Do take note on the following points

1. We are unable to guarantee that we will have installation slots on the next day.

2. In the event that we do not have installation slots the next day. We will propose a mark up from the original price quoted.
For example if the price quoted for a Daikin system 3 Aircon is $2000.
We may propose a mark up of $150. The new price will then be $2150.

3. We will then call up customers who have installation on the next day and see if they are willing to take a reduction in price based on the amount we mark up from you.

4. We will never cancel on any Aircon installation appointment without customer’s permission. (unless there are unforeseen circumstances such as covid related symptoms, accidents etc)

Do Check out on the Aircon listings that you may be interested in.

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daikin aircon
Midea all easy series installation
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