System 3 Aircon Promotion

We are having System 3 Aircon promotion! Are you looking to install Air-conditioner in 3 of your bedrooms? Whether you are installing a new set of Air-con or replacing your existing onces. The products that we recommend are based on price, reviews and warranty. Not only are we going to tell you which is the cheapest, but also we will analyse in terms of Warranty and popularity. Furthermore, we will give you our opinion on which system 3 Aircon model that we recommend in 2020. In addition, if you still have any enquiries. Do feel free to engage us for a free tele-consultation.

System 3 Aircon Promotion

The Cheapest System 3 Aircon promotion?
Midea Aircon 4 Ticks

Midea System 3 (4 TIcks) is by far the cheapest option. The condenser model number is MS40D-21. It is cheaper than Mitsubishi Aircon by $700. That’s a whopping 25 percent cheaper as compared to Mitsubishi. However, a 2nd hand Aircon will still be cheaper than Midea system 3.

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Most popular system 3 Aircon Promotion in Singapore:

Mitsubishi Starmex system 3

Mitsubishi starmex is the most popular brand in SIngapore. Therefore you won’t have any issue in getting a refurbished aircon spare parts in the future. Most Aircon technicians are also very well verse in it. It will be relatively easy to find someone to repair. Due to it’s popularity. Mitsubishi Starmex Promotion is rare. Do check with us as we have promotion from time to time.


System 3 Aircon with the longest warranty period?

Midea OS Series 5 ticks.

Midea system 3 (5 ticks) has a warranty term of 6 years for compressor and 6 years for spare parts. This is unprecedented in Singapore. The next longest warranty term will be from Midea Opal, at 6 years warranty on compressor and 2 years warranty on parts.


Best SYSTEM 3 Aircon that
we recommend in 2020:
Daikin Ismile Series

In 2020, Daikin came out with Ismile series. It is equipped with wifi. Daikin Aircon is the most popular brand worldwide. However, Mitsubishi Electric Starmex is the most popular AC brands in SIngapore. Nevertheless, we will give our vote on Daikin Ismile series. Because it is equipped with WIFI features. Furthermore, it is much cheaper than Mitsubishi Electric. It also has an established back end support system. It’s technology is one of the best in the Air-conditioning industry. It has an error code diagnostic function. Which allows technician to more accurate diagnose your Aircon error, should it malfunction.

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System 3 Aircon Price

Mitsubishi system 3


Daikin system 3

Daikin ismile series 5 ticks

Panasonic system 3

Panasonic 5 ticks (XS Series) System 2/3/4

Midea system 3

Midea system 2 aircon

Conclusion :

After looking at these System 3 Aircon promotion. Your choice will depends on pricing, warranty terms and the popularity of Air-con. If you still have any query, give us a call, our sales representative will be more than willing to help 🙂

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