti freeze protection. Hence, prior knowledge in Aircon repair is necessary to read the table below. Moreover, Aircon technicians do not typically repair Aircon compressors. Usually we will replace the whole condenser unit. And sometimes the technician may replace the compressor inside the condenser unit instead.


E1  High pressure protection.    
E2  Indoor anti-freeze protection.    
E3  Compressor low pressure protection.    
E4  Compressor exhaust high temperature protection/oil temperature high temperature protection.    
E5  Compressor overcurrent protection/compressor and fan drive failure.    
E6  Communication fail    
E7  Mode Conflict    
EA  Oil solenoid valve protection    
FC  High pressure sensor failure    
F  Low pressure sensor failure    
FE  Refrigerant shortage protection    
H3  Compressor has built-in overload protection.    
H1  Outdoor unit defrosting    
H7  Compressor motor out of step    
LD  Phase loss    
P5  Compressor current protection    
PL  DC bus voltage low protection    
LC  DC bus voltage low protection    

Europace Aircon Error Code (PCB-related issue)

The Error code below may be a combination of PCB related issues and other component being faulty. For example, IPM or PFC module overheat protection may indicate a failure in the compressor instead of pcb related issue. Hence, more checks and test have to be done first.


PH  DC bus voltage over-high protection.
P8  IPM or PFC module overheat protection.
PC  Current detection circuit failure.
HC  PFC module protection.
LE  Stall
P0  Driver module reset
P6  Communication failure between the frequency conversion drive part and the main control.
H5  IPM module protection
P7  IPM or PFC module temperature sensor failure

Fan motor-related Issue

Similar to other issues above, the error codes listed below may indicate fan motor failure or PCB related issues. As PCB gives out signals to the fan motor, it can also be PCB faulty. Resulting in fan motor error code instead. There are times in which a faulty fan motor causes the failure of the motherboard as well. 


E8  Indoor unit fan overload protection.
L3  DC fan failure
EF  External fan overcurrent protection.
H6  No indoor unit PG motor feedback (fan stall 0).
fan motor

Other Error Codes


Do note that Europace OEM their products. They do not produce their own equipment. While most of the time, the brand will stick to the same manufacturer. There are times in which they change manufacturers. It could be due to cost related issues or logistic difficulty. Nonetheless, the above Europace Aircon error code does not stand for all Europace models. For example, if your Europace fan coil belongs to the same series as esacf09qfc, you will have to follow a different set of error codes instead. There are other models that may not follow similar error code as well. You can WhatsApp us for more information regarding the error codes that you face..

Europace Aircon Spare Parts


Now that you may have some knowledge about the problems that your Europace Aircon is facing. What now? Troubleshooting an Aircon unit is only half of the other equation. The other half is in finding the related Aircon spare parts to fix the error. Here at Silverback Aircon, we do sell Europace Aircon spare parts as well. We may not have all of the spare parts, so you will have to WhatsApp us to enquire first before placing any order. Please take note of your indoor and outdoor model number first enquiring with us. Also, let us know your error code so we have suggested the parts that you may require.

In Conclusion to Europace Aircon Error Code:


There may be 2 to 3 series of Europace error codes. The Europace Aircon error code list that we provide above is the most common one. However, if you face issues such as p0 or p4. You will likely need another set of Europace Aircon error lists. We have not indicated the other list in this article as it may cause confusion among readers. But if you have any enquiry, do check with us. As new models are in the market, we are constantly learning how to repair newer models as well.